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[MUSIC] How you doing? I'm good, how are you? Good, thanks. Now how can I help? So I'm in a long distance relationship, and I just wanna say, what could I do to keep the relationship fresh? That's PT. [LAUGH] Now, I always ask, people always wonder why I ask how old people are. And the reason that I ask is I think age is relative To the answer that you give. How old are you dear? 25. [LAUGH] How long have you been with him? Four years. At what point is this long distance thing going to end? Whenever he moves to New York cuz I'm not leaving any time soon. So, he's actually looking at jobs now in Jersey. Possibly within a year. I don't believe in long distance relationships unless under duress. LIke you're together and you get deployed, one of you gets deployed, the other one has to stay in Brooklyn. So your question is how to keep it spicy? I don't know, because you know the only long distance relationship I had was before the internet and FaceTime and all that stuff. So, it was just good old-fashioned phone sex? Okay. Now, I guess you can Snapchat your privates, but I betcha you'd get fired here. I won't be doing that. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] I'm good, I'm good on the Snapchat. Well, Virginia, I don't even know if I answered your question. One more thing, what does he do for a living? He works in oil and gas. He's an oil man. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] We won't be breaking up anytime soon. An oil tycoon. Thank you, Virginia. Thank you. Have a nice day. [INAUDIBLE]. So my question is, I've been with my husband for ten years, we've been married for four. And I'm sort of running out of fun date night ideas. And I'm kind of wondering like you've been married for a long time. You have a very strong relationship. How do you make things more fun when that sort of Netflix and couch routine gets old. Well, I love going out for dinner. It sound so cliche but discovering new restaurants is always great. And if there is a place that reminds you of the two of you. It's always very nostalgic. Do you have a place that remind you of the two of you whether it's a bench on the Hudson River? A particular bar that he took you on your first date? Yeah. Well, we met in college, so, it might be kinda fun to do like a sports bar, or you know, Northwestern football game kind of a thing Stuff like that, it sounds corny, but it's really nostalgic. Within the first week of me and Kevin dating, over 20 years ago, I love Times Square. I'm from here, New York, New Jersey, same thing. I'm from here, but Times Square is always a wonderment. You look Look up, Alex, and you see all those lights and all that wonderfulness. And I was on the radio at that time. And he goes to me, grabs my hand. He said I'm going to make sure you get there. And he's my manager now and we work together and he put me in Times Square. [MUSIC] Like I had a billboard so every time we go out on a date we always ride through Time Square and without even talking about it he slows down the car and pulls over for a moment and I shed a tear and then we go onto dinner or whatever. I love that, so noted, will do. Yeah [LAUGH] So I'm in a long distance relationship Relationship coast to coast. He lives in California. God. That's worse than Texas. I know. It's been two years. But I met him on a flight, so we've never lived in the same place. But it's getting serious. There's talks end of 2016, fingers crossed, he'll move back to the city. He's from here? Yes. So I wanted to get your thoughts and advice on living together. Well, first of all, and don't judge me. She asked. I think living together is absolutely important before you get married. I agree. I'm just wondering if you think it's a bad idea to do it Do it as soon as he moves back. No! How old are you? I'll be 27 in February. Well see if he moves back here and gets his own place then what's going to happen is you're still. I mean you've already done the apart thing. And I vote for living together. I don't consider it living in sin or whatever people say it is. I think that Living together gives you a chance to check somebody out. What they prioritize regarding their lifestyle. And if he got his own place, then that would be him wasting money and you wasting money. In the meantime, both of you are always at one another's apartments anyway. Right. And especially living in New York City. We know how expensive it can be. There's nothing wrong with thinking with your heart as long as you have separate bank accounts. Good to know. Yes. Noted. Okay. [MUSIC].

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