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ESSENCE Dating Challenge: You've Got the Hook Up!

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Whether you're looking for fun or  "The One," we have you covered. ESSENCE Magazine's Relationships Editor Demetria L. Lucas took a dating challenge and had great results (read all about it in the July issue of ESSENCE). Here she shares a special e-mail that you can cut, paste and send to your family and friends for them to help you get an ESSENCE hookup! Dear [insert name of friend/relative/ colleague here]:   I'm accepting ESSENCE Magazine's Summer Dating Challenge to ask women I trust -- my relatives, my colleagues, and my friends -- to arrange a blind date for me with a an eligible bachelor of their choice.  ESSENCE Relationships Editor Demetria L. Lucas took a risk and had great results and a lot fun (read all about it in the July issue of ESSENCE). I have faith that I can have the same experience with a little help from YOU!   I am open to meeting great men and I have faith you know me well enough to make the best selection for me. But please keep my top 3 requirements (yes, girl, they limited me to 3) in mind as you make your selections:   * [insert requirement #1] * [insert requirement #2] * [insert requirement #3]   I'm letting go of my fears and giving you permission to pass my name, email, and picture (attached) to any man whose company you think I would enjoy.   If you have any questions (I'm sure you will), let me know. And in the meantime, Hook a Sister up! LOL.   Best, [Insert Your Name Here.]   PS- And he better be cute.