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Today on Essence Live Max Wiles drops by to talk the breaks and of course some new music. Jaheim, he breaks down his struggle of hashtag, we're here for you, boo. More on that a little bit later plus an all-black holiday gift bag. But right now it's the hot list. The biggest stories you're buzzing about today. A school in Biloxi, Mississippi has apologized for taking away a student's black girls rock t-shirt. When the child recently wore the shirt to school, her principal made her change clothes fearing that the shirt's slogan might incite Cite conflict. However, the Biloxi School Superintendent now says that the Principal, while well intentioned, did indeed overreact. [MUSIC] My girl Serena Williams accepted her Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year award at a ceremony in New York this week. In her speech the tennis legend thanked her family and fans, gave encouraging words to young athletes and even joked about her most recent competitor. [SOUND] I've had my shares of ups and downs. I've had many struggles. I've had blood clots in both my lungs at the same time. And I live through tragedies and controversies and horse. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Had to say it. [LAUGH] Basically I've been through it all. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] I'm also a part-time comedian. Residents in Baltimore protested after a mistrial was declared in the first trial surrounding the death of Freddie Gray. According to the Baltimore Sun, jurors were unable to reach a verdict on any of the charges against Officer William Porter. Porter's retrial is now pending. And the other five officers in the case are scheduled to be tried separately, starting January 6th. You used to call me on my cell phone. You knew it was coming. It was pretty much inevitable, really. Shout out to the folks at Barack Dove for creating the ultimate mashup of President Barack Obama singing Hotline Bling. But wait, stop the presses. We had some of our favorite Essence Live guests do their best [UNKNOWN]. Stick around, it's hilarious, of course, duh. And it's just seconds away. It's Thursday, December 17th and Essence Live starts now. [MUSIC] Welcome to ESSENCELIVE, I'm your host Dana Blair, we have a very exciting show lined up dah! Cuz that's what we do, of course I want to hear from you, hit us up on social media using #ESSENCELIVE to join the conversation and of course if you'd like to call in live or ask some questions to our celebrity guests you can, just email us for details. All right You know what, Essence? Ever since I left the city you started wearing less and going out more. And some of you all just went all the way out just like our celebrities who gave us their very best Drizzy impersonation of Hot Lime Link. Take a look. [SOUND] [MUSIC] [LAUGH] Thank you so much to all of our celebs who participated. It was a lot of fun, and I'm laughing because I'm just having a really good time. With my next guest here in the studio, joining me now is actor and singer Mack Wilds. Yeah. How are you? I'm good, I'm good. How are you? Wait, are you Mack or Tristan right now? I'm Mack. Is there a difference? There really is no difference. It's not like one of them is your alter ego or anything like that? [LAUGH] No, you know my whole name is Tristan Paul Mack Wilds. Tristan Paul, okay. Yeah, so you know, Tristan is the name I was using while I was acting, but since I starting doing music everything is a lot more personal and Mack has always been my family name, so it just makes sense. It just makes sense. All right, so that's also a great transition because you're more than just an actor, even though we met you as an actor. Yes, yes. You're also heavily involved in music, and now you have a new film coming out on VH1 called The Breaks. Yeah. And tell us a little bit about that, because it's based on hip-hop in the 90s. It is. It is, so basically what we got a chance to do is transport all of the viewers to New York City in 1990. Everything that was going on, it was the end of the crack lane so New York was still a little greedy and a scary place, but there was so much love and creativity and prosperity that was coming out at the time, musicwise and otherwise as well, that we got a chance to incorporate all of that and make a An amazing movie. And what's your personal highlight from the film, a favorite part for you? Probably one of my favorite parts was actually learning from DJ Premier how to scratch and make beats. Oh, okay. You were getting in there. Yes. Yeah, I'm one of those guys whose also a stickler for detail and making sure that I'm as authentic as possible. So having him there definitely helped that. And you also have a chance to work with Method Man again in this piece. Yeah, yeah. For some of you out there on Essence Live you may remember that they also worked together in The Wire. Yes. So does he. Is there like a close relationship there? Does he ever give you any advice about how to manuever being a musician as well as an actor? Cuz it's kind of difficult, those two. He's always been like a big inspiration, like I've known him since I was a kid. I grew up in Park Hill, and in Stapleton in Staten Island, so him always being around, it was Always just inspiration, just things to make sure that I keep going and follow my dreams. So working with him again was just that, it was a dream. And you're not new to the Essence family. You're family. You already have a key and a fab just to swipe in just to get to the studio here yourself. And we all wanna know. This Adele video, what in the world were you really saying? What were you What were you upset about? Like what were you talking about? I think the one thing that we wanted to portray, me and Xavier and Adele, we wanted to show real life situations that go on. So, a lot of times it was just ad libbing, like we were just, I would tap into like an old argument that I had, or past relationship woes. Oh, so it was like therapy. Yeah, exactly. I was able to exercise some Some demons, I'll say that. It was a good time. And what is your present relationship status? I'm single. Okay, Essence Live, you heard it there. So that is how we're gonna start a little game. Oh, snap. That we like to call naughty or nice. I like the name of this game already. All right. Because the ladies love Mack Wilds. Okay, so here's the rules. Okay. We filled Santa's pants Santa's pants. Courtesy of our fabulous production team. Okay. With some questions that are naughty and some that are nice. You're just gonna pull and you have to- Answer. Reach into the pants. Reach into Santa's pants. Go all the way in there. And whatever you pick you have to answer. Or it might be a truth or dare. Or it might be a challenge as well. Okay. Okay, so I'm gonna wear my Santa hat. Would you like to wear yours? [LAUGH] Absolutely. I'll let you pick which one. One of them is cute with ears and one of them is just Just like a traditional- I gotta be Santa. Okay. I mean, I got the flavor to pull this off. Exactly. I can pull off the ears. All right. Okie dokie, here we go. You ready? Yep. All right. First question. Get up in there. Gotta go. Okay. Demonstrate what you would say Or sing to a woman to make her blush. To make a woman blush I think you just have to point out the great features of a woman. I'd be like, I can't stop staring at your eyes. I'm sorry, like almost fell into them just a little while ago they're like pools. You have used that so many times I haven't yet Pull another question Lick this candy cane like it's your dream girl. Holy Moly. I have a candy cane right here. Look, we're prepared. Here Okay. I was gonna say, I know you've eaten a candy cane before. Yeah, we have, we have. You just gotta go in there brother. Yeah, like it's my dream girl. Your dream girl. We're very family oriented here. That;s your dream girl? [LAUGH] I don't want to get too explicit. It could go down.>> Cause this is daytime programming. Exactly. Children are watching. But they want you to get explicit with it. Okay, let me see, how would I. See, I- Depends on how you approach it. This is different. It's not the shape that I That I would lick. [LAUGH] And let's see, next question. [LAUGH] Let me see. Okay, what's the nicest Christmas gift you've ever given? When I was 18, when I first started doing 90210, I bought my mom a house. I got her out of the projects. That's a good gift. That is a very good gift. Got my Mom out the projects. Did you let her pick? Or did you pick it on you're own? No, I definitely let her pick. Okay. Definitely let her pick. You know women, we're particular like that. Absolutely. Okay, this is your last one. I'm hoping that you get a naughty question. I mean nice is It's cool- Let's see. but I'm just saying. [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay, got two. Look at you cheating. I know. You're cheating. Tell us the nicest thing you ever did for a girl you were dating. Mm, the nicest thing I've ever done? I don't know cuz I don't, like when you're dating somebody, or when you're in love with somebody I don't think you realize, you don't think about the magnitude of the thing you do, you know. So something, you know, you could pay for a semester of school and to you it's not a big thing but that's the one thing that changed their life, it could be the nicest thing in the world, or. Let it bought some shoes or some earings that in your head is like, oh my god this is the nice thing I've ever done. She's like, yo bro that's just some shoes. So I don't know. So what is your dream girl? Cuz you keep getting a lot relationship questions here. No, this is crazy. My dream girl, just someone to have a dope conversation with. I'm one of those guys who loved having conversations. The physical is a great thing. Don't get it twisted. But- No candy cane. No candy cane. [LAUGH] But absolutely, I become more invested when I'm able to have a dope conversation with someone. Awesome. Well, thank you so very much. [MUSIC] For stopping by and chatting with us. No problem. Thank you for having me. Happy Holidays to you. And of course you can catch Mack Wild in The Breaks on VH1 Monday January. Thanks so much for coming. [UNKNOWN]. And you can catch him of course at 9 pm eastern. Set your watches now. Yeah. 2016 New Year, new approach, new experience. Coming up we put Jaheim's velvety baritone voice to the test. More Essence Live up next. Aww step. Always supported you and what you stand for. Now imagine Essence could be even more. Offering a selection of new beauty products, specially curated every month. So you can see what's fresh, try samples before you buy, so you know what works for you. You're getting the essentials from name brands and up and coming black on businesses. Go ahead, be bold. Be confident, be you, become a member. [MUSIC] Welcome back to Essence Live. In studio now is a voice that you definitely know, and love, and I know I love it. Welcome [UNKNOWN] to Essence Live. Thank you. Thank you so much for joining us. This your first time here I believe... You believe so? How are you doing? I'm doing wonderful. Good, good, good, and you dropped your new album in 2016 and the title is called Struggle Love. I mean, what is struggle love? Struggle love is sort of like ghetto love but struggle love. But what does that mean? Like, what's the difference? There's really no difference. Okay. It's nothing broke again. What I'm trying to do on this album was, what I did on this album was or give you pieces of- Some of new relationship experience- The first experience and how we came around and. Oh, just that street appeal we came with. And so the first time we heard you back in 2000, women started going crazy for your voice. They started saying it had an old school feel to it, they started comparing it to classics and icons like Luther, Teddy Pendergrass. What's the craziest moment- [MUSIC] Come on and go with me. Of course. [MUSIC] Come on over to my place. You don't hear a voice like that anymore. And so I know the ladies go crazy over Jaheim. What's the craziest fan moment that you've had? [MUSIC] What was the craziest place that I've ever [SOUND] I'm a little hoarse. But I don't sound like that when I'm hoarse. The craziest moment I had. [LAUGH] Was probably someone coming up to me crying. And it was weird. I didn't know how to handle that. Crying like hysterical? Yeah. Like pawing at you. Yeah it was maybe 2004. A married couple. A caucasian couple. Two of them? Yeah. Okay. That seems interesting. It was really, it touched me though. I was like man. That's when I really started to see that it wasn't a game. Do you get hit on a lot by the older ladies? I think I do, but it's kinda like. Nice, nice hits. Did you ever go on dates with anybody? A few. Okay, we'll have to bring in [INAUDIBLE] for the Steam Room for that a little bit later on. So I read an article about you [LAUGH] and in the comments section a woman said she loves your voice, it's so smooth. That she would love it if you sang the Alphabet to her. Standing up in here [INAUDIBLE] I mean that's what we do here on Essence Live, we keep it hot. So, I thought I'd play a little game with you where I give you a couple of items and have you read from the boxes or read from the cards and sing them just to see if Jaheim's voice really is that magical. And you can take whatever creative liberty that you would like, by the way. So, any beat, any rhythm, any pace. Okay? All right, so here's our first one. It's an article from our lovely Essence magazine. I've turned to a hair feature. [LAUGH] Me, I talk about hair feature. And I would like you to read the highlighted part here in pink, well not read, sing, excuse me. Sing. I just want to see Also keep your mind that you'd be, you know what I mean. Also keep in mind that you don't need. I feel good about this. Super, Super low has to pull your hair and so a pony [MUSIC] You can make it blow though baby. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] That was good. That was good. You made me wanna grow a ponytail. Yeah. I'm just saying. [CROSSTALK] The next one's an interesting one. It's some instructions from a box of risotto. [LAUGH] And I've highlighted them here on the back. Woo. This little pink section. I know the font's a little small there, brother. Girl, you gonna give me diabetes reading all this. [LAUGH] In casserole dish, saute chopped onions. [MUSIC] Yes, olive oil. [MUSIC] Mm. [LAUGH] Not the olive oil. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] We can go on to the next one. [MUSIC] Without the JaJa flavor. I gotta **** the box from you, with the JaJa flavor. The last one, because it's the holidays, a holiday card. Now, this is interesting. It's in Spanish. But because I like you, I let you know that the English was hidden on the back. Feliz Navidad. Ay. [APPLAUSE] Feliz Navidad. [UNKNOWN] What's this right here? I don't espanol. I don't know. I'm lost. I'm gonna cheat on the back. You can cheat on the back. Cheat on the back. [LAUGH] [FOREIGN] Thank you so much. [FOREIGN] For coming by and for being such a good spirit and a good sport. Jaheim's latest single Struggle Love is out now. And you can also see him perform live for the Christmas in the CIty Concert at the Prudential center in Newark New Jersey on Friday. Later our gift guide featuring nothing but black owned business. But first How many wise men created Baby Jesus? Essence Live hit the streets of New York for a little holiday trivia fun. Check it out. [MUSIC] So how well-versed are you on Christmas? Do you know stuff about Christmas? No. Do you know the holidays? Ish. A little bit. I think so. So I'm gonna try to stump you a little bit. But you'll probably be smart. You have on glasses. [LAUGH] I feel like smart people wear glasses. So who's birthday is on December 25th? Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. All right, well supposedly it was supposed to be Jesus, but it actually he wasn't born on December 25th. But we gonna let that go. Stay woke. How do you spell Kwanzaa Oh no. [LAUGH] Ow. I don't know this one. It's really hard. K. W. A. N. Z. A? K W? A N. Z U? [SOUND] K, w, a, n, z, a, a? Yes! [SOUND] No one ever gets that extra a. Yeah, I was not gonna not, but I did. How many wise men are there? Three. Three. Three. Three of them. What were their gifts? Probably was bread, gold and wine, no? [SOUND] Gold. I don't know the other two. Frankincense and myrrh. And gold, I think? [SOUND] I'm gonna say you got that right. Cuz frankincense and myrrh is right. They sell that oil on 125th Street. In Home Alone, Who stayed home with Kevin? The robbers. [LAUGH] No one. That's Home Alone, right? [NOISE] What is the main ingredient in eggnog? Eggnog? [NOISE] You use cinnamon, you use nutmeg. [NOISE] Is it egg? It is! [LAUGH] Last one. You're doing so good, except not really. Now candy canes, they are shaped like a particular walking stick. What is that shape? An old person's walking stick. [LAUGH] I'm not sure. A hanger, a hook? A king. Yes. [MUSIC] Hey, what's up? I'm Lala/ph Anthony, and you're checking out Essence Live. [MUSIC] Welcome back to Essence Live. We're just about a week away from Christmas and hopefully you're basking in that holiday glory because you've finished all of your Christmas shopping. But if you have no such holiday glory to speak of because you haven't bought a damn thing, like me, we're gonna hook you up with some great suggestions in our Essence Live holiday gift guide. Plus All the gifts we're featuring are from black owned businesses. Joining me to talk about these [UNKNOWN] gifts is founder and editor chief of IDon' Miss Genese Jamilah. Welcome to the show. Thank you for having me. Thank you so much for coming and, of course, I always love a little goody. Mm-Hm. So you have actually a gift guide on your site, right? Yes. This year we created the black oh holiday gift guide to feature gifts For Christmas and Kwanzaa for our readers. So you have no excuse, whatever you celebrate, to not have the right gifts. So our first set of gifts is for the new bae in your life. Let's start with what the men should get for their ladies. Sure. As we all know subscription boxes are the new rage. [UNKNOWN] [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] No, it's okay. Oh, [LAUGH] I wanna do what fellowship by the ladies first. Oh, sorry about that. Because the men, used to get it together first. Our actually our first here is from Domesticated Tria. Their custom-made coats for lady in your life. Mm-hm, oh nice. These are actually extremely beautiful. Very luxurious textures and furs and fabrics. Now, same for, this is obviously for like a fashion eastern woman as a little bit more. Bold and it be sheak and standing out but what would you recommend say for example if your girlfriend or beau is not as maybe fancy, she wants something a little bit more simple. Would, maybe like a piece or art work or do you like, what would you recommend? Well, we have this great artwork from Alana Lattison. Um-hm. It's inexpensive. You can get it from It can go on her desk or in her home to brighten up the room and always think of you. Oh, that's awesome. And so now this box down here is really interesting. Is this something that the ladies can get For the gentleman. Yes, this is for the man in your life. Hopefully he's stylish. If not, you can get this box for him. You can upgrade him. For $25.00 every month. [LAUGH] He'll get a tie and four accessory pieces. Oh, yes, it's $25.00 every month. Yes. So, you just sign him up. Yes. When you break up, do you cut him off. Absolutely. Okay [LAUGH] I'm just curious. I was just curious. I wanted to make sure I knew what was going to happen. Now next, we all have that close girlfriend, that bff and sometimes they're a little bit picky. What do you recommend? Is it something for the home, I hear you have some pillows? Yes, I have some pillows down here. They're a little Afro centric, you can also get them at Etsy from Needle and Thread for an inexpensive price to decorate your home. That is awesome. Now do you also recommend, say for example you don't know what to get that picky person something for the home. [CROSSTALK] candles and you can get a picture frame. That works for everyone. Mm-hm. Okay. Awesome. Thank you. And now, to be that best secret Santa at the office. Because sometimes you may pull someone and you don't really know them [UNKNOWN] Personal gift if they're your co-worker, just someone in your department. So, what would you recommend for a co-worker? Since we all don't do clubs anymore, most of use Plug, plug. [LAUGH] Most of us have game nights, Black Card Revoke is a great black owned company that you can add to your game night. I want to test this out, because I find this game extremely interesting. So, Hopefully my Black Card don't get revoked even though some of you all out there already say that. I'm just saying. Alright, which character from Cooley High was a regular cast member on A Different World? A, Tyrone. B, [INAUDIBLE]. C, Pooter. And D, Preach. Oh Lord Jesus Lord. I haven't watched that movie in years. I don't know, I'm just gonna yell Preach. Correct. Oh, boom, all right so let me ask you one. That;s how I made it through college, guessing. Okay, In what city did Rosa Parks refuse to move to the back of the bus? A, Tuskegee, Alabama B, Montgomery Alabama. C, Birmingham Alabama or D Jackson, Mississippi. B. Okay. You still black. We still black. [LAUGH] All right, so we covered almost everything from the new bae, to coworkers and the bff. But what about the kids. You know Essence, we love the kids. What's a good option for say that niece or that god daughter that you That you have in your life. Okay. Since the Ava dolls sold out so quickly to [UNKNOWN] there's another option, the Muse doll. You can have it customized to make it look like the girl in your life. Okay. Or you can just buy the general dolls. This doll is from [UNKNOWN] Siberia. This is actually So adorable, and these are personalized. Can you tell me a little bit more about that? You would send in a picture of your niece or your god-daughter and they will customize a doll to look like her. Oh, that's awesome. And she's wearing this cute little outfit. And those of you out there in Essence Live land, you can't see, but on the back of the box is a really beautiful story. It's just kind of background that makes it feel more personable. And I love her hair, super adorable. Right.>> So there you have it, no excuses Essence Live family, you now have some great gift options. So you have to get to shopping. A big thank you to all of our Black Films companies who participated in our holiday gift guide. And thank you so much for joining us. Thank you. Make sure that you turn in next week for a very special Christmas Eve edition of Essence Live as we highlight some of the best And the craziest moments, and you know we got them, of the show. We;re going to close things out with a special performance of the cd A Classic Holiday: Presented by MBK. Which is on sale now. Here's Gabi Wilson performing, have yourself a merry little Christmas. I'm your host Dana Blair, see you next time. [MUSIC] As in olden days. Happy golden days. [MUSIC] Faithful friends who want to Dear to us, gather near to us once more. [MUSIC] Through the years we all will be together. [MUSIC] Faithful friends who are dear to us, gather near to us once more. Through the years we [MUSIC] Thank you. [MUSIC]

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