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Hi Whoppi. Hey Bee. Welcome. Thank you so much for being with us on Essence Live. Thank you. Thank you so much for inviting me. It's a pleasure to have you here. We are thrilled to hear that you are debuting your new book. Tell us about it. Now, what prompted you to write a relationships book and why now? Well, it just, I just, one more person said to me, I don't know why he's like this and blah, blah, blah. It's like, you knew what he was like. You saw, all the red flags were there. You can see it and you didn't wanna see it. And now you mad because all the [BLEEP] you saw, pardon my French, is coming true, so I said why are people having these issues? And this is for men and women. This book is really for men and women. It looks like it's geared towards women, but it's not, it's really about equals. Well, the title does say, you know, if someone [LAUGH] If someone Says, you complete me- Run. Run. Because you don't want to be in a relationship with somebody that you've completed. Because if you drop dead, does that mean that they're a half a person or not a full person left. Exactly. You want a complete person. See, in a relationship, you should be listening to the person who cares about you, you know And so you hear a lot of women saying to a lot of men, lie to me. No, don't lie to me, not you. Everybody else can lie. You can't lie to me. So I think if you're with a player, if you go out with a player, they're a player. That means they're not playing for a little while, but they may start playing again. You can't be surprised. And if you are a player, I think you're obligated to say to whoever that person is that you're getting ready to go out with. Listen, this is my nature. This is who I am. And if you can handle that I'll be happy to hook up with you. But if you think for one second that you can't, we need to have a discussion. What's your favorite piece of advice from the book, if you had to choose one. Is the cover. If someone says that you complete me, run! [LAUGH] You mean that? I do! I do! [MUSIC] 'Cuz that's a scary thing. 'Cuz that puts all the responsibility of them on you. The best advice I think I ever got from someone was, you don't have to do this right now, get out, and did. That was the smartest thing. I should've not gotten mad, I should've left. But I said, I don't really want all these people here, and they're like, mm, okay. You could go right now. Nobody's looking, get in the car. And you're not the only person that that's happened to. Yep, yeah. It does happen. Yeah. Now the worst advice that you've ever gotten. Might be the worst advice I ever got was someone was asking me about some man I might have been married to. I can't remember. And they said, oh no, it's just a phase you're going through. Just wait it out. It's like, no. [LAUGH] No, you can't wait it out. Mm-hm. You'll be 165 years old you wait it out. Mm-hm. I shouldn't have gotten into it. Do you share a lot of this advice with your daughter? You're doing a docu-series with your daughter. Yes I am. Listen, my daughter married the same guy three times. Okay? Mm-hm. [LAUGH] They are funny and wonderful, and they've kind of grown together. You know, so, no. You can never give your kids advice about who they're running with, cuz they have to learn. Cuz you can't pick and choose for them. And you know, when you have a batting average like mine, you really can't do it, you know. You have a movie coming out. Yes. It's called Big Stone Gap, and it's been 12 years in the making. And it's a very sweet movie, you know. It's a love story. And it's beautifully done. It's simple. It's just a really simple love story. If you wanna go see some people, well I kinda have on a cape, but it's not quite a cape, but I'm Really wearing a house dress because I looked like I ate the entire cast. Thank you so much for being with us. Nice to see you. .> And good luck with the book. Thank you. [SOUND]

Whoopi Goldberg Dishes on Her New Book

Essence Editor-In-Chief Vanessa De Luca sits down with Whoopi Goldberg to discuss her new relationship book, If Someone Says You Complete Me, Run!