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You have a lot of political undertones in your conversation. Especially in your role. Is Adrian as political if you will as Black Cindy?>>Well Adrian certainly has her opinions. It's interesting when it comes to politics because I'm a little in and I'm a little out because I feel like and I say this because I worked for the government years ago. I just know that it was just this rat race. Everyone was in it, but was anything really ever getting done. So I sort of felt like sometimes does my opinion even really matter? No shade, I love government, but I feel that sometimes politics can be a very touchy subject so I'm knowledgable enough to be able to maybe have an opinion. Mm-hm. But all the facts and figures, I try and stay out of those. That's fair enough. That's fair enough. We have another fan question for you. Yvette wants to know, is Black Cindy still a Jew? [LAUGH] Yes, honey. For life. You can call me Tovah with an H, thank you. Yes, Tovah with an H, all right. And now we're gonna switch gears real quick. Okay. Just a little fun, do a little role play if you will. Okay. As Black Cindy, can you tell us Whether or not you would vote for Trump. Excuse me, would you vote for Trump or Clinton? Did you even have to ask black Cindy, Adrian that question? She would not vote for Trump. No. At all? At all. At all. At all. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Which Candidate Would 'Black Cindy' from 'OITNB' Vote For?

Orange Is the New Black had their work cut out for them when the writers decided to take on a number of pressing political issues. Find out if Adrienne Moore is just as political as "Black Cindy" or if she just rolls with the punches on ESSENCE Live!