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Frisky Friday: Plan for Spontaneous Sex

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To get sex back into your relationship, experts say you have to make it a priority. Some even suggest penciling it in, but every man we talk to thinks scheduling sex is totally lame. Just because your guy doesn't want to make a sex date, doesn't mean that you can't. Little does your guy know, spontaneity takes planning. Make arrangements for a hot session during a time that you know for sure he'll be available and simply let him believe that it is a spur of the moment impulse. Remember when your girlfriend told you that she and her boyfriend hadn't had sex in over two months? "We're just too busy," she shrugged. "When I get home, we're just too tired. We can't even bother." "I'm never going to let that happen to me and my man," you promised yourself. Now, a few years later, with the stresses of the "real world" around you, your sex life is starting to resemble your girlfriend's -- and you're not having it. We've come up with a few easy ideas for your first surprise approach. Choose one and start planning. Rise and Shine Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier than you would normally wake. You can creep to the bathroom and wash your face and gargle with some mouthwash if you want to feel fresh. Then slip back into bed and cover him in kisses and nibbles from his eyebrows to his toes. By the time you're through, he'll be wide awake and you'll be making love as the sun rises. Lunchtime Lust Even if your man doesn't have one of those corner offices made for lunchtime canoodling, you can still surprise him with a little midday makeout session. Invite him off-site to a nearby park and find a secluded spot where you can enjoy each other's company. He'll wonder what's gotten into you when you start to kiss, touch and squeeze him. After lunch, all he'll be thinking about is finishing what you started when he gets home. Un-Birthday Sex Pretend it's his special day when he comes home from work by greeting him in your birthday suit. Draw the shades and light candles all over the place. Then have a private party right in your living room and make love on the floor. The Sext Best Thing Even when you can't be a spontaneous lover, technology allows you to show your man that you're thinking about him. Send him random text messages telling him in detail all the things that you'd like to do with him when you get some time alone or send him a sexy picture of you in your underwear. When the two of you finally meet up, your guy will remember...
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