Is Antoine Dodson Perpetuating Stereotypes?

Antoine Dodson of Huntsville, Alabama became an overnight Internet sensation when a local news station interviewed him after a man broke into his sister's apartment and tried to rape her. Dodson's thoughts on why the intruder should watch his back, delivered with flamboyant commentary, made the rounds on the Internet and quickly turned into a song. To date, the  song has been downloaded 30,000 times, and the video viewed over 13 million times. But the "Today" show wonders whether we're laughing with Antoine, or at him. Here's what you had to say: Amanda wrote via Facebook: "One man doesn't represent me or what I do. If we'd stop getting in our feelings and stand as one for something, this would not be news." Leuqar wrote via Facebook: "I am not ashamed or embarrassed of who Antoine is but I think he should have objected to exploitation of his family tragedy."

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