Teddy Pendergrass: The Highest Form of Flattery

R.I.P. Teddy. Even six days after his death, it's hard to believe he's gone. Now with his public viewing service announced to be held later this week, still its hard to believe he's gone. All around the world fans still are grieving from yet another incredible loss in music, and we just can't believe it. Teddy, known for his romantically resonant voice, happened to be one of the few men who really gave us soul, his soul. As we continue to remember his music, with a good ear and careful listen you can see his creativity on subsequent songs by other artists. Many hip hop and R&B hits sampled Teddy's silky sound and soothing beats. And, although Teddy is gone, his music will live on, and so will his gran-music, for he was the greatest inspiration. Read about Teddy's immeasurable accomplishments and influential voice Take a look at the icon Teddy Pendergrass throughout the years Producer, label-head Leon Huff remembers Teddy Pendergrass


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