Adventures of a Singlista: Los Angeles Angst

I woke up in my L.A. hotel room dazed and confused. I looked around and honestly had no idea where I was. Since my last post, I've been in three different time zones in as many weeks. I'd gone back to Paris (yes, back; details maybe later, but it was amazing), been to see my family in St. Louis last weekend, and now I was in L.A. What was I doing here? Oh right, I was here for a board meeting for Break the Cycle, a national advocacy organization dedicated to ending teen dating violence... Here's what you had to say: Ghia commented via Facebook: "I had the best time ever with my besties at the ESSENCE Music Festival in NOLA." Dominique wrote via Facebook: "I'm going to the East coast in two weeks to visit my BFF in Boston."


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