Miracle Worker: Treasured Locks Thermo Shield

Daily styling can take a major toll on your chemically-straightened or natural hair, leaving it fried, dried and unmanageable. Before you reach for a curling iron, flatiron, blow dryer or pressing comb (shout-out to our readers keeping it old school!), always spritz your strands with a heat protectant spray. We're obsessed with Treasuredlocks.com Thermo Shield, a super-lightweight moisturizer that acts as a barrier between your hair and heat. Spritz it on dry or damp hair before using heated styling tools, or try it post-styling for a dose of sexy shine. Voila; sexy, healthy hair! Treasured Locks Thermo Shield, $9.99, available at treasuredlocks.com Here's what you had to say: Angela commented via Facebook: "I use Tresemme Heat Tamer before I use my blow dryer and flat iron." Sandra wrote via Facebook: "Chi is great for heat protection and it works on all hair types."


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