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[MUSIC] Today on Essence Live, songstress Erykah Badu stops by to chat 2015 Soul Train Awards, her new music, and, of course, love. Plus, actress Angela Bassett sat down to share her new video game. But right now, it's time for the Hot List, the biggest stories you're buzzing about. This week. While every actress on the Hollywood Reporter cover is white. That's a headline that magazine's website use to discuss its latest roundtable edition focusing on award season. So what's the answer to that question? It's a little bit complicated. But author of the article wrote Unless the half-dozen men and women now running the major studios demand and foster a culture of diversity, the status quo will continue as it is. [SOUND] Folks want to pop off and have opinions about what they think they would do, present a specific plan. POTUS has clapped back at calls for a ban on Syrian refugees in the U.S. After last weeks terror attacks in Paris many GOP presidential candidates say admitting Syrian refugees into the country makes the USA a target of ISIS. However, president Obama called the idea that Christians are more worthy of protection than muslims in war torn land completely counter productive. [BLANK_AUDIO] Because of one man's hilarious YouTube testimony, the whole world is going crazy for Patti LaBelle's sweet potato pie. Well, if you can't get on in time for Thanksgiving, the folks at The Washington Post have shared what they say is the recipe that inspired this. I swear. [NOISE] [UNKNOWN] pay the bill after eating this. Now that's some good eating. It's Thursday November 19th and Essence Live starts now. [MUSIC] Welcome to Essence Live. I'm your host Dana Blair. We have an exciting show lined up for you and of course, I want to hear from you. So head us up on social media using the hashtag essencelive to join the conversation. Ask your questions and let us know your thoughts. Coming up I sat down with Angela Bassett. We dished on some of her classic snap back moments on screen, and she shares with us her latest groundbreaking project, video games. That exclusive is next but first if you haven't signed up for Essence's short film contest What are you waiting for? I mean, come on, hello? The deadline for submission is December 14th and you can get full details on Here's last year's winner talking about the life changing experience she had. [MUSIC] I stalk Essence's website. I'm a huge fan. And so I was waiting for the contest to come around. And I submitted a film that I wrote with a friend of mine named Anthony Phillips. It was a 15 minute short film about love and relationships and the cycle of pain and heartbreak. It was January that I found that I was the potential winner and that in a week or so they would let me We know if I had actually won. And immediately I called my mom. We were reading Essence because of her, so it was just gonna be a huge honor. So I called my mom, and then I probably cried, cuz I'm a crybaby. When I went to the Black Women In Hollywood luncheon, it was amazing. You all have nourished my voice. And thank you is not a strong enough show of gratitude. It was a life changing experience to be there, and to be in the same room as other women who's careers I've watched and wanted to emulate my entire life. Being here today is not only a dream come true, but a monumental step towards fulfilling my purpose. Being on a journey in the entertainment industry is really really hard for so many different reasons. Especially as a woman of color. But entering and winning a contest like this, it really lets you know that you're moving in the right direction. And sometimes that's all you need to keep progressing. to keep moving forward. To keep you waking up every day. and to keep you going after your dreams and that's what this award meant to me and so this contest, it is just life altering experience being in the black women how to do luncheon room, you'll never forget it and nothing will ever make you question your journey again once you've been in that room so do it. That's the only thing I can think to say is do it. I hold everybody I know Who creates to submit something. Yeah, it's worth it. I have the pleasure of being joined by Ms. Angela Basset. How are you? I'm well. Exceptional. Thank you, Dana. You are absolutely stunning. Thank you. I just have to start with that. As are you. In my head, You're a vampire and hold the key to life and youth. How do you maintain looking so fabulous? You have such a busy schedule. I think a lot of it's attitude and the the regular diet and exercise blah blah blah. I don't do that everyday buy yeah, I think a lot of it is. The way you think. You know, or you may not know, you're a hashtag. Uh-uh. I'm a hashtag. Oh let me show you. Because you set Instagram a blaze, you were everybody's woman crush Wednesday. I'll hold up the picture. There's nothing else to say. You're the hashtag angelabassettarms. Oh, okay, all right. Well, I thank my trainer. Congratulations on being the first female Six for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, I've been practicing saying that all day. [LAUGH] What drew you to this project? Well it came to me. It was offered to me. And when they said that it was the first time that a woman is betrayed six in the books or the video games world I was like hey, I like that. Especially with Women being 50% of the gamers, that's a statistic that I heard. So I like that, because a lot of times, we just assumed, or it's the perception that it's mostly men who are the gamers. One of my friends, I was At a little party and the young lady, she was a college student, she came up and she was like, hi, Angela, I know you're sick. [LAUGH] So I was like what? She was like 21, 22 but she is deep into it. That's her world. So I was very pleased that It's a woman but a woman of color and so boom boom. Now I get scared very easily. Okay so I have to watch it too. I do to, as do I. I do not like horror films. Really? Mm-hm. That's not fun for me. It's not fun. So what allured you to the American Horror franchise. Well this is a little [UNKNOWN]. They can be a little [UNKNOWN]. Camping, tongue-in-cheek and wry. Some of the issues that they deal with, like when we were doing Coven, just all these women from Boston and from New Orleans and That was my favorite I'm doing this again. Yeah based on you know historical figures. It was very intent to mesh them in this world together. You know so I find it funny. On this show you play Ramona Royal I like that name. Thank you. Opposite the countess played by Lady Gaga [MUSIC] And we know here as such a larger than life character. From her stage performances, her extra costumes. So on, so forth. So what was it like working with her in this different, I guess, more intimate capacity? Just wonderful. She's very warm. Mm-hm. Very engaging. You know, just light. She's a light being, light spirit. She's really sweet. And the other day, just the other day on the set. I mean, we're sitting at a couch like this, and just. Just chat, you know? And we just appreciate her artistry and she ours. And it's just real, just real and regular. It's not over the top and grand and sucking the air out of the room, that kind of thing. [LAUGH] So talented. Very, extremely. She's so talented. And a really, really nice lady. I wanna transition right now to Chi-Raq. The film's poster just released and there's a lot of controversy, if you will, over the content, over the title. Good. Will you tell me about. [LAUGH] Your character in the film? I'm that community bookstore owner The one was raised her, her family, she's from that community, shes there, she's rooted there. She has a business there. Almost like ruby and something like that. Looking out the window. I see what you're doing. You're right, but for today. So maybe not that nosy but if you ask, I do have opinion, I'm gonna give you some wisdom or some knowledge or whatever. So that's how I saw the character. But yeah, it's Spike being provocative. A lot of times in our community, it's like, you don't want your slip showing, or You know, you don't want others to know, you don't want to hang it out there. We know this between ourselves, we understand and we know what the deal is but we don't want the outward, outside perception of us because it'll shine in a negative light>>But we need we need to have the conversation Our potential is literally dying. Young babies, our wisdom, grandmothers, and mothers, literally being killed. Kids, adults, young men, women, who have never been a part of a gang at all. But you live where you live, it's danger, it's perilous. Something What is that about? What is it about? Is it about a lack of hope? A lack of opportunity? Mm-hm. Or what? So it's a conversation that needs to be had, especially if numbers are great Greater than, than body bags from Iraq and Iran, you know, it's what. On your own soil, in your own, in your own home. Uh-huh. Against your own people. Now you play iconic strong women, and we've labeled it as women who always get snap back so Catherine Jackson snapping back in Joe [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] [NOISE] [MUSIC] I knew [INAUDIBLE]. I knew. I could check who put you in your place. Tina with Ike. Show you something. No. Ow. [NOISE]! And of course, Bernadine. Okay. Burn it down. White woman probably the only one who will tolerate your smug ****! [BLANK_AUDIO] [SOUND] Ok. That's what we have named it here. If you had to pick one scene, which is your favorite, your "snap back"scene, which is your favorite and why? Oh gosh. That is Bernadine, it has to be Bernadine. In college I did that to my ex boyfriend's car. In my head. I didn't do it. Good in your head. Cause someone tried it in real life and they took her to jail. Thank you so very much for joining us and for speaking with us. Congratulations on continuing to be such an amazing role model. and just kicking ****. Thank you. Thank you so very much. Thank you so much, Angela basset. It was pleasure to sit down and have a little chat with you. Now let's get into my favorite part of the show, Slade or shade. Joining us on the Slade or shade couches we have actress Comedian and Slayed or Shade newbie Whose show Raising Whitely returns for a new season on On This Saturday Night. Be sure to tune in! Welcome to Essence Live Kim Whitely. Hi. How are you? Thank you so much Shana. [CROSSTALK] Okay, all right, and another Slayed or Shade newbie, TV personality Po Johnson. Welcome to Essence Live. Hi guys. And lastly, no stranger to the Slayed or Shade couches, digital entertainment general and NBA host Gia Peppers. Hi Dana! Nice to see you. [CROSSTALK] Yes. [LAUGH] You could be in my family, I got you. And of course at home panelists use hashtag essencelive todays topics are g double o d good, I've always wanted to say that, that was just my chance. Let's get started in a recent feature in New York magazine R. Kelly was asked about his alleged sex crimes. Now Kelly's downright denied the allegations blaming On his fame and on his disgruntled individuals he fired from his inner circle. But when asked do you have a sexual attraction to underage girls? He responded, that's a rumor that comes from the Earth. Like all rumors. [LAUGH] Like I thought rumors came from [UNKNOWN] personally, but whatever He continued, no it's not true. I love women period. If I wasn't a celebrity, people wouldn't be saying these things about me. All right, on the count of three, are we gonna slay or shade this one? One, two, three. Shade, slayed, shade. Okay, Kim, I'm gonna start with you. Why is it a Shade? Well, first of all, he said it comes from to the Earth. The Earth. I was listening to him because he said it comes from the Earth. No what comes from the Earth is that weed he smoked before he answered the question. [LAUGH] And that stimulated the experience he felt. Yeah because I tried to holler at him. He didn't even see me. It could, yeah. I want to know more about that. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] It's an after show. I don't know about that one, I don't know about Art. I been knowing him for many many years. When he was with the group MCM MGM yeah he wasn't even R Kelly. Okay all right okay, [CROSSTALK] We gonna get that story a little bit later. Oh you slayed it. Let me just explain myself okay cuz everybody knows You know. Don't look at me like that, Kim. Cause I'm looking at you about that age. No! We tried to holler at you. No, no I'm just You're like a little yearn. Okay. No, I'm not. I'm not condoning his actions and what, and the comment was just so original. Like the rumor came from the earth, he's a writer, that's like a dope line, I thought. You know like Who says that? R Kelley and they probably listened to what he said. You're right R, you're right. Video never happened. He won them over. He knows, he knows. He was like what. Well you know I mean The thing is, you know, I read the article, and that snippet went viral, so I was like all right, let me see what R. Kelly had to say. Because no one has really, his PR has been well at shutting that stuff down. That response though, like it came from the earth? [CROSSTALK] [INAUDIBLE] Well then Abi, he might as well said earf, you know what I'm saying, because that way- It was original. It would have made more sense, but my thing is you could just say no comment, maybe, he said let's move on, so he kind of did, no shade no tea, kind of say I've moved on from that, so maybe he's not into that. No. He could have said anything else but that. That caused a whole controversy. It created more questions because you didn't really handle that. [CROSSTALK] I need you to be quiet. We're going to put you in a little school girl dress in a minute and I'm going to post you on his Facebook. [LAUGH] I'll be like, "I've got another one for you". Oo. Damn. Oh, please, no. Please, no, I don't wanna get [UNKNOWN] on. Well, we're gonna [CROSSTALK]. We're gonna move right along to the next one. But I love his music. He's a genius. And that's the crazy part. That's a whole other subject. He is. He's a genius. So moving right along. Last week, David Banner Oh, Kim. Last week David Banner stopped be Essence Live to talk about his new single, Marry Me, but of course that's not all we discussed. Banner's remarks sparked an intense social conversation on our Facebook page with over 200 comments. Let's check a couple out. Anna Hutchinson commented, it's time we realized that we ourselves are the problem. Stop hating each other and try to build each other up. Whites look at us the way they do because, Of the things that we do to each other. Delores Stribling said, You want us to take personal responsiblity. Then give us the same opportunity you receive. We will take personal responsibility when our education is the same, our housing is the same, or employment is the same. It is easy for somebody to say take responsibility when the opportunity is there for you. All right, so let's take a look at what David had to say. White supremacy only respect two things. That's a loss of life and a loss of finance. I was about to say money. You said finance. Yes. Until Black people threaten one of those two things, they will forever continue to do what they do. So instead of blaming an external source, Blame yourself, because until we blame ourselves, we will never change the things that are going on with our women, with our own lives, and with our communities. We are the problem. All right What do you have to say, slayed or shade, guys? That was a heavy hitter. [UNKNOWN] Shade, shade, and you're on a, shade? [CROSSTALK] That's what I'm on, a this and a that. [CROSSTALK] [UNKNOWN] you seem to have your mind made up, so why is it a shade? Because I understand where he's coming from, his comments are very intense, and there was some truth to it, but I think he's forgetting about No, the racism didn't come from us. We started with not the full hand. We were dealt a bad card as a race. We didn't get everything so the comment that that young lady said is right. Dolores was on it. Mm-hm. We didn't have the same opportunities. We didn't have the same education. I grew up in Texas. I didn't have the same school that the kids in the nice neighborhood had. I didn't have the same books. I learned about Texas history. I didn't learn about black history or anything like that. So, yeah, we do perpetuate a bad thing in reality and in music, but, again, you've got to take it further back than where he's taking it. Yeah, I'm in the present, but come on. Late, you know? I understand what you're saying. All right, so. Tia? You're slashade? I'm slashade because I agree with [LAUGH] it's okay. I agree with what he's saying because we do have the opportunity to change it. Right now, anything that you need to know is on Google. You can learn anything that you need to know. You can Google it, it's a moment away. But I look at stories like, my dad grew up in the projects of Rhode Island and he's now one of the top execs at AP. You don't have to, you're situation, you're environment doesn't have to tell your story for the rest of your life. So when I hear those opportunities, my dad He used to get beat up for carrying books home. And he made it out because he knew he wanted something more. Raise your children. It does start with us. It does start within our communities. We have to raise our children. We have to let them know that this isn't just the environment that you grow with. And we have to make sure they not watching love and hip hop on Monday nights. They should be watching Disney or something. Like, why does your eight year old child know who TR Marie is? That is a valid point. Like just do, we do need to do the work. We're blaming everyone and I don't like the word blame, I think we should improve, improve. Yeah, I don't like the word blame. Blame, right exactly. I'm a shade cuz I liked his beard. That great little goatee. David done lost about 55 [CROSSTALK]. Oh yeah. Oh, yeah. With everything you say. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] That's bad. That's awful, isn't it? [CROSSTALK] Look at that beard. Look at that beard. Look at that. Look at that. Hey. Yeah, get it. [LAUGH] But this is the real deal is that I also taught school in Compton. But where I send my son to school is a private school. It's in Sherman Oaks. It's out there. And they have everything. You can go swimming. I was raised, you know I was in Cleveland public school and then I moved over to Shaker. And let me tell you something, it is a difference. When I tell you the books with the kids I had to teach with in Compton with no computers. So there is a difference. And I think about slavery. We talk about we came over to this country. And it's not like we have a culture like everyone else. We're talking about the Chinese, the Jews. They have a deep history. We are what? 400 years? Yeah. African-American. We can't sit there and talk about, yeah, I'm from the tribe Ooba-ooba. [FOREIGN] There's no native tongue. I put a little DNA on you. Sorry about that. It's okay, girl. It's okay. But that's what I'm saying. There's no native tongue. There's no culture in me. I can't talk about, ooh, and I learned how to weave this basket. Because we're from the, we don't have that. Right. So it's about us now trying to form that, but that's a lot. You want us just to change. It is a lot of work. It's a lot of work. [INAUDIBLE] but we do have to work and go back to the village situation. And you say black lives matter, we also have to say black lives matter to us. So when my brothers out there killing each other, you out there marching against the police. Yeah. What about when you did the drive by? Black lives matter to us too so you have to always, when you say take responsibility or blame, we have to just go back to the way we used to be in the 60s when we was all fighting for the same thing. Even our black families were together because we were all fighting for the same thing. Same thing, mm-hm. Now, Kim, as a mother. But David, everything you said was brilliant. [LAUGH] Oh. [INAUDIBLE] she's like, thank you for calling. You mentioned you're raising a son. With everything that's happening in society right now. Have you had to start to, I know he's young but have you had to start to have some sort of conversation, or have you start to formulate in your mind what that conversation will look like on how to carry himself if you will as a black man and maybe possible situations he may encounter as a young black man. [MUSIC] Yes, I'm hoping that by the time another ten years, things are better. But, as my father raised my brothers, first of all, we start with just our own protection. My son should not know, right now he's four years old. Right. And he came Came home, he said mommy my skin hurts. What? that's because little white girl told him his skin was ugly, so I had to go up to the school. Of course you did. And holler at them, cuz I need to talk to those parents, but you're dealing with another child who learned from somewhere. SO I have to first now why am I teaching my four year old. Right, having this conversation. > About color. So we start there. And we talk about bullying. So it's not even a black white thing, or a police thing. It's just a human thing. So once we start with bullying, and then I'm gonna have to explain to him, cuz my little brother got chased by the police. My mama looks white she's not I know you all said on the internet she is. The police ran to the door and my mother answered the door. We lived in this certain kind of neighborhood. There's a negro child because you know it was back in To 1902. But there was a negro child running through your yard. And we just warn you and he's been running and we almost got him. Well my black daddy came up behind her and all of us, and was like, what's happening? What's happening? [CROSSTALK] Right, right. He? Where is the negro child? You mean this one? My mother's like, you mean this one? Oh yeah. He lives here. He lives here. So we went through that all the time, but my brother could have been shot cuz he was so young. He didn't know, hold it, halt. He didn't know none of that, what they say. So I think it's just, it is what it is. And just teaching First of all, we all are supposed to obey the law. The law is here for our protection, so if someone says, hey, hold it, then you hold it. Now, some of these crazy police, I'm not gonna get deep with this But how we change the police is in the training at the cadet level. Right, from the ground up. We gotta wait till the good old boys get on out. But you've got to start a different training. Mm-hm Just like I look back at Sean Lavert in prison. He died because they didn't give him his medicine. Right. Yeah. Because people trying to be the police. It's a whole, we've got a whole lot of work. It's a deeper conversation. So with my son. I will have that conversation. But I gotta have some brothers around my son. Some black men to talk to my son. I'm a woman. It's a different type of relationship. They got a whole different kind of conversation. You ever sit back and listen to men talk? It sounds like Spanish, don't it? Yes it does. I go to the barbershop every week. Trust me, I know. And you smart. I know. Can you give me some tips about what you want? We'll talk about it. We'll talk about it. We'll talk about it. Alright, now onto probably one of the most interesting slade or shade topics we've had. We're talking semen. Yes, you heard me correctly. Not only are we talking semen, but we're talking about ladies who use it as a part of their skin care regiment. Can't fix your face. But article beauty blogger, Chrissie Kiss, discussed the benefits of using her friends Semen according to Kiss. Her Kiss that's her name. Okay sorry. [LAUGH] Her friend would freshly deliver his semen to her in a take out sauce tub. She'd then immediately apply it to her face rubbing it in ensuring that it absorbed into her pores and would leave it on for twenty minutes. After washing the semen off she claimed her skin was left glowing and feeling Smoother. Now I do want to add a caveat, she would monitor what he was eating so that she only had the best ingredients. Okay so are we gonna slay her or shade her. On the count of three, one, two, three slay. [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] So we got a shade, a slayed. Dio, let's start with you, a shade. Is that Corrine [INAUDIBLE]? Oh. Oh, I'm picking it up for her. That was a shade. That was a shade. [CROSSTALK] Dio, what you got? First of all, I will never look at takeout sauces right ever again. I'm gonna need you to be careful with your gestures, careful with your gestures. [LAUGH] Right, takeout sauces ever again. I think that everyone has to have their own thing. I personally don't really wanna use Another persons- Mm-hm. Yes. Mm-hm. On my face. If it worked for her. She's happy with it? Fine. But I just can't stop telling me what you do with that. That stays between you and your girlfriends at the dinner table. You don't need to put it on YouTube. That's never accidentally just- No. I'm real- Just a little bit? The way you- Stop! [CROSSTALK] [CROSSTALK] So you have a Slayed or a Shade? I did, I have the Slayed. Okay, talk about it. I'm just saying, if you have bad skin, maybe you'll try anything. But what if you get some bad products? That's where you have to like be careful. You could get -- She's going to fix her lips one more time. You are going to try something. She's like, I don't know what the problem is. I don't. I don't. I don't see the big deal. Well, don't you think her friend doesn't have a life at this particular point if he's delivering products? Maybe she had a really bad Don't know. She had a really bad skin thing. What was here condition? [CROSSTALK] We'll be honest. Look at my skin. What do you all think? [CROSSTALK] So you all know what's happening over here. [LAUGH] I don't find anything wrong with it. So, Kim. Okay, that's fair. I don't. Kim, I'm sorry. [CROSSTALK] Now was that a shade? Is that a slade? I'm just, I'm not She need to stop. I mean, okay this side of my face is usually the right side is a little tighter, I didn't. See. Just one time. Shade. And when she did my [UNKNOWN] she the one [UNKNOWN] it too. [CROSSTALK] But I think you know what. We use Placenta, pregnant women. We use Urine, we use goats milk. There's so many body stuff on people. Now, that is, I don't know right there. I don't know if I want to put that on my face. Because I'd be thinking about the little tadpoles in there. I don't if they're there. I don't what they're doing. There little things It's like stem cells. [LAUGH] They swim. So I don't think. if there's a test? Have we done any research? No there's no, no. So they all nasty, just nasty girls sitting at the table like talking about look girl I didnt' wanna waste this. [LAUGHTER] I'm gonna wait till it's FDA approved. Okay, we'll wait till it's FDA approved. Don't go anywhere. You're gonna stick around a little bit longer with me. Next up, we know you've heard of Patty's Pies, but she's also an advocate for worthy causes. Essence's Charreah Jackson had a chance to sit down and chat with her about this month. Take a look. I'm Charreah Jackson, Essence Lifestyle Editor and we are thrilled to have in the Essence studio today, the legendary Ms. Patty LaBelle. Welcome, welcome. In addition to looking fabulous, you are wearing this color of a very special reason. This is turquoise, the color of lung cancer awareness number in November. I've partnered with the American Lung Association. I lost two sisters to lung cancer. I realized that lung cancer is the number one cancer killer of women. More so than breast colon pancreatic cancer combined. Once your diagnosed with lung cancer ladies you die within a year. My sisters were diagnosed and they both died within a year. They died two years apart. But both from smoking. Lung cancer comes other ways, but you know, you can go to to find out all the ways that it can happen to you, but my reason is to bring awareness. Go into your force or whatever you have, if it's a dollar, you can go to And before November 17th give whatever you can. Because we need a cure for lung cancer. I know. And I hope not to lose any more friends or family members to lung cancer, and when you see pink in October it's Breast Cancer awareness. And I've even done things for breast cancer awareness because I've had friends who died of breast cancer. Now I'm wearing this turquoise because I am the spokesperson for lung cancer awareness, and I'm proud to wear this turquoise. It's beautiful. You look good in it. Thank you, girl. And you're such an inspiration to an entire generation of Black women and brown girls. Thank you for always being a beacon of light for us to see ourselves. You just playing for 52 years. Any last message or information you'd like to share with black women, especially around our health? I'm really dealing with this lung cancer initiative. This is my mission. Ladies die every eight minutes Because there's no research, and we need to raise awareness and funds. I'm on this mission now, so I'm [LAUGH] Here I go. There you are. Fabulous and all. Thank you baby. I just loved turning up with Patti LaBelle. Thank you. You are doing incredible work. Thank you so much for coming by and speaking with us. Thank you sweetheart. And when you've been blessed It feels like heaven. So pass it on, pass it on. Well thank you for passing it on with us. Of course for awareness, any last tip for women who might wonder, I don't know. Go to To find out everything I haven't told you. There is so much to learn about this lung cancer. Thank you so much.>>Thank you so much.>>Thank you, Essence, I love you, Essence. Thank you.>>Ooh, ahh.>>I would have to go with sweet potato pie.>>Yams are sweet potato. What is it? Tell me what it is.>>Aw, man. Sweet potato pie. I'm gonna say sweet potatoes, because I definitely know what they are. I'll have the candied yams, because if it's not sweet potato pie, then I'll just have some pecan pie. [MUSIC] Pass. Why not, wait? They go together. How. [SOUND] You gotta have cranberry sauce, and you gotta have stuffing. Because I like both. I am the god of my existence. I want both. Okay, I gotta have the stuffing. I'll go with stuffing. Stuffing. For the game, stuffing. [MUSIC] Turkey for sure. Turkey. Turkey. We don't eat to. Put the turkey right there [SOUND] [LAUGH]. Welcome back to Essence live, thank you to all of our guests who participated in that special Thanksgiving edition of this or that now to close out the show, I have one last Slayed or Shade topic you ready? It's a surprise one, okay so you've been dating someone for three months. Do you bring them home for Thanksgiving? She's like [LAUGHTER] If you've been dating someone for three months do you bring them home for Thanksgiving dinner? Slayed or shade?>>I haven't been doing well [LAUGHTER]>>Kel, I'm going to let you start first. Why is it a slayed?>>Yeah! Dating for three months? That's like ten years at my age We already go together, we engaged, and we about to have a baby! [LAUGH] You gotta meet the family! You gotta meet everybody. Po, what do you say, Slayed? I said Slayed because maybe somebody's putting it down. I would talk to her [LAUGH] Oh. I feel it. Oh my [LAUGH] Oh dang I think I will do my girl pro like that. [LAUGH] And not that there's anything wrong with that either. No not at all. But I think you know sometimes putting it down. It's good, you can't judge somebody's love. I believe that, that's true. Maybe by Thursday they'll be broken up. But maybe not, they might be together for a lifetime. Then you find somebody else by next Thanksgiving. You shouldn't judge. It's a rotation. Gina, you get the final word on this one. I have a lot of Aunts and my momma and they are black women to the core, so at every single time I would talk to them afterwords they'd by like so what happened with little so and so? And I know it's three months don't we still getting to know each other, especially if I don't have a girlfriend check before like my friends don't know. I need the friends first, so maybe you can come meet my friends Thanksgiving night, but you ain't coming in my house No, net yet. I'm from Louisiana. My parents had to meet everybody. My daddy always said he wanted to meet whoever I was dating so he knew the right one to take down. Amen. He used to say, there's none of that honking and you go outside. He said, uh-uh, I have to lay eyes. I lay eyes. [LAUGH] You have to. He's going to kill me for saying that. No, no. Daddy is right. Right. [CROSSTALK] meet them all but they want to make sure Bringing home a woman [UNKNOWN] God bless. I'm just telling you, that's what they told me. They was like, we thought you was, cuz you never brought anyone home. Tell them, mind your business. Mind your business! [LAUGH] Thank you all so much for coming. Thank you for being such good sports. Kenpo and Gia you have to come back. So unfortunately Erica Bidou got caught in traffic and wasn't able to make it to today's show, but be sure to tune in next week on Thanksgiving day as we'll have more fun games and food for you to enjoy on your turkey day. Don't go anywhere. More fabulousness right here on Essence Live next week. Thanksgiving edition. I'm Dana Blair. I'll see you next time. Bye bye.

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