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Between Us - Made You Look


Putting together our annual Hollywood portfolio took a cast of thousands. From our arts and entertainment editor, Cori Murray, who gamely courted publicists and managers, to our beauty director and cover editor Mikki Taylor and style director Kevin Stewart, who crisscrossed the country to capture arresting images of our most talented stars, to all the supporting players in between, weíve assembled an unforgettable book that celebrates our best and brightest. And while wrangling celebrities for photo shoots can often be as difficult as turning water into wine (and can require just as much divine intervention to pull it off!), our stars were excited to sign on once they learned they would be part of an issue honoring four-time Essence cover man Denzel Washingtonís twenty-fifth anniversary in film.

Everyone from Terrence Howard to Kimberly Elise to Ruby Dee rearranged schedules, canceled appearances, and jumped on red-eye flights to participate. We think once you pore over this eye-popping special issue, youíll agree with us that it was all worth it (even the cost of the burned-up Jaguar on page 156). Enjoy! And E-mail me at to let us know which image in this issue is your favorite.



Credit: Carlo Dalla Chiesa
Credit: Carlo Dalla Chiesa
When Ruby Dee, Eartha Kitt and Diahann Carroll got together, they made our team blush with off-color jokes.
Credit: Carlo Dalla Chiesa
Special Projects Director Sandra Martin, shown with Kimberly Elise, kept everyone on schedule.
Credit: Carlo Dalla Chiesa
Kimberly Elise got into her role as drama queen and started growling at the camera.
Credit: Carlo Dalla Chiesa
Nicole Murphy, Eddie's ex, gathered her four daughters on the beach for our shoot.

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