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[MUSIC] Joining me now onstage, I have the beautiful and talented Yara Shahidi. Let's clap it up for her. [MUSIC] Thank you, thank you, thank you for joining Joining us. I'm so excited to be here. Okay, we have a lot planned for you guys today. Yara's gonna help me with the king and queen of Essence festival. So, let's break down how this is gonna go. Each day we're looking for one male and one Female who are going to go through a talented round of competitions it could be a gumbo eating contest it could be a beignet eating contest who knows and you're going to move on to round two on Sunday to win a fabulous price yes yes yes but first I want to hear a little bit about you what's been going on with you congratulations on the success of Blackess Thank you! We're on hiatus right now. Right. And we just had just enough time to make it down to New Orleans. So, I'm so excited to be here. Of course you have to make it down to New Orleans. Of Course. Is this your first Essence Festival? Yes, it is! It's my first Essence Fest. So I'm so happy. Who are you looking forward to seeing? well I just came from the three sixty black awards which were amazing BOB performed I like BOB I don't know Mary J Blige there's so many people here Mary J blige who else out here is looking forward to seeing Mary J Blige alright alright and so what can we look forward to can you give us any spoilers for next season's Blackish has everybody out here catch Blackish yes yes yes yes I wish I could give you something solid about next season I'm still waiting to get the script but I can say Zoe gets in even more trouble that you can expect Oh, little bit more trouble all right. So many of us may not know, how did you get started in the industry? Well I was seven when I did my first my movie. I played Eddie Murphy's daughter in a movie called Imagine That. Yes. And it was, I started with commercials and print and I wanted to stay with commercials and print And I got this script and I was like what is this for a movie. Never mind that. Right. But I enjoyed it, I loved it. I loved reading it. And becoming a character for an extended period of time was always really fun for me. And I've been fortunate enough to have a great experiences so I just kind of continued. Awesome. Is there anything that happens behind the scenes on Blackish that you can share with us? Any embarrassing moments or something funny? We want a scoop, we want the scoop. This is Essence. Dance off, a lot of dance offs. It's surprising. Who's the best dancer? It's between, well, being completely biased I would think I would be the best dancer. No. Not bias at all. But. Not bias at all. Anthony can break it down. Okay. Like, he can salsa. He can do the worm. He knows ballet. What? Okay. It's pretty trippy. [MUSIC]

Yara Shahidi Reveals What Happens Behind-the-Scenes of 'Blackish'

The cast of Blackish has full out dance-offs? Yara Shahidi gives us the scoop on the behind-the-scenes shenanigans.