Putting on an incredible show in the ESSENCE Superlounge on Sunday night to a packed crowd, the four ladies of Xscape gave a concert that will be remembered forever. After wrapping things up on stage, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, Kandi Burruss, LaTocha Scott, and Tamika Scott all headed to the press room to drop a little info on what can be expected from the group in the future.

“We have a docuseries on Bravo and it’ll be coming out sometime in the fall,” Tiny began. “It is gonna be action packed. It’s a lot going on. It’s a lot of love. We go back down memory lane — we bring it back. I think it’s something definitely to watch.”

Though Tiny, who just wrapped her ‘Family Hustle’ show on VH1 with husband T.I., won’t be going back to the network for this project, she will be working with someone from the VH1 family. Teaming up with media mogul Mona Scott-Young to deliver the docuseries, Tiny revealed her thoughts on the television producer stating, “You know Mona, anything she does in T.V. is something to watch.”

Excited to see what the show will be like? You should be. If you’re expecting a new album to come along with it though, you may be a little disappointed. According to the group, a new album is not in the works.

“Back when we were selling music, all of our albums were platinum. We never — as a group — had a flop album, ever,” Kandi began. “This day and age a lot of people aren’t supporting music like they used to. You see artists that come back after all that time and they may sell 100,000 records, which may be a success in today’s atmosphere of the independent game, but that wouldn’t be a success for Xscape. I wouldn’t want to hurt the legacy or not meet the mark of what we’ve already done.”

Although the group has agreed that a new album is not foreseeable, fans won’t be totally disappointed because they do have plans of releasing new singles. “We will re-release some of our music and probably add some new stuff to that,” Kandi told the crowd. Tamika, who chimed in at the end, gave fans the solid confirmation by stating, “Not probably, we will. We gonna do some new music.”

Missed their ESSENCE Festival performance? Xscape has a tour coming soon to a city near you.


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