Miracle Worker: Smashbox Smile-Brightening Lip Gloss

We all brush, we all floss, we all diligently rinse with anti-bacterial mouthwash twice a day (well...maybe not twice a day)--and despite all that upkeep, our teeth can look less-than-luminous sometimes. Smashbox has come to the rescue with their new Smile-Brightening Lip Gloss! This glistening, sparkly-sheer pink shade is spiked with tons of light-reflecting pearls that instantly give the illusion of a Kelly Rowland-esque, super-dazzling smile. Plus, the gloss is blended with a tingly mint flavor that helps keep your breath kissably fresh. All that, and only five bucks? We're sold! Smashbox Smile-Brightening Lip Gloss, $5, sephora.com


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