Commentary: Eva & Lance's Hollywood Breakup

In our celebrity obsessed society, we tend to admire the love between our icons in the spotlight. However, relationships expert Dr. Michelle says if the recent splits between young actors Eva Marcille and Lance Gross, as well as Super Bowl champ Reggie Bush and TV personality Kim Kardashian, have taught us anything, it's that more often than not Hollywood romances don't last. "Maybe your grass is greener after all," she says. Read More: Eva Marcille & Lance Gross Breakup Exclusive Celebrity Divorce DramaShaunie O'Neal on Her Divorce Here's what you had to say: Kitty commented: "Couples seem to have more fun when they've got everything... Actually it's us in the real world that have a better chance at true love." ???? said: "Their relationship should have been kept to themselves, so if things did not work out, they would have had a quiet split! I believe that most of us, with the sense that God has given us, would not use celebrity romance as a tool in our own love lives. We would all be messed up!"



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