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[BLANK_AUDIO] Today on Essence Live we play a game of barbershop charades with Regina Hall. The Voice star Avery Wilson pays tribute to his idol Prince. And is your makeup case always a mess? Well we've got some great beauty hacks to help your favorite glosses and shades last a little bit longer. But right now it's the hot list. The biggest stories you're buzzing about today. [MUSIC] Police in Wilmington, Delaware say they expect to file charges this week against the students involved in the death of 16 year old Amy Joiner-Francis. The teen was killed last week during a fight in the bathroom at Howard High School of Technology. Wilmington's police chief says that although the investigation is still ongoing, they already have three people Interest in the incident. Amy's family and friends have released a statement thanking the country for its overwhelming support, and they will honor her memory this Sunday during a private funeral. [MUSIC] According to Billboard, Prince's sister Tegan Nelson said the singer did not have a will, and she has filed paperwork asking for a corporate trust to oversee his estate. There have been conflicting reports about just how big his fortune is but Billboard estimates his property alone to be worth around $27 million. Meanwhile, after the singer died suddenly last week, sales of his music have soared by 16,000% and caused him to shoot to the top of the Billboard 200 album chart. His former drummer and friend, Sheila E said there are plans to turn his beloved Paisley Park compound into a museum. [SOUND] [MUSIC] Now I think it's safe to say Beyonce is having the best week ever. Her Formation tour just kicked off in Miami and her visual album Lemonade is still all anyone can talk about, and it's been five days since its' release. According to Variety, HBO's planning on submitting Lemonade for an Emmy. Meanwhile Rachel Roy, Rita Ora and Mya have all come out to say they are not Becky with the good hair. And for some reason Iggy Azalea has even inserted herself into the conversation by tweeting that Becky is a racial slur. I mean, what? Here's what you had to say on our Facebook page. Camelia Marie wrote, I cannot believe people are so focused on who she is talking about and stalking every woman they suspect. This is why she stays rich, because people buy her music and believe everything she says. Lorella Person agreed. Becky is a nameless, faceless, irrelevant, unimportant, and easy piece of ****. Okay Becky. Everyone that JC has slept with behind her back is Becky. Stop trying to pinpoint a single person. Hell, they're all Becky. I mean. Regina Hall is up next. It starts on April 28th and Essence Live starts now. [MUSIC] Welcome to Essence Live. I'm Im your host Dana Blair. We always want to hear from you so get those Twitter, Instagram and Facebook fingers ready, and use the #ESSENCELIVE to join the conversation. And if you've ever like to call in live to ask questions of our celebrity guests, and I know you do. You do. Or you just wanna sound off perhaps about a little lemonade or anything else, you can. Just email us at for details. Okay, if you recently saw Barbershop 3 and enjoyed the addition of Regina Hall to the cast you may have wondered the same thing we did. Why doesn't she get her props as an actress? She can do so many comedies and dramas with Or do accolades and awards even matter to her at this point. Well, here's what she told us during a recent visit to our studios. [SOUND] You know what? I just love working consistently, and I have great supporters. It's been fun, I mean, I don't really have any complaints honestly. I feel like people who go and spend their money or go and take their time to watch the movie, I;m really just appreciative of that. Do you have a preference of what you'll do next? Because I know you're of course known for your comedic timing, but you've done a little bit of everything. I saw that you were an NYU girl, so maybe Broadway in your future or anything. [LAUGH] You know what I don't know. I would love- I'm a theatre baby myself. I love theatre. I mean I love theatre. I would love to do Broadway. It's challenging. You just have to be ready for that. It's ver demanding schedule and you've gotta put. There's no can I do that again. You've gotta be prepared every single night. Every single show a 100%. It's exciting but I think you get an adrenaline from it. Having that direct audience contact is like a high. So let's talk "Barbershop 3". It's out in theatres now, and you're joining a very. very robust cast of [UNKNOWN] Common, Ice Cube, Eve, Nikki Minaj. Cedric. Cedric the Entertainer, Anthony Anderson. JB Smooth. Yes, the list goes on and on and on. What was it like going to set everyday for that project, it had to be fun. It was fun. It was really good. You know what, we had such a great cast by the end of it, we felt like family. And because we had to shoot. Every day in that barber shop. You're around each other 14, 16 hours a day. Wow. So, thankfully, we all liked each other a lot. [LAUGH] Cuz it could go one of two ways. But thankfully we all liked each other a lot and we were all, we laughed. We made each other laugh, we respected each other's work. It was a good climate. Mm-hm. Now are there any funny outtakes or anything that happened behind the scenes that you can share with us? Yeah ya know I had this character it was just so dumb. I can't even do it now but I was Angie in the movie. That's my character so we'd do this skit behind the scenes called Ask Angie. But you would ask Angie a question when she would give an, I mean not a good answer. [LAUGH] Like what kind of answer would Angie give? Okay, you ask me a question, and I will give you an Angie answer. Okay. So, I've been dating this guy for three months, and I just keep calling him and calling him and calling him, and he's not calling me back. Do you think I should continue to call him? I think you better make him call you back. [LAUGH] Angie had a voice. I think you better make him call you back, which is no answer. No, it's no answer. I'm like, so do I sit outside his house? Angie seems like she's saying, sit outside his house, track him down at his job. Angie's implied that you should stalk him. No, her answers were never good but the craziest thing Thing is that as soon as she answers, everyone would be so excited, screaming. I don't have it with me, but screaming like! So excited for Angie. Picking up chairs, throwing everything, and the whole cast did it. I don't know why. That tells you what that many hours on the stage The set starts to. You can do too. Yeah. Well That's for sugar. we're gonna have a little bit more fun with Barbershop. We're gonna stick around and play a little Barbershop charades game. Two teams here in the studio. Essence assistant beauty editor Virginia Loman. Hello, hello. She's on my team. We're gonna win. The soon to be winner team. And Essence's head of video Keisha Lameth. Hi. Hi. All right, so in the monitor behind Virginia here, you'll see a word or phrase that's associated with barbershops and salons, and we have to act it out for our partner. Regina and I will be acting it out. Yeah, yeah. It's time. No cheating. Go time. Let's get started. Okay. [NOISE] Is this part of it? Pass. Pass. I don't even know how to do that one. Cutting hair. Pass. Wait, wait, wait. Cutting hair, straightening hair, trimming hair. Yes. Okay. Bell rings. Pensive, ooh patting the edges. you've got an itch. Lice. Braiding hair. Braiding [UNKNOWN]. An [UNKNOWN]. You have a perm. Getting a perm. Getting a relaxer. You need to rinse out your relaxer, it's burning. Yes. Okay. [LAUGH] I got these CDs. Panhandling. Selling things. Got it. Okay. [LAUGH] I'm waiting forever, why is this taking so long? It's been forever. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] I mean you know energy was flowing [LAUGH] Okay. So now, Regina and Keisha y'all are going to take our places. Okay. we all did well. Okay. Switch. Virginia, you're coming out. Regina and Keisha you're stepping in. And, go! Okay. Edges, greasing your scalp. [SOUND] Picking your hair, picking your afro. [SOUND] This is so good. [LAUGH] Washing your face. Shaving, shaving Shaving your beard. Shaving cream. Aftershave. Happy it's been 30 seconds. [LAUGH] Sweeping. [APPLAUSE] Time's up. Time's up. [UNKNOWN] control room. What's my score. What's my scores [CROSSTALK] Because they took one. They [UNKNOWN] time. [CROSSTALK] Before we pass [CROSSTALK] I got it. I got it. Then they have more time. Yeah, they definitely have more time. Keisha look. Keisha knew an answer. [LAUGH] Nope, see I didn't know any answers. [INAUDIBLE] The shaving cream. [INAUDIBLE] Very, very [INAUDIBLE] Keisha [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] did not. It's okay, it's okay. I can say that you all won. Okay thank you. You all won. You all won. It's okay. We'll get them next time, girl. We'll get them next time. Virgina, hold it inside, hold it inside. Virgina and Keisha thank you so very much for participating. And Regina, you know you're welcome back anytime. Aw, thank you all for having me. Thank you so very much. I wanna come play another game. It's on. We're gonna break the tie. [UNKNOWN] ain't nothing but a word. Cuz Virginia don't feel convinced. Right. [CROSSTALK] She's bowing out gracefully. Bowing out gracefully. Everyone please be sure to go see Barbershop 3 The Next Cut, in theaters right now. [NOISE] Thanks again Regina for being such a great sport and playing barbershop charades with us. Later on in the show we are going to help you get your makeup bag all the way together with some simple tips to make your favorite shades last a little bit longer. But first music Soul Child dishes on which song on his latest album was inspired by his personal love life. And Renee Elise Golsberry talks about the success of the Broadway play Hamilton. [MUSIC] Off of my new album, Life on Earth, the single, I Do, the very first line, the very first thing you hear me say is, sometimes I don't like you. Yeah, that comes from a very real place, because you can find yourself in a relationship with somebody that you love to the end of everything but It gets to certain points where you're not really cool with them because of something they may have said or done. [MUSIC] I heard the music first. Me and the producer Warren Campbell, he made a point, he said people love hearing songs from you because you have a sense of Realness about what you say. So, when he made that point, I was, kinda, going through something, at the time, [LAUGH] and I got in the booth, and the very first thing that came out, sometimes I don't like you, and it just came out. It was, kinda, like a graceful free style. [MUSIC] It is important that you let it be know where you stand as a person. When you don't say things that are necessary, because you don't wanna hurt their feelings. You end up doing more damage and it happens a lot, I'm sure it happens a lot in everybody's life. But it happens a lot to me because I feel like I'm misunderstood. I felt it was important to be direct. Sometimes I don't like you, you always got a problem with anything that I do. I don't always understand everything about you, but I know I can't live without you. We got to talk about some things but yeah, I do, I love you, yes. [MUSIC] The top three questions that I'm asked the most about Hamilton that are the most challenging to answer are Can I get two tickets? Which, I always wanna say yes but I can't always. Why do you think Hamilton is so successful? And that's challenging because I don't yet know. [LAUGH] It's a really hard answer. When am I leaving the show? Cuz I don't know. I kinda never want to leave, but at the same time, I'm always asking myself that question when I'm doing anything, is when is it time to move on and do something else. And then the better the job, the better the experience, the more you love the people, the harder it is to answer. So this one especially will be hard because it's kind of hard to top. But I'm really prayerful about it. And I believe, very strongly, that you are given everything you need to accomplish something as long as you're supposed to be **** it. So in this moment, this is a very challenging job. And I am pulling it off because I'm supposed to be doing it. And there will be a moment when I start to stumble and it will be like the Lord saying it's time to go. [MUSIC] Who do you girl crush on? Selange, Yana, Bejoncye. Bejoncye. [NOISE] Bejoncye. [FOREIGN] [NOISE] Welcome back to Essence Live, that was the lovely Tracy Ellis Ross, talking about her long list of girl crushes. You can watch the full interview on under the video section. So if you're anything like me, your favorite makeup items can go through some rough times. Lipsticks that have the tops Squished down, shattered compacts, or the absolute worst, dried out mascara. So you just end up tossing it all out and you have to start all over again. Well, not any more. All of those problems are fixable, and here to show us how is a woman who beat. Feeds my face to the gods honey, every day, no, almost every week. For this show, makeup artist Tara Lauren. How are you? Hi Dana. I'm so happy that you're here on this side of the camera. It's a little cool being on this side And you're here to show us some super easy beauty hacks, so lets get started. What do you have first up? I just mentioned a broken compact, now this looks tragic. Okay, a lot of people go through this okay. You have your favorite eye shadow or pressed powder, and it falls on the ground Shambles, it's shattered. Regroup, collect yourself because it can be fixed. Yes. Yes. Now, what you need is your compact that is in shambles, don't cry. And you want to grab something you can use a butter knife from your kitchen. Or because I got this. You's a pro. You do this. I'm going to use the spatula. Okay, now what you want to do is you want to take your spatula And start to break apart the eye shadow. Start working the eye shadow into, like try to made it as fine milled as you can. So you break it even more?>>Yeah, you wanna break it even more, you wanna get the pieces as small>>As a powder.>> Exactly as a powder, small as you want Right and then what you're gonna do is actually as you start to see it come to life you know a nice powder size. Okay. > You don't want it to get too messy but it can get messy. You want to take a little bit of rubbing alcohol. Okay. 70% is good. You don't have to do it. THis is stuff that you would have in your house. Yeah definitely. You want to take a little bit of alcohol. I like to take Take a little bit and add more as I go. Mm hm. And you want to just drop a few drops on the eyeshadow. Okay. Because what we're gonna do is we're gonna take it from a powder form to a cream form. Okay. Just gonna put this to the side. Sure. And then we're gonna pick. Pick back up our knife or our spatula and then we're just gonna start to work it into a [UNKNOWN]. Okay. So a creamier consistency. Like I said, it could get a little messy but you know what, it's okay. You're saving a life here, it's okay to get a little messy. We're saving a life. Now what happens? We're going to make it to a creamy consistency and we're going to start to spread it out and mold it back into the compact. So we're going to be pressing and shifting and pressing and shifting until it kind of gets back into the form. OK, and then? And then because we're going to keep working into it, we want to take a little paper towel. We want to fold it in half, or make it And you just want to lightly press on top of the eye shadow. This is going to help not only absorb some of the alcohol that you used but also kind of assist it a little bit as getting back into the form.>>Into the compact, and this is what we have here.>> And this is one I did yesterday, just for the magic of film.>> TV, voila Are ready for you guys. Just let it dry out, maybe overnight, or an hour or so? I would suggest doing it overnight, just to get the best results. Just leave it open, leave it to the side, and if you put it far away from you won't be urged to touch it and see if it's dry or not yet. Got it. Got you. Awesome, thank you so much. Next step, mascara. So now, a lot of women grab their mascara and the first thing they do is they're pumping, they are getting ready to play it on. That pumping is actually adding air into the mascara. Forming the pigments and the product inside to dry out. Okay. So what, are you just supposed to swirl it around? Exactly. What you wanna do is you wanna swirl it and then open, you just wanna swirl it all around, that way you're getting the product off the side, you're getting more bang for your buck because you're incorporating all that product on the side and on the bottom. Into the brush. Okay. How long are you supposed to keep your mascara? I would definitely recommend keeping mascara, the absolute max, three months. Now, what you can do is you can remove the brush from the mascara. You can grab Some contact solution. What you wanna do is you wanna take at least two to three drops inside of your mascara. Now we're using contact solution because it's safe for your eyes. You don't wanna use anything like water or a lot of people are saying oil, because that can Actually manipulate the product inside of the mascara. Okay. So you want to use something that's safe for your eyes. Also this is like saline based so it's nice and safe and it's great for the product as well. So. And especially if it gets by your eyes you just want to be Exactly. extra careful. Really careful. So after we've added to two to three drops we're gonna put back our mascara wand. And we're gonna do. The swirl. Exactly, our swirl. Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh. So we're gonna swirl it on around, breaking up all of those clumps and nobody wants those spider lashes, so we're gonna work up all those clumps and Voila. Voila. Fresh mascara. Awesome. Awesome. These are some really, really good tips so far. The next one though is something that I personally have a lot of difficulty with, cleaning your brushes. Okay. Like, say you've done your daytime look and you've gotten asked to go out somewhere and you don't want to use the same colors that you used during the The day, so you just wanna clean your brushes really quick, so you can add a fresh application. So, what we're gonna do here, is we're gonna make our own brush cleaner. Okay. We are going to use some simple products. We're gonna first use water. Okay. Now, I'm gonna make a small batch here, just so we can see how it goes. We're gonna add water, you can use about four to six ounces of water, purified water. So, bottled water. Then, you want to add. A couple tablespoons of alcohol, so I would use probably about two to three tablespoons of alcohol. Okay. I'm gonna add that. You can find it around the house. Exactly. Alcohol seems to be our close personal friend, right? It keeps you clean. It keeps you clean. Then you wanna take a tablespoon of your favorite shampoo. Again Shampoo is great because our brushes are hair. Good point. So we wanna treat them, we wanna treat them fairly good. Mm-hm. So what you wanna do is you wanna take about a tablespoon of your favorite shampoo. This'll help you keep your brushes longer, right? Exactly. I like to think of it like sometimes your brushes are like your So after we take the table spoon of shampoo we are going to, this is actually my favorite part. This is my favorite part cuz I can smell it all ready.>>I like to use essential oil inside my brush cleaner because not not only are they While they smell amazing. Mm hm. They actually, some of them have antibacterial properties. Which is perfect. Especially on your face. Which is great for cleaning your brushes. Exactly. Then you want to add two, to three drops. I'm going to use some lavender here, which is my personal favorite. And then, I'm going to use a little bit of peppermint. Okay. And now we just have to stir this up. How does this work? What I like to do is I like to put it in a spray bottle like the one that I made here. Yes. So you can just put it in your spray bottle, shake it up a little bit. You want to use a paper towel, clean paper towel, press your brush on top, give it a couple of Sprays and it smells amazing. And then you just wanna whoosh it around, whoosh it around. Look at that. You see that coming off? Yeah, but I still do recommend washing your brushes. Personal, once a week, if you're using on someone else, after every application. Now the next one is something that I have a huge issue with, because I don't know if you know this Essence Live, I don't have any hair, pause, so I like to wear a lift quite a bit But I'm often breaking my lipsticks. This is another common thing, too. So how do I save my favorite lipstick? Okay, now what you wanna do is you wanna take your lipstick that has broken. [NOISE] A lot of times, lipsticks break close to the base, which is a good thing. Right. So, what you wanna do is, you wanna take the broken piece and just lay it down for a second. Okay. So, what you wanna do is you want to take the end of the lipstick, where we took out the broken part. So, the base. Exactly. And you wanna got a hairdryer and you want to put it on probably warm. And I like to put in on warm low. Uh-huh. And then you wanna run it over the. The top of the lipstick. Now we don't wanna melt it completely. We just wanna give it to like a little bit of a- Like a goo? Exactly. Not too gooey. Just kind of like loosing it up a little bit. Okay, so we're gonna put it on. [SOUND] Oops, we're blowing away our napkins. [LAUGH] We got action on stage Essence Live. And then what you're going to do is as, you're going to see it melting a little bit. What you want to do is you're going to take that broken piece and you're going to enter it back into the Top. Now you're gonna notice that a little bit of lipstick may come out the side. Sure. It's okay, take your clean hands and just slightly rub it around the rim. Look at that. And it's all back together. Exactly, but you don't wanna use it right away. Right. I know you're probably really excited to probably use it right away. What you wanna do is you want to kind of put it up and let it dry and let it mend. Or if you want to use it like in the next couple of hours you can just throw it in your fridge. And then by the time you're ready you'll be able to use it. You're lips will be popping. Yes. All right. And so, I did want One right here. Okay. See, just to kind. Yeah. Of get a view of you get your lipstick back. That's perfect. And now we have one last hack, that features our Essence beauty box. Okay. All right, this is our April beauty box and inside what do we have? Now. The Palmer's swivel stick is like a life saver. Which, I live by the cocoa butter. I feel like every woman needs to have one in her purse. Yes. Okay, now, you can do everything from this, from hydrate your lips, you can use it as a cuticle oil, you can hit your elbows if you need it, Just saying. But, another thing you can do is, you can do one of the modern makeup looks. The Dewey eye. Nice. What you want to do, is you want to take your finger, and you want to just rub it, rub it, rub it, on top. Mm hm. And then, you want to start to. Press it into your your lip.>> Now what's the difference between the dewy eye and I've been in the gym too long and my life eye.>>Now you want to do a nice shimmer, now I'm going to work this in.>>Oh>>See like I said, nice little shimmer.>>Oh, yeah>> And remember- Little glow, little dew, yeah. And remember you have natural oils in your eyelids already. So once they start to work together, it's going give you a nice, silky, glistening eyelid that doesn't look oily. Is that with or without eyeshadow? I would recommend without eyeshadow, and you won't even need that much. Just a little bit of this and your mascara will help in that nice, sleek pop and open your eyes. To make people think you woke up like that. Exactly, Tara, thank you so very much for all those tips and tricks. No problem. That I'm certainly going to try. And if you're not subscribed to the Essence Beauty Box, I suggest you do so. Sign up now at, and May's box promises to be extra special for you and that special mother in your life. Check it out. My definition of beauty is whatever makes you feel good on the inside or out Having confidence and exuding it not only when we're made up and dressed to the nines but also when you have no makeup on. It really is more than what you put on your face when you walk out the door beauty is how you see the world. Feeling beautiful and being beautiful is a constant journey. Even there are some days where I just don't feel beautiful and then sometimes I had to check myself. And it takes time to really learn to love yourself. I think I'm still work in progress But, it's more about me being beautiful inside. I would say something that I definitely thought was a flaw growing up was my hair actually, but I really love it now. My strong features in general. My high cheekbones, my large eyes, large nose, and full lips. They're just things I'm beginning to love about myself because that's what makes me, me. I think if you walk down the street, and you're proud of who you are, with your flaws and all of your beautiful aspects, no one can stop you. Knowing who you are, and being true to who you are, and knowing that what you're going to do is really big, and believing in yourself is just such a beautiful thing to do. I got a gut, but you know what? I don't mind it, because there's Spanx. Thank you Sara Blakely. When you're happy on the inside, you're radiant on the outside. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] You're watching Essence Life, and is there any doubt what this week's Black Girl Magic Moment Of The Week will be? No. From the epic visuals to the songs themselves. Hold up, they don't love you like I love you to the image of those ear swinging, rocking off white on a Louisiana front porch, shout out to my home state, to cameos from a twerking Serena Williams and Treyvon and Michael Brown's moms. Beyonce's lemonade was black girl magic personified and sitting here with me now are two of the young women featured in the video Please welcome Beyonce proteges Chloe and Hailey to the show. Hi. I'm so happy that you're here. My goodness. So, We're just kinda vibe and out and hang it. It's so nice to have you ladies here. Absolutely our pleasure. I want all of the scoop. All of the scoop. So, are there any good anecdotes of what happened behind the scenes of that epic luminade, I'm gonna call it a documentary. Right. That you can share with us. My goodness. Well, we filmed, All segment in December and Norah it was so stunning and it was incredible being surrounded by all phenomenal woman especially the young ones like Dian and Monro I know it was just so inspiring and we did know how it's gonna be we just. I just knew that it was gonna be really special. Yeah. You had to keep the secret since December. Is that what you're trying to tell me? Yes we did. [LAUGH] It was actually quite easy because we both knew so we were discussing it amongst each other. Mm-hm. We're so fun. Well it helps to have a sister you can carry that with. Yes. Yes. And there's of course a lot of talk about Jay-Z and Beyonce and he was on set. What was that energy like? We're you kind of aware of what the entire body of work was going to be or just your? Just our parts. They're such incredible beings with such awesome. So you weren't included into everything if you will? Yeah just the parts we were. What everyone's talking about now? Yeah. That's fair enough. And you were also signed to Beyonce's label? Yes we are. Okay what was that phone call like? She said hey guys, I know who, I not only know who you are but I want you on the, on the team. Talk to me about it.>>It's very amazing. So we started with our YouTube covers really, that was when we really started getting traction from people. And people really started listening to our covers. And this one cover we did in particular, [UNKNOWN], it went viral, really. We noticed that people really started to like this one more than all of the others. And then one day we got an email from Park with her team and they were like, my gosh, you guys are amazing. Can we post this video on all her socials? And are you guys signed? We were like freaking out- We were, we were jumping for joy.>>Why are they asking us if we're signed? We were like trying to read into it like And then- [LAUGH] and then two days later we got the call that they wanted to sign us. So it was just so surreal, just a wirlwind.>> I know, it's such a dream come true and it's crazy how the universe works because my sister and I, our paths crossed with her when we were really young.>>Oh wow>> When I was three we The Fighting Temptations The Movie. Hm. I played her. And so my sister and I, Stop it. That got carpets with her and calling under painful feet. And we saw a picture. So, did she remember you from- No. But after we told her- Did you tell her though your full circle moment? Yes. Yes. And that was meant to be and you claimed it? Yes. Me, I'm not listed all that. But that's how envision them. I know. And we're like, So into everything how just comes right back around, so it was crazy. That is so awesome. It's a great story. Thank you. How involved is she in your creative process as you guys develop your new music? Right. She is so very involved in and what's so great about it is that She lets us lead the way with our music, of course she gets her opinions and stuff, but it's so great that we have our creative freedom that we do. In this music industry, so many artists aren't given that freedom. Right. So, we're so blessed and happy with that. And can you tell me a little bit about your latest EP? yes! I'm so excited. On Friday and it comes out on verse we were working on it for so long>>What's it called?>>It's called Sugar Symphany>>Oh, okay Harmony Sugar Symphony>>And you know it's called Sugar Symphony because my sister and I we love the sweet harmonies and the melodies but then we also love the really hard beat And it comes together so perfectly like a symphony, so Sugar Symphony, and we're so happy for the world to hear it and we're happy to put art out because it's our way that we express ourselves and we can't wait, you know? I'm so happy for you guys. Thank you. Y'all are such lovely young women. Thank you. Thank you for coming to Essence Live, come back any time. I wanna take you on in trivia, just so you know. Yas. Thank you so much to everyone who joined us today. And remember to watch Essence's original Black Girl Magic documentaries on Thank you to Regina Hall and all of our guests who came through, had a lot of fun and if you missed any of it, don't worry about it. Catch the replay immediately after this show or watch clips on demand via's video section. Plus, we're on the YouTube. Go to, and subscribe now. We're gonna close things out today, with a very special tribute to Prince, from a singer you know from The Voice. Here is Avery Wilson performing, Purple Rain. I'm your host Dana Blair, and I'll see you next week. [MUSIC] Never meant to cause you any sorrow. [MUSIC] Never meant to cause you any pain. I only wanted one time to see you laughing. [MUSIC]

This Week on 'ESSENCE Live': Regina Hall, Beyoncé Protégés Chloe and Halle

Actress Regina Hall plays ‘Barbershop’ charades, Beyonce proteges Chloe and Halle talk ‘Lemonade’ and makeup artist Tara Lauren gives us the ultimate beauty hacks. Plus, singer Avery Wilson honors Prince and Musiq Soulchild looks back on his musical life.