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Anna, we'd like you to stay here with us in our guest house. And we'd like you to take some time off of work, we'll pay you whatever you were making. We'll get you a car so your don't feel trapped, you can come and go as you please. Are you serious? Yes, we talked about it and we just feel more comfortable knowing that you're here, at least most of the time. And knowing that you're safe. Now you are doing this. Incredible thing for us. It's the least we can do. Let us do something nice for you. Okay? [MUSIC] Okay. Okay. Thank you both. [MUSIC]

'When the Bough Breaks' Exclusive Clip Shows the Calm Before the Storm

This exclusive clip of Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall's forthcoming new dramatic thriller When the Bough Breaks is just the calm before the storm. In the film, a married couple struggling with fertility issues enlists the help of a young woman and things take a scary twist. Take a look at this sneak peek and prepare yourself for the film to hit theaters September 9th. Get ready for this movie to leave you sitting on the edge of your seat.