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Planning a Movie Night

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It's been nasty outside, and it's time to plan another cool night in with some friends. This time, it's movie night. Whether it's just you and the closest girls watching a flick, or if it's all your friends, it's important to make sure every is entertained and enjoys the movie. All of the events that take place that night should coincide with the movie you choose. Stick with the classics, you can never go wrong! The Cast Not every one is going to enjoy the same movies!  Some may be more into comedy than romance.  You don't want to have unhappy, uncomfortable or bored guests.  Send out an email or text inviting your desired friends to the movie night.  If you haven't decided which movie you are definitely going to play, add two or three movie titles in the invitation and tell your guests to send you back their choice.  After seeing what the majority ruled, send out a notification that says which movie was chosen.    Makeshift Movie Theatre When inviting people to this movie night, keep in mind the amount of space you have.  Everyone is going to want to watch the movie in comfort without heads blocking the screen.  Sprucing up the living room to match the movie is also fun and cute.  If it's a girls night and you're watching "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" or "Love Jones," it would be nice to have a few candles lit or appropriate music for when you guys socializing and not watching the movie. Snacks Every time you have people over, expect them to be hungry!  Taking an intermission for some grub is great!  Finger food is easy to prepare, eat and clean up. Don't stress over a five course meal. Everyone can eat, chat for a bit and then back to the movie. Popcorn is a movie essential! Make sure you have enough of that buttery crunchy goodness. More than a Movie Although it a movie night, there's more to do than just sit and watch a movie.  You've already fed your guests, they've chatted, you've decorated well and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.  But the movie is over, what's  next.  Play a fun game of movie trivia to end your night. For more tips for "Planning a Movie Night," click here...