Digital Dating: 10 Reasons to Un-Friend Your Ex

The wonderful world of online social networking adds a little more work to breakups. After you've sent back his stuff and deleted his number from your cell phone, there's still one more thing you've got to do: un-friend your ex on Facebook. I know what you're thinking. You both decided you still want to be friends and you don't want to upset him by shutting him out. Plus, isn't it petty if you un-friend him? Take it from someone who remained friends with the ex on Facebook and in real life; you're better off making a clean break. Here are ten reasons why you should un-friend your ex after it's over. Here's what you had to say: DaChon commented via Facebook: "I [un-friended my ex] because it needed to be done and it took me time to realize we cannot be friends on Facebook or in reality." Christina wrote via Facebook: "If feelings or any animosity is lurking, you should de-friend!"


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