Flashback Friday: We Miss '90s R&B Music

Motown music was classic, the music of the '70s is straight funky, and the music of the '80s made us move, however, there is nothing quite like the smooth grooves of '90s R&B. Twenty years ago, this new smooth melismatic sound labeled "contemporary R&B" soothed both our ears and our hearts. It was a time when Mariah and Whitney's music helped coin the term quiet storm, and Teddy Riley new jack swing was in full force, while Diddy was trying to make us understand hip-hop soul. We couldn't find everyone, but here are a few of our favorite '90s R&B artists currently on tour, filling our nostalgic void. Here's what you had to say: DaLegendary commented via Facebook: "Hands down, Jodeci and Silk should make a comeback." Stephanie wrote via Facebook: "I want Boyz II Men and Shai to come back."


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