Do Children Make Parents Unhappy?

There are fewer windows for getaways or late nights with the girls (or the fellas), and your social life is shrunken "to the size of a teacup." Here's something to consider: Raising children takes hard work, leaves you feeling isolated and doesn't necessarily make you happier, but the rewards are greater. That is the premise of the latest New York Magazine cover story with the headline: "I Love My Children, I Hate My Life." Here's what you had to say: Rachel commented: "Stop looking to children to bring you happiness. They can only add to your life, you need to already be happy with who you are and are looking to become." Anonymous wrote: "When you become a parent, you have to constantly think about someone other than yourself. Because we live in such a self-obsessed and self-absorbed society, some future parents can't make the connection."


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