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[MUSIC] The Women Who Spark awards recognizes the extraordinary achievements of Shantell Martin. Shantell successfully creates her own world, where fine art, performance art, and technology meet. Her trademark drawing technique is celebrated for creating bold And intricate illustrations on various surfaces, from large scale installations to digital and multi-media performances. Her work has been featured in an array of private galleries, including establishments such as the Brooklyn Museum. When she's not drawing somewhere, Chantelle is usually an artist and resident at institutions like MIT's Media Lab and NYU's [UNKNOWN] School of the Arts. [MUSIC] She assists non-profit organization in fundraising, and recently worked closely with the American Foundation for AIDS Research. We applaud you, Shantell Martin. Your work has not only created movement and bridged the gap of technology and art, but you have inspired many to live extreme life. Shantell, you are a Woman Who Spark.

Women Who Spark: Visual Artist Shantell Martin

Intel honors visual artist Shantell Martin, whose work bridges the gap between art and technology. #SPONSORED