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Our final honor is a black card revoked. Yes, the black card revoked awards It's sad but essence live is snatching someone's card. Like [UNKNOWN] said, we do it for the culture, okay. All right, here we go. Drop me some bars today All Stars, it's time to decide, which Black celebrity has repeatedly let us down? And the nominees are, Don Lemon. While we'd love to give Don many awards in this category, the ultimate shade to his race came in June, when the CNN Tonight host held up a large sign with the n-word, and asked his audience, does this offend you? I mean, come on, really Don? Next up, everybody's favorite, our girl, Raven Simone. In October, the View co-host sided with South Caroline's school officer whose violent arrest of a young black girl went viral. Raven suggested that Officer Fields and the student he slammed were At fault. And our final nominee is Raven Symone for throwing major shade at flotus. In March when a former Univision host said Michelle Obama should be on the cast of Planet of the Apes, Raven sided with the host saying that the first lady does look like an ape. Really Olivia? Alright, so I wanted to start with you Ray [MUSIC] I don't know if Raven has a card though. She may not. Because if, let's go back, at some point she said she wasn't black, do you remember? Yes when she was, And she didn't really identify with black people I don't know who or what she identifies with Clearly no brains there. Mm-hm. So I don't know if it's right to take something that she doesn't have. [LAUGH] I, it's, Just snatching too. Don, on the other hand, first of all, Don is [UNKNOWN]. They secretly really the same person. [LAUGH] at the same. They really, really are. at the same time. They should, do they know each other? They probably, they probably do. Let's, let's take a moment. That's a 2016 idea. That's a segment, that's a segment. Tony. I have to agree with you. First of all, fist bump on that right there brother. I'm going to say a banging show is if we get Raven, Don Lemon and Stacy Dash together on the show Did I just [CROSSTALK] did I just- You just dropped it. Boom. If you had the three on a [UNKNOWN] show? Just like my brother said, you never see them in the same room. It's kind of like Lil Bow Wow and Lil Mama. Never seen them in the same room. It's kind of like [UNKNOWN] and [UNKNOWN] you've never seen them in the same room! I can't! [LAUGH] It's all I'm saying. [UNKNOWN] Done Charli- Okay. That's our editor and our- Yes. Voice of reason. I feel for you- Please give us the final word. [INAUDIBLE] Before we bring this home. Not that I don't feel my brother, a little. But, you know, I I'm inclined often to at least pretend, at least in my head, that Don doesn't know better, right? Like he's trying, no, no, no, no. It doesn't make it right, but I just think he doesn't know better, I really don't. I think he's just trying to be a star, trying to be a check, and he's lost his way, I really do. However- [UNKNOWN] CNN. Yeah, but I mean I mean, he's at least trying to be a journalist. Raven Simone, I don't know if she's black, I don't know what she is, but I think she knows what she's doing. And embarrassing our people for a check is unacceptable. Okay, that was a good close. So, who is getting their black card revoked? Is it Don Lemons, n-word poster? Raven Simone supporting the South Carolina officer, or Raven Simone again for shading Michelle Obama? A, B, or C? Oh, BC, BC, BC. Well, it's fair to say that it's Raven Okay? [LAUGH] Is there a full price?

Which Celebrity is Getting Their Black Card Revoked?

It's sad, but ESSENCE Live is going to have to snatch someone's Black card. Find out who got booted by unanimous vote!