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[SOUND] Today on Essence Live, the beautiful, the the talented, the brilliant [UNKNOWN] plays Finished a Lyric with [UNKNOWN], and Keisha Knight Pulliam tells us five things. We may not know about her. Plus I got to sit down and have a one on one with the singer Tweet. Do you think she trademarked her name? And it's slayed or shade Drake, Hotline Bling, don't go anywhere because Essence Live starts now. [MUSIC] Welcome, welcome, welcome to another fabulous episode of Essence Live. I am Dana Blair. Before we get this show started, I want to remind each and everyone to please use hash tag Essence Live on your Instagram, your Facebook, your Twitter, all of that. I want to hear from you. And you never know I might just read your comment here live on the show. So jumping right in to it, I'll be running the 2015 New York City Marathon on November 1st. Those of you who follow the show or follow me on Instagram know it's been a struggle and the struggle has been real. But my next guest has been helping me get my health and nutrition right. In tight. Please welcome Michelle Mitchum, holistic health practitioner and founder of The Orange Moon. Hi, Michelle. Hi, Dana. How are you? I'm fabulous. [CROSSTALK] I'm so happy to have you here because I'm going to give our audience a little background. I first meet you about 2010. You were featured in one of our marketing campaigns. This was when I was still on the marketing side of the game. So now I'm on this side of the camera. So, it's always great to see you. Not only because I know you as a fabulous person. [LAUGH] It's good to see that you are doing so well. Thank you. very much [CROSSTALK] So welcome to Essence Live. Thank you so much [CROSSTALK]. So now. Ok now we are getting to it. You have been getting me together in all the way right but before I start talking about the cleanses and the things that you have given me, before you were a holistic expert what was your field? Profession? Well, my profession, it took a lot of dips and turns. However, what people don't know most about me is that I am a biologist first. And I have always had a career in the health sciences. I took a very small hiatus and did some other things. But I have always been Studying in the field of health and wellness. I was a biology teacher, I taught biology, chemistry, and physics for a while. You seem way cooler than any of my biology teachers. I know, right? [LAUGH] Sorry, teachers. [LAUGH] And I also did a stint in fashion and marketing but while I was. Teaching. I got a masters in public health. I'm sorry let me back track. So I got my masters in public health. I worked as an assistant director to cancer patient education and wellness at Beth Israel for a couple of years, Oh, okay. and then I left there, and explored some other career alternatives, but I never stopped studying. So what brought you to holistic health? Well I became a client in holistic healing when I worked at Beth Israel believe it or not. Okay. Because I was able to, from the seat that I sat in, see the business of health care. And I was actually dealing with some really challenging health issues and you know conventional medicine suggested that I need to make medicine for the rest of my life. And I just didn't believe it. So I just started to do some research on my condition and where it had been, And treat it successfully. And because I had a lot of access to a lot of journals because of the way I worked, so I could see these things. And it pointed me to Asian medicine. And it was there that I landed. And I started to see an herbalist, and she was my acupuncturist, and all of that. Actually, she still is. Okay. That for me to this day, I'm in a lot of way and I refer a lot of business to her. Now that I've become a practitioner but that' how the journey started. Okay and so what made you say I'm going to dedicate my life to this fully time. And start the orange moon. Well because my life's about change because of. What I was learning about my health, and how I had been cured of my condition based on alternative healing. Because you're feeling better, living better and you're like [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah, because my habits changed, people became really interested in my lifestyle because it was a little left of center at that time. We're talking 20 years ago. Okay, before it was cool to. Yes, before it was cool. To have to grass and the smoothies and all that. So I just kind of started to answer people's questions and I realized that people really wanted the information, so I decided to employ myself the credentials to be able to help people help themselves, and hence how I started the business. And your business The Orange Moon Can you share with our audience what exactly is it? And what we can find with your company. Okay well at the Orange Grove Holistic Health and Wellness is like a full holistic, health, and wellness experience. So in the practice we deal with mind Body and spirit. Usually people come to me or when they want to learn alternatives and how to manage adverse health conditions is how a lot of my clients have found me that way. And I give them tools on, well first I assess their entire life. It's not just about the physical because. In my industry we believe that mind, body, and spirit are all interconnected, so I have to deal with all of it. Mm-hm. So in my initial assessment goes really deep into your personal life, your social life. I know firsthand. Your work life, your physical About your physical life and then we'll talk about what you're eating but in those questions I'm actually looking for I'm trying to find certain triggers as why their physical manifestations or certain things based in your body based on some of these social issues or something. Some other things that might be going on. Okay, so what are the benefits of a cleanse? And I wanna share that with everyone because before I started this marathon training, I've never done a cleanse. I'm from Louisiana. Pork is a food group where I'm from. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] Understand? So, when I was telling you about some of my health issues and I'm just feeling a little sluggish and trying to get my mind and body right for this 26.2 miles You recommended some things to me like you need to do a cleanse. I have never done one. Why would you recommend a cleanse?>>Well the thing is your body is like a machine a lot of people don't realize that you must treat it as such and if you don't treat machines very well, if you don't maintain it, it breaks down and the same applies to your body. So when people come to me. If they have never done a detox before I without question they all have to do a 21 day, full body detox with me. It is not as rigid as most but it is a little limiting. However Because, in order for me to- In order for you to see the benefits of whatever it is that we do moving forward, or whatever it is that you're trying to do, we need to start with a clean slate. Mm-hm. And so, I have to clean you out. You do have to clean us out. And also, too, I want to point out that the recipes that can be found on your website were extremely helpful, as well. Oh, thank you. They opened me up to To some of my other options, and I was like okay, I can do this. So I have a question for you. How does healthy food and say exotic minerals or vitamins really affect your body? Because here I see you have a couple things. A cleansing herb, a liver detox, which I did. It was part of my cleanse. And this seamoss bladder wax. [LAUGH] Smells atrocious, but it's worth it. So can you tell me a little bit about that? Well, Well what we have here is, you have this, can I lift this up, is that okay? Sure you can lift up. I can just point to it, okay. So the concentrated cleansing herb is basically a mixture of probiotic's, and dandelion, and other cleansing elements. To cleanse your digestive tract, right? Okay. All these do that, right? Well, this mainly. That's the purpose for this. The liver detox is really what it says it's gonna do. They're herbs and blended herbs to focus on detoxifying and strengthening your liver. And then we have the sea moss and [UNKNOWN] mix, which is In my life, it serves as a multivitamin, so it feeds your body the nutrients and minerals that you might have lost during this process. What do you say to people that think that eating healthy or organic is too expensive? I say that there are alternatives. I'm fully aware that it's expensive and it's actually an issue that's becoming very public, I don't know if you pay attention to the media. But it's a lifestyle for the affluent in most cases, however there are a lot of Websites, home delivery services that are actually, really inexpensive, that provide people with organic foods. And, Michelle, what's your website? It's So, at, you can also find these recipes. Yes. You have a blog. As well as Michelle's contact information. Absolutely. Thank you so very much for stopping by and keeping me straight. Thank you for having me. I'm probably gonna do another detox. [LAUGH] Because after that I do plan on pigging out on everything that I want to eat, just so you know. [LAUGH] Make sure you do one at least 3 times a year and it doesn't have to be for 21 days, at least 7 days. We'll see about that. At least some days. All right, coming up we have guess the lyric with Yara Shahidi. A little big later on on this show we have Slayed or Shade, Drake's hotline. But first Marcus Houston Dre and Keisha Knight Pulliam star in the new DVD release Will to Love. Keisha Knight Pulliam stopped by to share five things we may not about her. Check it out. Keshia Knight Pulliam and her are five things you don't know about me but you'd know if you were listening to my podcast, Kandidly Keshia, on #1, at three years old, I was on Sesame Street. And to date I'm still the youngest person ever nominated for an Emmy award at the age of six. Fact number two, I recently launched a workshop for parents and children who are interested in being in the entertainment business called Is My Child a Star. It's really a holistic look behind the scenes about what you're really signing up for. When I was little it was I wanna be a doctor, I wanna be a fireman, I wanna be a nurse But now I want to be famous, and my question is famous for what? Number three. One trend that I loved in the 90's, but if I ever tried again just kill me on the spot. When I do the bangs where you flip them up this way, then you set them down this way, then you sprayed them with the hard spray. Clearly I'm a Jersey girl. The fourth thing that you may not know about me is that I'm a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta sorority incorporated, Eta Kappa chapter. Yes, I pledged at Spellman college. The sisterhood and the network that you have around the country is amazing. Please don't pull any pictures of me from back then, we look a hot mess. Yes, I did step Number 5. My favorite Cosby show of all time, I feel it's the same one that a lot of people love, the anniversary shows hands down. Behind the scenes that a lot of people didn't realize the fact, Mr. Cosby and I had our own little rivalry. Where we would compete to see who would do their part of the song the best. Clearly, I won. Get your copy of Will to Love right now, directed by Chris Stokes, starring myself and Marques Houston. Great, feel good romantic comedy. [BLANK_AUDIO] [SOUND] Powerful. [MUSIC] By design. [MUSIC] Welcome back to Essence Live, I have a friendly reminder for each and every one of you out there, I want to hear from you. You are the best part of each show, please use hashtag Essence Live on social media, let me know what you're thinking, give me your comments, you never know, you might see your comments right here on the show. All right, I sat down with my girl Yara Shahidi who is Cousins with hip hop legend, Nod. We tested her on her Nod's lyrics. Whatsup essence live? Welcome back. And joining me now is no stranger to the Essence Live family is the beautiful and talented Ms, Yara Shahidi. How are you? I'm good, how are you? I'm well. It's so nice to see you here in New York city because the last I saw you, you were co-hosting with me in New Orleans. Yes. Too much fun. No such thing as too much fun. True. So, we have a fun little game for you. [CROSSTALK] So, of course, if anyone follows you on Instagram or is a fan of yours, they know that your cousin is Nas, who's also a friend of Essence and- Are you gonna make me rap? We're going to ask you to [INAUDIBLE] Finish the lyric. If possible, if possible. No pressure. Just everybody watching. No pressure. Just the world. Just the world, and maybe we'll send it to his inbox directly. I don't know, just saying. [INAUDIBLE] No pressure, okay so. I will give you this hint. This is from I Can. Okay, ghetto children, do your thing. Hold your head up, little man, you're a king. Young princess, when you get your wedding ring, your man is saying- She's my queen, I Can. [SOUND] Okay, okay, you got it, you got it. Okay, so this one is from If I Ruled the World. Lifestyle cruising blue Bahama waters. No welfare supporters more conscious of the way we Raise our daughters Yes Okay! Two for two! All right Okay All right, and that's the last one we have for the finish the lyric, do you want to freestyle anything? No. You don't have to. No pressure. Yeah that's. [LAUGH] In my head I just walk around the essence office and I go bars. Bars. And I see if anybody's going to challenge me. [LAUGH] Nobody really does except for Yolanda our entertainment editor. [LAUGH] And I'm really trying to take her tone. That is fantastic. And so I'm like what? Bars. And then I just like drop a piece of paper. I am so serious. The thing is, when I read lyrics. It's like no longer cued to rhythm. It's just me trying to spit off things. So I memorize all right. [LAUGH] And it's what you what? You a house? A car? A mule? A piano? Anything? So my name's Lucy and I'm your dog. Yes. You can live at the mall. I can see the evil, I can tell it, I know it's illegal. I don't think about it, I deposit every little zero. Thinking of your partner, put the candy, paint it on the regal. And that's.>> We gonna be all right. Oh. We gonna be all right. I'm really good to come in for the chorus. I'm really good to come in for the chorus. Thank you so very much for taking so much time with us. You're such a joy and a pleasure. Thank you. I wish you nothing but everything you ever dreamed Three, four, [INAUDIBLE]. Welcome back to Essence Live. Joining me now in studio, I have the talented, beautiful songstress Tweet. How are you? I'm great, how are you? I'm fabulous. I'm so excited that you're here, and welcome. To Essence Live. Thanks for having me. I love it. Thank you for being here. There's so much that I want to cover with you. So first, this might be an obvious question that you're starting to get quite a bit. Before there was Twitter, there was Tweet, so I have to ask you where did your name come from? Well, my Dad gave me that nickname when I was little so I've always been Tweet. I don't think I heard my real name, Charlene, unless I was in trouble or something like that. Oh. And now once Twitter came about, were you like, hold on maybe I should have trademarked that. Yeah. [LAUGH] You know what? I think I, I almost sometimes want to kick myself in the head because we had that conversation. Mona Scott and I, who was managing me at the time. Okay. And we were gonna Trademark it to that extent but we didn't and we'll get back to it is what the conversation was and we missed out on it. Has Mona reached out to you since then and said told you so. No, no. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Told you so on that right. No, no. And before we start to talk about the new album I kind of want to take a step back, I've been brushing up on my tweet knowledge and I read quite a bit that you were in a girls group prior to Connecting with Missy Elliott. But you had a kind of a dark period there between leaving the group and before Missy made the phone call. Can you share a little bit about that. Well, Missy and I have known each other since around 94. And when I was in the girl group Sugar, she was an assistant and we all worked together. Like Devante and Jodeci had created. He wanted to recreate Motown. So, he had a whole collection of artists which was Sister Missy, Sugar, myself, Magool, Timberlin, Genuine, Playa, so we all were a group called the Basement Crew and at that time we had spent years trying to come out as a group. But it didn't work. Missy left to become who She is now. Right. And I stayed with the group and we went through a lot of stuff of rerecording our albums, from time to time and I had a daughter and I couldn't really support her. So that was the beginning of my depression, coming home and not being able to do stuff for her. That you wanted to do. Yeah that I wanted to do, so, But then, when the call came from Missy, it was heaven-sent. And, I'm here so, she played a big role. And, what did you take away from that experience in terms, I guess, about perseverance or continuing to move forward? Did it tell you something like? Maybe, the universe intervenes just at the right time. Yeah, it does because Actually, at the moment Missy called was the day I was contemplating doing something crazy, you know what I mean? Sometimes when we go through stuff, we think. I wasn't going to go through with it, but them thoughts come. Right. Like maybe if I didn't do nothing. Scary enough. Yeah, scary. Yeah, yeah. So. For sure it was heaven sent and the universe did, so it was at the right time. And so how did you make the transition from working with Missy on her album and contributing vocals and creative support if you will to your own? First album. Well at that time, Missy flew me out to LA to do the vocals. And I was upstairs in a room and playing a guitar, and I played Motel and I was just by myself and she was hiding on the set or whatever listening. She didn't know at the time that I could play the guitar. Oh. So she came up. She was like, what was you doing? I was like I was playing some of my song. She was like. You have some more songs, cuz she knew I could write and all that. Mm-hm. And I played her Smoking Cigarettes and Motel. Oh, okay. And she was like we're gonna take you to Sylvia Rhone Elektra, and I got a deal. Like, I wasn't expecting to go out to L.A. to get a deal at all. To me your sound is like you can listen to it in the club, but at the same time you can listen to it like sitting at home or in the car. And you really start to think. And you start thinking. And then you have all these hits and then, all of a sudden, you take a hiatus. What led to that? Well in 2005 the second album, It's me again, at that time, Electro merged with Atlantic and so Sylvia Rhone wasn't there anymore, none of the team that built, help me put out Southern Hummingbird, wasn't there. So it was kind of a lack Of support. That you needed. Yeah. Or maybe I should say clicked with, that energy. Not like the first album, and what Sylvia Wong was giving me. So I decided to take time off, and at that time not only was the music business not going right, but my personal life wasn't going good. I wasn't really happy, my love life, my boyfriend that had a baby on me. This wasn't right Yeah, so everything hit the fan as they would. Right, right. So I decided let me just get myself back together and, God, if this is what I'm really supposed to do, I know it'll come back around. I had to get myself back together. And during that break, what are your thoughts on the present state of R&B music/ Because it's changed. It's changed a lot. The sound has changed a little bit people aren't necessarily putting out full bodies of work anymore so what are your thought on that? I think in music right now we need to go back to the basics. Musician ship, real, real instruments Mm-hm and not so much just. Yeah, let's get back to that and I think that's what happened. We lost the soul of it, the soul of music, the musicianship is missing. So hence the near album Charlene Charlene, yes. That's going to be out at the top of 2016? January 22, 2016. Noted and that's your birthday, isn't it? The day after. The day after I've been doing my Google. Yes. [LAUGH] That's a really awesome birthday present to give yourself. Yes, it is. And I read that a lot of inspiration for the album came from your journals and from your writing. So tell me a little bit about what we will hear. Any guest artists? At this point I just want to give them Charlene, because I've been gone so long and fans just want me. So at this album it's just gonna be me. and it's again, pages out of my diary, so you'll know what I've been going through, love lost, love, all of that. And do you work with Missy on this? Yes. Missy has a song on there called Somebody Else Will, and it talks about if you don't love me, somebody else will. Mm-hm. Okay. You know? And that's what it is. That's going out to my boyfriend, my ex. [LAUGH] Message. I always like to send messages to Essence. Message. Right. [LAUGH] Great. No behavior. Right? And are you working with Timberland at all on this particular album? Not this album. Now, I have to ask you, because he's such a big part of empire, Do you follow Empire? Yes, yes,yes. Do you think we might see you there? Because you have some acting credits on your resume. I know. I know. If they would have me. I would love to yes. Why not. And of course you're going to have to come back to Essence live, and perform some of those tracks and songs for us. Oh, please. Yes I will. Thank you so very much for taking the time to sit and chat with us here on Essence Live. You have to come back. I will. Please do not be a stranger, and of course keep your eyes open and peeled,, for that new Tweet album, Charlene, coming out January 22nd 2016. Don't go anywhere, more Essence Live will be right back. [MUSIC] Essence has always supported you and what you stand for. Now imagine Essence could be even more. Offering a selection of new beauty products specially curated every month. So you can see what's fresh, try samples before you buy, so you know what works for you. You're getting the essentials from name brands and up and coming black owned businesses. Go ahead, be bold, be confident, be you. Become a member. Stand out by design. [MUSIC] Welcome back to Essence Live. I'm not going to waste any time. I'm just going to go ahead and jump right into my favorite part of each and every show. It's slade or shade. First we have Essence lifestyle and relationship editor Charreah Jackson. Thanks for stepping in, Always. and coming back to the Essence Live stage. Yes, thanks for having me. And you've got your paddle ready for slade or shade? Always. Slayed. Oh, slayed. Sitting next to her is trouble, as we found out during the commercial break. We have Kaz. He's the founder and editor in chief of Stash. Hello, hello. I'm good. How are you doing? Are you going to behave yourself now that the cameras are on? I'm on my best behavior. [LAUGH] Oh, that's what we're doing? [LAUGH] That's what we're gonna do? That's what we're gonna do? [LAUGH] She's lying. You know I don't lie on Back again, we have empowerment guru, advice columnist, and author of Brazerly Fearless, Abiola Abrams. Hello my darlings. Hi. It's always so lovely to have you. Have you. Well thank you [CROSSTALK] I know I'm addressing, I'm addressing. [LAUGH] I know shade. [CROSSTALK] [UNKNOWN] in the writer for next time. Don't worry, I got you. [CROSSTALK] Write that down please. I'm severely outnumbered here. [CROSSTALK] [UNKNOWN] I just want you to know. And of course my at home panelists please use ##ESSENCELIVE. And let us know what you're thinking. So we're going to dive right in to it. Earlier this week Drake dropped his highly anticipated video for Hot line Bling. Since the videos' release, social media has been all a buzz about Dreezy's eccentric dance moves. If that's what you want to call them. [LAUGH] Let's not forget to mention the countless memes out of it everywhere. Even re-spark the conversation of Drake's hot line bling track having a similar sound to rapper DRAM's cha cha track. Among several tweets regarding Drake's hot line bling, DRAM tweeted yeah I feel like I got jacked for my record, but I'm good. Drake had already addressed beat gate, I don't even know if I like that name in an interview he did with [UNKNOWN] magazine. He said you know Like in Jamaica, you'll have a riddim and it's like, everyone has to do a song on that. Imagine that in rap, or imagine that in R and B. Imagine if we got one beat and every single person, including myself, this guy, this guy, all these guys, had to do a song on that one beat. I think that's a poor explanation. [LAUGH] But I want to know what you guys think. Do you think it is a slay or a shade hotline bling? One, two, three. Oh, slayed. Flip, oh slayed, all right. Well Sharia put it in the air so let's talk about it. Why is it a slayed? Specifically for the video. I mean the song, I don't really care about all that, but the video's everything. And we get to be carefree black girls. And I love me a carefree black Drake. He is everything. I love the memes. I love, I love it all. Even though he has to do choreography classes. [CROSSTALK] I mean, but my favorite is when they put the tennis racket in his hand. And he was. [CROSSTALK] I was like Serena's talking to me. Hm. We'll talk about that. [LAUGH] And also slayed to the girls who got that easy check. Cuz usually the girls The girl in the video has to do all the dancing. She had to dance it. And she just gets to sit on the steps, and here's Drake. So, slayed. She's probably union. [LAUGH] Taz, what do you think? Well, I mean, we credit Drake a lot of things. One of them is making black people very vulnerable, and emotional in their raps. And now we can kinda credit him with showing that not all black people can dance. And that's awesome. [LAUGH] I think that's great. You're not right. Shade. Shade. But he holds it. That was shade. I'm a tall, goofy black man just like Drake is a tall, goofy black man. And as long as you own it that you can't dance. [CROSSTALK] You are not goofy. Listen. Seen you in the string. Listen, you see the bachata. [LAUGH] It's not a game. [CROSSTALK] Drake got that. As far as the video goes, Drake got it. But as far as the whole controversy with the song, he's just the prettiest girl at the bar right now. He can't really do anything wrong. It's like yeah, I stole the song just like reggae people steal songs. And that's fine. Everyone's like, you know what Drake, all right, cool. Like nobody's really I'm telling you, if it was anybody else or any other song in hip hop, they would run them out of here. They would call them crazy, oh you're a ripoff. But Drake, he can't do no wrong right now, so he's like okay, yeah, he stole the song. I'm still gonna jam to it. It's like Turn it up. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] [UNKNOWN] what are your thoughts? Dana! Yes. I say slayed. For the exact reason you did. I am all for it, yes my awkward black people this is our moment. [LAUGH] this is [INAUDIBLE]. As a [UNKNOWN] little black girl who was told she had one dance. Who. And I wouldn't know it's work if it came across me. And I have Can you do the body roll top, can you at least I mean I'm Caribbean so I could do a dollar of wine. Woah, hey. You need it. I could do a dollar of wine. Hi. brought your knees girl. And that's my one move. [LAUGH] And I say awkward black people this is our time. [LAUGH] I love it. I love it. And then the empowerment coast in me says dance like no none's watching. you better dance. You better get your one move on. So mad at Yet so happy at the same time right now. [LAUGH] She's like dollar what, and nobody's watching. Yeah, awkward, can I come? We're all here. You are a [INAUDIBLE]. [CROSSTALK] No, I don't condone any of this. I condone moving on cuz y'all are out of control. So a Maryland bride, Breelan Bowman posted a picture of her and her father Dr. Mike Freeman, a pastor, having their father-daughter dance during her October 10th wedding. Her caption read, and I quote, Another one of my faves. Dancing with my first love. I was able to present a certificate of purity to him signed by my doctor that my hymen was still intact. Get it together, Sharia. Also, the covenant he gave me when I was 13 When you honor God, your life will automatically honor others. I love you, Daddy. Okay, I wish you could see on, their faces right now. Is this a slay or a shade. On the count of three, one, two, three. Whoa. Shade, shade, shade. I'm gonna talk to you last because I feel like you've got to get it together. Aviola? Why the shade? As the daughter of a minister, I have to say that this is appalling. Papa, whoever her dad is Your father and your [UNKNOWN] do not belong in the same sentence. Not at all. They just don't. [LAUGH] They just do not. And if her father would have written me an intimacy intervention column, I would have said you need to tell your daughter no. I adore you for your worth, not your Hymen or your virginity. I love you my daughter because of who you are inside because of what is up here because of what you bring to the table not because of anything going on with your body. Yes. That's what her father should have said. Absolutely. That was a gem she just dropped. I hope you all caught that. [CROSSTALK] I'm got to pick up the mic all right All right. Pick it up, pick it up. [LAUGH] And talk about it. I totally agree that your value is so not in your vajayjay, and I think it's a very dangerous messaging for young women, especially if you have had sex before, all of a sudden you're not as worthy. And so I think it's very dangerous. You don't get a prize. Of course we want you to respect your body, but it's not to put yourself on some shelf as if That's not where your value is, you want to be worthy as a person. And it's also as Abigail said from a medical standpoint, there are people who have been through trauma, there are people who play soccer in school so all of a sudden having a hymen or not doesn't mean you have any more More value. Had to fight the school bully in the 7th grade. Yeah! [LAUGH] Right! [LAUGH] That's too much information, Essence, I'm sorry. [LAUGH] Steve? I mean, it's weird for me, cuz I feel like one of these days I'm gonna have a child and it's probably gonna be a daughter And if you're daddy's little girl, there's things I'm just gonna take your word for. [LAUGH] You know what I'm saying? There's some things I don't need to know. Is that something you would even wanna know? I wouldn't even wanna know. [LAUGH] I'm gonna assume the worst anyway, because- Wait, I have to ask you. Sorry to cut you off to ask this, if you were marrying that young lady As her husband how would you feel about knowing that she had that conversation with your father-in-law? There's a few [LAUGH] questions I want to ask. Like, first of all I mean like not [LAUGH] for nothing I'm glad she's a beautiful Christian woman and you know that she's proven to the Lord that she's pure and to her doctors [LAUGH] that's she's pure and everything. But, I mean, nobody wants to take a car out the lot without test driving it first. What. [LAUGH] Now you just walked into a whole nother territory. No. There's a high probability, I mean statistics show that [CROSSTALK] Don't worry we're gonna put your Instagram handles up so people can let you know their thoughts on this. Your wife is not a car. Please let me know. Should be driven Can you please finish that [CROSSTALK] statistics show us? Statistics show us that divorce is more likely than a long-term marriage. Not based off of that. [CROSSTALK] Not based off of that, but I'm saying, there's going to be a time where you're gonna Do that with your woman, with your wife, and if it's not, you get bored. I'm going to go ahead and stop you now, and I'm going to move onto the third section, okay? [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] I can't even deal with him. We are going to check in with our Facebook friends. Fam. [LAUGH] Tara Josie says, saving yourself is great and I agree. But why we give these papers to your dad? Why give papers at all. Should be something discussed with your future husband. Yeah. ] Aka not Kaz. [LAUGH] Thank you Tara for chiming in. Yes. Next, it's been reported that fans who have attended Janet Jackson's Unbreakable Tour. I have. And posted snippets of her concerts to their Instagram accounts Have found their videos deleted or their accounts entirely deactivated. Fan claim they received emails from Instagram saying a third party reported that the content violates their copyright. A representative for Instagram addressed the issue, asserting that the removals were not deliberate. Instead, they were caused by a system bug which Instagram had fixed and was in the process of restoring the impacted accounts. Mm-hm Miss Jackson took to her Twitter page to also address the issue. She tweeted, My team is passionate about protecting the intellectual property we are creating for the tour and possible future projects. It was never their intention, acting on my behalf, to have social media accounts removed. Permitting the use of long clips does present a contractual problem for these projects. I hope you understand. Janet later continued to say that she's working with her team to change their approach and allow fans to engage socially with her and their videos from concerts. So, Bree I see your face. That was a long tweet. I know, it's a lot. I know. I can't get more than 140 characters. That was a lot. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] But apparently if you're Janet, you can get in a dissertation. Okay. You know what I heard from that? I am married to a prince and you will read my legal statement. [LAUGH] I heard that on the Twitter. So what do y'all think? Slayed or Shade? Slayed. Slay, slay, shade. Steve, I'll let you start, slayed. I mean, there is no power like the Jackson family power and I think that's the ultimate flush. Cuz the Jackson family power don't stop. I mean absolutely, I mean like anytime what's the first thing that happens? Your whole instagram feed is taken over by pictures and videos of concerts but to have that power to just be like you know what All this stuff is getting old. Now. [LAUGH] I'm like, boom. Shut down the Internet. I'm like, amen Janet, flex that muscle. Flex that Jackson family muscle. I'm so mad at you. Really? What did you say? As a Jackson. [LAUGH] And this shade is not for Janet. This is actually for her team. Because we love to see what's going on at a concert. And 15 seconds on Instagram Is not a full video. I understand YouTube, but people want to get a taste and if you are going, it's not like oh I'll watch it on instagram I'm not going to go. It's exciting for the fans who aren't able to come but also for the people who might be going. I'm going in Paris to see Up in the Air, I can't wait to see Janet, but it's exciting to see. It is a little bit shade, in this day in age people want a little bit. Wet the appetite, miss Jackson. I thought it was a good thing to have everybody talking about. Yeah it was. [UNKNOWN] you get the final word on this one. I say I have caught myself so caught up in a concert or event recording it for the Insta that I'm not there preset enjoying it. I understand what you're saying. And if you want to steal my girl Janet's intellectual property, then your Instagram will get snatched. I think that is Slayed all day. Post a picture of me that I don't like. ****. [LAUGH] I call and I end up deleting my own account. [LAUGH] I'm not that tech savvy. Thank all of you for joining us. [UNKNOWN] I know don't know if we're going to have you back but Sharia, I'm definitely going to have you back. And thank you to all of you out there watching and streaming us live and of course we know you're not doing it from work because you would never do that. Make sure to tune in next week for an all new Essence Live with some Halloween fun, I'll see you next week, same time, same place. Mwah, same fabulous host. I'm Dana Blair, bye-bye. [MUSIC]

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