Tress Talk: Faith Evans On Her Scarlet Strands

Faith 260 Jpg
When the glorious Faith Evans stopped by the ESSENCE.COM offices earlier this week, not only did we love her new CD, "Something About Faith" -- we were struck by her lovelier-than-lovely auburn waves! Here we chat with the chanteuse about her signature red locks... ESSENCE.COM: Since you first stepped on the scene in the mid-90s, you've worn either blonde or red hair. What's your natural hair color? FAITH EVANS: My hair's actually really dark, but since I'm so fair, I never felt like it suited me. The blonde was definitely fun, but it was hard on my hair. So I started going red. ESSENCE.COM: Red looks so natural with your peaches-and-cream coloring! EVANS: I really prefer red over the blond. It always gets such a positive reaction from people! I think the cinnamon-y tones really warm up my complexion. ESSENCE.COM: Hair color can take a toll on your strands. How do you keep your hair healthy? EVANS: Well, I've been really into wigs lately! They're fun and a great way to experiment.