10 Ways To Keep The Peace While Wedding Planning

The excitement of a new engagement can send some women into wedding overdrive. The sparkly ring on your finger fuels dreams of Vera Wang gowns and floral arrangements that stem all the way back to childhood. At last, your dream wedding is en route. However, there is an important component that occasionally gets lost in the shuffle--your man. Once budgets and stressful decisions are brought to the table, some couples can go from alter-bound to miserable if they're not careful. Here are our tips to avoiding Bridezilla behavior and maintaining a happy relationship. See how our Will You Marry Me? couples' wedding plans are going. Read More: The Blackberry bride teaches how to tame your inner "Princess Bride." Should get a prenuptial agreement? Here's some reasons why you might want to consider it.Want to express yourself on your wedding day. Here's some guidelines for writing your wedding vows.


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