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Today on Essence Live, it's our Shondalan extravaganza. We have exclusives from behind the scenes of our cover shoot with Shonda and Kerry Washington. Plus, big congratulations to my girl, Viola Davis. And my dancing partner, Grace Gilly stopped by Hendricks Gin is here serving us up some prime time cocktails, because we can't talk TV without cocktails. My boo, Terence is joining me and we have plenty of slayed or shade. Did you know Blackish takes on the N word in their season premier? Don't go anyway, 'cuz Essence Live starts now. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] Welcome, welcome, welcome everyone to another fabulous episode of Essence Live. Today is our Shanda Land extravaganza. I hope you are ready cuz we have lots of TV to talk about. But, of course, I wanna hear from each and every one of you, per the usual. So, please, reach out to us via social media using the hashtag #ESSENCELIVE. And, of course Keep it cute, keep it clean. So before we get started I have a very very special treat today, Hendrix Gin has joined us for the festivities with prime time cocktails. I mean how else can you talk about tv without some cocktails so We're gonna get to that a little bit in the show but first I know you saw that Empire premiere last night. My girl Grace Gealey stopped by a little bit earlier to spill all of the tea on season two, check it out. Essence Live it has been a long long summer, but it's not because of like the hot days. Parties, and the brunches, and the barbeques. But, it's been a long summer because we had to go without our Empire. But, fear no more, it is back. And also back here on Essence Live, we have the beautiful and talented Ms. Grace Gilley. How are you? Hi, great to be here Thanks so much for returning. Yes. But we have tons and tons of questions. Okay, okay, I'm ready. Okay, so last time you were here, you were not engaged, congratulations. Thank you, thank you. How has that been? Has it changed your working relationship with Trey now that you're engaged and your relationship is public? What's interesting is that we actually don't talk about our relationships. Mm-hm. So- Which is a good thing. Yeah, yeah. But I will say that we've always been professional. We always will be. Yeah. So there's never a moment where your like, [SOUND]. So before you left the house this morning, you know you could have put your coffee cup in the sink, or. No? none of that? [LAUGH] Oh, that's just me. I would do that. Okay, so Last time, we're waiting to see what was gonna happen with Anika and Luscious, and your whole triangle. And- Yeah. you caught Luscious. So now that seasons two is back, where do we find your character, where. I know you can't spill too much, but where could we possibly see her going? Well, a lot of the alliances like you said, are shifting. People that you don't think will Go through a period of not talking, we'll not talk. So I think that it's going to be really exciting to kind of see the opposite of what you saw last season a little bit. And I think for my character, she gets to show a little bit more, a few more dimensions, I think. And so you'll see her make you laugh. She'll make Make you cry hopefully, so you get to see much more of her humanity this time around. And you get to see how it shifts her relationships with every single person in her life. And getting to see more of your character may shift some people from Team Cookie to team Boo Boo Kitty if you were her. You know what though, I really hope that. "That, with this season, instead of being one or the other, you could be both." "Okay." "Yeah." "I think that's fair enough." "Yeah." "Because, especially of women here on Essence, you can kind of see both sides and kind of feel for both characters." "Yeah, and some of my favorite movies or TV shows are the ones where" Although there are clear protagonists and antagonists. Right. You can totally understand where all of them are coming from and it makes you just want to watch everyone's' story, you know. And, and that's the way that life is. And that's what keeps us like this every week [LAUGH] I know, yeah. So that's what I'm hoping for And so your alliance with Yazz, are we gonna see that play out a little bit more- I think so. in season two? I think you'll definitely get a chance to see if they really are allied. In what way are they allied. You get to see there's loyalty there, or if that turns into something deeper, which is gonna be really, really jaw dropping. Because that dropped my jaw. Girl, it dropped my jaw. When you were reading the script you were like, what? No, I read it in the script, I was like wait a minute! Now, page three, did that, okay, just checking. Just checking. That was me. I was like wait a minute. She gotta hit that low? Is that what happens? Is that what we're doing? As you can see, we had a whole lot, a lot of fun. And now joining me from more tea and much much more fun. We have three beautiful ladies. They're no strangers here to Essence Live. We have Pamela Edwards Christiani, beauty Beauty and Fashion Director here at Essence. How are you? Good to be here. Are you ready to like have some popcorn and some drinks? I am ready for some cocktails. Afternoon delight. We're going to spill it. And of course our boo Charli Penn Relationships Editor. How are you? Good. We're gonna talk some I hope you're ready. So ready. You ready? Yes, let's do it. And my girl, Cori Murray! Cori Murray! Hey, hey, hey. Entertainment Direct, I know you're ready for this segment. So ready. So we're gonna get to the cocktails in a minute! Jeez, these ladies are aggressive on a Thursday. It's like turn up Thursday. I gotta get ready for it. [LAUGH] So ladies, before we get started in all of the chit chatter, we have a new segment that we're introducing here to the Essence Live show, so each and every week, now that the TV season is back, we're going to feature one show that's really buzz worthy that's happened that week and we're gonna summarize it in five tweets. Using tweets from you guys out there. I always say I wanna hear from you, and you all are quite funny. So make sure you tune in each and every week because your tweet might be featured. And of course, we have to talk Empire. So coming up, Empire in five tweets. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] All right, so first up. @TheCubicleChick, where can I get my #Freelucious T-shirt #Empire #EmpireFox? Now I know that's the next big thing you're gonna see everybody on the train with. Number two, @Dreman1731, the number of cameos is too damn high!! #EmpireSeason2. [LAUGH] Once I saw Andre Leon Talley I knew it was over. Number three @THELIMERICKLANE, Lucious got facetime in prison too. Word. #EMPIRE. Number four, @SATCADDICT, So I guess you can just kill people openly in jail with no guards around. It happens all the time. You should watch Locked up Raw. Number five, @MSELISEH, Jamal is going down because you don't disrespect Cookie -Your mom and constant cheerleader. #Empireseason2. I was waiting for somebody to say Say that. I was waiting for somebody. But he took both of those slaps like a G. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] All right, so we are gonna jump right into Empire. I know you all watched the premiere last night. What are your initial thoughts. Fashion. Fashion? Fashion. Charlie? It's so Scandal so juicy. I was just like, they didn't waste any time. Cuz you have to jump right into it, because they left us in such a way where you're like, you gotta go. Cory? I have to go with the guest stars. Someone Tweeted, one of you should've had, someone said, they did the meme of Oprah when she gave away those cars? And they were like, you get a role, you get a role, you get a role! [LAUGH] It's the truth. It is the truth. We got more people, Alicia Keys, Kelly Rowland, [CROSSTALK] so many people are coming. Last night it was with André Leon Talley. It was with Swizz Beatz- Chris Rock. Everybody's talking about [CROSSTALK] Petey Pablo. Who can confirm? I was extremely excited to see Miss Lawrence, because Miss Lawrence can put it down. And I was so upset that you didn't see anything else from the music career. Like lay on the A table and sing I was like, yes. And Don Lemon, Al Sharpton. And Don Lemon! [CROSSTALK] There were a lot of not so subliminal subliminals in the show which I really enjoy. But first we're gonna talk fashion. So from season one everyone's all about Cookie and what she's wearing and what she's not wearing. And then old girl came down in a gorilla suit with an illusion mesh and a feather. [LAUGH] Right. What did you think about? You know last season it was all like leopard. It was all just like give me that. And that was the relative Gucci, and she's definitely stepping it up and that was a Gucci gown. It really was. That's not [INAUDIBLE]. Was it really last season? It really was last season. But that's quite alright. It doesn't matter because Cookie's catching up. She's catching up. You know she's never gonna She's got a big personality. She has to have big, opulent, more is more fashion. Like that's the way it's gonna go with her. Then that [UNKNOWN] that jacket, with the Mr. T reference? Like what? It was just too much. But too much in a good way. I thought Marisa Tomei looked really great. She did. [CROSSTALK] Even though she was dancing on for the light. Right, she was. That's my girl, though. [CROSSTALK] She looked amazing. Yeah, she looked really, really good. What about the guys? Not really too much male fashion happening in episode one. The orange jumpsuits dominated that was kind of like cute for a second, but I mean, we had to focus on the characters. We had to focus on what was happening with Chris and Lucius. Lucious, whatever. So what would you like to see in season two, in terms of fashion? I wanna see everybody get their moment, because like you said, so now Marisa Tomei is on here, Mimi whatever her name is, and I got a little like, when we were shooting someone else a while ago, we were in Chicago, in the fancy ikram. We found that [UNKNOWN] they buy, they get a lot of the clothing for Marisa and some other characters there, and that's a fantastic boutique. So you know, getting a little inside baseball. She's actually had a little bit of elegance. That I loved. I guess it was kind of like, she's an antagonistic kind of a thing that's going on. We don't know the back story. We just know that she's had some relationships with folks. With folks. [LAUGH] With folks, right, yeah. And of course, if's fine that mix up. I love that everybody has their own sort of lane. Everybody can't be Cookie, and that's okay. Right. But I have to say this. We just sat down with Grace. Love Grace, beautiful girl. I wanna see you take off the Bolero cardigan. Oh, I know. Oh please. But she did twerk it. It was still body con. Yes. And I love the yellow. And I think that slow-mo walking could take over could take over [UNKNOWN]. I loved it though. I like a good slo-mo walk, sometimes I wanna slo-mo walk in real life. I do. But before we talk scandal, I wanna check out our boy over here, Dave. Dave is our bartender, joining us on set today, because you can't have gossip and TV chat and all the gals together and not have some Some great cocktails. So Can't do it. Thank you so very much for joining us today. Absolutely. My pleasure to be here. How are you? Good, good. Okay, so you're gonna be making three cocktails for us? Yeah. Can you tell us a little bit about one of them and we'll continue to check in with you throughout the show? Yeah, absolutely. So the first drink that we're gonna be making is called the Lion Legacy Ooh. Which you could imagine where that comes from. [LAUGH] It's a little bit bitter, a little bit Sweet, and its based with Hendricks Gin. So it's one ounce of Campari, which is a bittersweet orange liqueur. Then one ounce of sweet vermouth, and one ounce of Hendricks, stir it up, add an orange peel on top as the garnish and that's it. Now, can I make this for my side-boo? Absolutely. Is it like a? You could! Woman's only drink? Or can? [LAUGH] I mean, I'd rather you make it for me, but. Oh, okay, well actually, you're the expert, so I'll let you do that. And I'll just sit and look cute on the side, but we can sit together. And I want to point out that all of our cocktails today are featuring Hendrix gin. So Dave I'm gonna continue to check back in with you. Yeah I'll be here. Dave has an amazing voice by the way. I know you hear it out there ladies. Mm-hm. Okay, so now let's chat Es Scondolo. Scandal. Scandal. TGI [INAUDIBLE]. Shanda is too night. All right Charlie, Liv and Fitz, let's talk about it. Are they gonna go make jam in Vermont? I mean, they better. They're supposed to be standing in the sun right now. It literally ended last season with them about to make love on like the patio balcony of the White House. Because TMZ would never see that. Right, because there's not somebody with like a telescope, like you know eight miles away watching everything. But you know they were going for it. And I mean the First Lady got kicked out of the White House. They have got to bring Millie back. [CROSSTALK] She's a Senator now. So she doesn't We're team Millie [UNKNOWN] I know but right now, you know, she's at her besties house. [UNKNOWN] You're team Millie. I am team Millie. Really? As an entertainment guru, what do you want to happen? On Scandal, I want Mellie to come back and just cause havoc in that White House. [LAUGH] I want her to come back in and say, no, this is my husband Yep, claim her throne. That you are mine Yes. I have been through too much stuff with you Olivia, take a seat. That's what I want. And I want it to be like Olivia versus Millie. I mean it's already been that. But hard core. I want it to be like something. Like toe to toe. Like Mayweather Paciao. That's good TV. That's what I want. Yeah it would be. I kinda feel like Liv should have never left Jake and the sun. Thank you. That beach was looking amazing to me and she should have It looked great. they should have stayed there. Remember? Yes. There was some graphic sexual content on that episode if you all remember correctly. Absolutely. So we asked Scandal, we're gonna watch it all tonight. I know all of you are gonna watch and you're gonna chat with us via #EssenceLive. Maybe you'll be featured next week on our top five tweets. How to get away with murder. And you can't say the title without saying it like that. No, you can't. Yes. So talk to me, Viola Davis, congratulation, shout out. I have to sit up straight cuz Viola Davis is now an Emmy award winning actress to go with her Tony award winning. I'm voting for her to get the icot. Someone needs to give her a book to do an audio recording. Yes. And then an Oscar. And there was some controversy around her speech. She's getting some backlash from a couple of folks. Who is this chick from General Hospital? Nobody knows this chick. I was like, is that Laurel? Like I was like who? I know. I have a very good friend that works at To General Hospital. But anyway but yes, this actress, get her name, came for Viola Davis. And black Twitter, I think actually all of Twitter came for her. Got back and was like sit down, stay in your lane, you're angry, you're probably menopausal. It [LAUGH] It's just like, stop. Right, right. She was shameless. She was. It was so- I don't think, necessarily, I don't think she said anything that was controversial. She didn't talk about somebody's momma. She was just basically saying factual information, in a very articulate, very clear, direct manner. I was shocked it was the first. I couldn't believe- [CROSSTALK] Now, it explains Kerry Washington's tears. Absolutely. You know what I mean, which I loved in that moment was the black sister girl moment that they all had. [CROSSTALK] The way she got it right. [CROSSTALK] I mean I know they were all going, they were all vying for it but they all knew that it was Viola's. And even if everyone else wasn't totally here for it, they were. Yes, yes. And that was so special, they knew what they were coming to. It was like Halle's [CROSSTALK] She had her girls with her. Absolutely! So I think that's sort of what was happening. Cori, what do you wanna see happen in tonight's episode? All right, so we know who killed Sam and Lila's dead. Well, Lila's been dead. And Rebecca's now dead. So we gotta find out between Frank and Viola, I mean Anna May actually. [LAUGH] Look at you. [CROSSTALK] And we haven't even [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH] But ladies I'm gonna have to put you on pause for a brief moment. We're gonna take a quick commercial break, pay the bills. And we're gonna get our drinks and our gin going, our Hendrick's gin. Don't go anywhere because Shondaland extravaganza continues. Coming up, exclusive interviews with Kerry and Shonda. from, you know, our cover behind the scenes. Have you checked it out on news stands yet? Essence Live will be right back. Essence has always supported you and what you stand for. Now imagine Essence could be even more. Offering a selection of new beauty products especially curated every month. So you can see what's fresh, try sample before you buy so you know what works for you. You're getting the essentials from name brands and up coming black owned businesses. Go ahead. Be bold. Be confident. Be you. Become a member. [MUSIC] Welcome back to our Shondaland extravaganza. I'm joined by Corey, Charlie and Pam, our fabulous editors. And we've got a Hendricks mixologist. Well, bartender liqueur guru, Dave, joining us Date with the boys. Plus don't forget please use the #essencelive if you want to lets us know what's going on in your mind over there. Any thoughts on about today's show, upcoming shows, etc. But of course like I say always keep it cute. Now Shondaland [SOUND], are you all ready for tonight?>>We're really ready.>>Are you really really ready? [CROSSTALK] I'm gonna see if you guys are right. I'm gonna tweet every last one of you to see if y'all are right about self-predictions for tonight, BTW. Just so you know. So you have some really fabulous cocktails in front of you. This one looks really, really refreshing. I know. Dave, my love muffin over there. Can you tell me a little about Pam's drink? This Light green situation. Absolutely, so we call that the fixer. The fixer, I like it! That's your Olivia Pope right there. [CROSSTALK] So that is cucumber, a little bit of St-Germain, lemon juice and Hendrick's. Nice and what does Charlie have here with this beautiful orange peel? Now first of all I could never make it look this pretty at my house just so you know fyi. Well so what's this one that Charlie has in the middle with the orange peel. So the orange peel that was the lion legacy. The lion legacy. Okay and Corey with the lemon. Okay Corey you have Annalisa's nightcap. Oh, so cheers! Cheers, cheers. Yes. [CROSSTALK] Don't go anywhere. We have more fabulous Shonda Lan coming up, and of course more Hendrick's gin. Get my own glass. Thank you to all of our panelists. Pam, Corey, and Charlie. Corey is gonna be sticking around for some more Slayed or Shade. Don't go anywhere. More Essence Live coming up, but right now, we have that behind the scenes package from our Shonda Lan Shoot. Check it out. So yesterday we had the entire [UNKNOWN] family, all of the actors together. [MUSIC] I don't think we've ever actually done anything like that before with all of our cast members. It was amazing. It was something that we needed. What you get is the sense of community. Which is so important with actors to feel that sense of camaraderie. And it was this moment, I think, for a lot of us. Some of us got emotional to sort of realize what we've all accomplished and what was going on. This was really historic. It's why I do what I do. [MUSIC] If I could play a character on any other Shaunda Lynn show it would be the character that you have not yet seen. And that character is the daughter that Annalise Keating gave away and has been raised. By her mother and this is only selfishly so I can be in a scene with Cicely Tyson and Viola Davis but the catch is I don't want to speak because I would be too intimidated. I'll be one of the girls, I think. [LAUGH] They have a lot of fun, you know. Come on now [LAUGH]. Obviously I would want to play Olivia Pope [LAUGH]. She's always a step ahead of everyone else but she also has The biggest heart, like she cares so much and that's why she's so great at her job and it's nice when you can be the smartest person in the room [LAUGH]. Always Olivia Pope. Everyone wants to be Olivia Pope [LAUGH]. In my wildest dreams I could not have Even imagined praying for a boss like Shonda. She makes you want to step up to the plate and dare yourself to say yes to things that maybe you don't think you're qualified for or you're scared of. She's bold, she's brave, she's courageous. She's really Such an example for me as a woman, as a person of color, as a mom.>>I've worked with a lot of other people who have been absolutely stupendous also, but this is a different sort of experience with Shonda Rhimes.>>I think what I love most about my job and what I get to do in getting to write these characters is that I feel like I'm telling the truth. This idea that women of color like this don't exist is really upsetting to me. These women exist. I know them. They are me. They are my mother, my sister, my bests friends. They exist. So I feel like it's wonderful to see them on television. [BLANK_AUDIO] Welcome back, Essence live. Right now I'm here with the man of the day. Because, we have cocktails. On set Dave, with Hendricks Gin, how are you? Good, good. Thank you so much for making our cocktails a little bit earlier, but this was, A new one that you made for me. There was a little bit more liquid in there earlier but I had a little sip sip. So tell me a little bit about this drink and what's in it. So that one was, that was a play on a cookie actually. It was called I'm coming home. Like super refreshing. I love it. You know like they type of thing Mm-hm>> if you'd had a long day and you Sit.>>It's very light.>>Like you get back to the couch, yeah like that was kinda like the whole idea and the like the thought behind it. So it's mint, Sandra mane, a little bit of lemon juice and Hendrix.>>Okay now you're a professional are these things difficult to make at home? If I where going to make this at home to watch with my girlfriends is this, and don't lie.>>No I mean honestly is a whole lot easier Easier than most people think it is. Mm-hm. To do at home. mm-hm.>> If you have like a lemon or a lime and you Mm-hm. have you know sugar and water Mm-hm. and access to spirits, you can make this same drink. The only thing that you would need other than those would be mint sprigs. And is this something that you shake or stir? That, you shake. You shake this one. And this is the Analise Nightcap, if you will. That's Analise's Nightcap. Yeah. Tell me about this one. So this one is kinda Kind of a play on like a perfect martini. Mm-hm So perfect Manhattan is when you take both equal parts of sweet and dry vermouth. Okay. And then you add rye whiskey to it. Mm-hm. So it's equal parts of sweet and dry vermouth and then Hendrick's gin. Of course. Course. But it's equal parts of each. As opposed to where a manhattan is three quarter ounces of each of your liqueurs, and then two ounces of your heavier spirit. This is one ounce of each, so it's a little bit more balanced in that way. Now I don't know if you can see that Essence, but all of these are beautifully garnished. And so what's the importance of, this is a lemon in this drink? So the lemon peel, what you wanna do with a lemon peel generally is- Mm-hm. We're trying to just express the essence of the oil. Mm-hm. So the majority of it is really just, you take a peel maybe this big- Right. A little bit longer if you'd like, and you just kinda squeeze the oil off of the peel. It's all in the wrist. Flick of the wrist. It's super aromatic- [CROSSTALK] It's the flick of the wrist people. Just a small little swipe on the outside and inside. So when you put your nose into the actual drink, you smell all the lemon but we didn't use lemon juice in there at all. Okay. So, just these little touches, they have a really, really big impact. Don't go anywhere, Essence Life will have all of these recipes available for you on and our social media. Dave is going to stick around. Coming up, we have Slayed or Shade but first, check out this little sneak peek from our interview with Kerri Washington I have to say, I think my favorite line on the show is not a line that I got to say. I think my favorite line on the show is probably, I'm Quinn ****, which was a Katie Lowes line. So, that's probably my favorite. But, I've had some great ones. I mean, It's handled, is so classic, that's probably the one that people say to me on the street the most. I kinda love the Olivia Pope speeches. You know, when she Popes someone, those moments are really fun. Because I think, as a woman, to be able to have that sense of authority and Give somebody a good read is really fun. [MUSIC] Welcome back to Essence Live. This week has been jam packed with hot season premiers of our favorite shows, but it's all be jam packed with some juicy, juicy hot topics. So now it's time for Slayed or Shade. Joining me she was just with us chatting and sipping on some signature prime time cocktails. Cori, thank you for returning. for returning. Let's see if we can get you another cocktail girl, damn. And our next guest is mega TV personality and host of Bevelations on radio and Sirius XM Miss Bevy Smith, welcome!>>Thank you my love I'm so happy to be here.>>Thank you for being here, it's your first time to Essence Live it can't be your last.>>It better not be.>>No it will not.>>Brown girls rule black girl magic.>>Yes! Yes! And also new to the Slayed or Shade couches Grammy Award winning singer song writer Melanie Fiona is joining us for the first time, how are you?>>I'm wonderful, my first time as well.>>Yes! Like I'm feeling all kinds of energy. Lot's of lady of love today. The video for your new single, I Tried, is coming out next month. Any tidbits on the kind of visuals we'll see in that piece? Lot's of social commentary, a very strong piece of work that I'm very very proud of. Awesome. Thank you so much. Thank you. Okay, so lastly. Just like you chimed in last night, when you saw boo-boo kitty twerk a little something something. We want you to chime in on today's topics. Join the conversation and let us know if you're slaying or throwing major shade, by using the hashtag essencelive. All right. So, we're gonna get started. Number uno. Two years after making offensive comments on The Talk about natural African-American hair and apologizing for it, cohost Sheryl Underwood apologized yet again. This time on The Show, the original comment came during a discussion about how Heidi Klum saved her bi-racial children's hair, to which Sheryl replied, why would you save afro hair? You can't weave in afro hair. Now, Following those comments Underwood received harsh criticism including people calling her an "uncle Tom" and a "coon," so harsh words, very strong. Though Sheryl did apologize for her comments previously in other settings she stated, "I made some statements that were not only wrong they hurt our community. I want to take the time to apologize specially in the form that this discussion occurred." To all of you, I say I'm very sorry at my failed attempt at humor surrounding something that is very sensitive to us, our hair. Is this a slay because Sheryl has taken the time to reflect on the entire experience and her remarks? She reevaluated herself and felt the incident needed further discussion and even a more thorough apology. Or is this shade? Was this all for ratings? She already addressed it in the past, but decided to bring it back up again, for the premiere episode of The Talk. [SOUND] So on the count of three ladies, one, two, three slayed or shade? Oh, slayed, slayed and slayed. All right. Corey, why is this a slay? It was actually something I saw you tweet. about this situation cause I love that he says on Twitter. But I think she slayed it because hair amongst us is very sensitive and I think you can always talk about it. And also, apparently when she was on the The Talk she had her hair She had her natural hair. She took off the wig and everything, so I think it was- It kind of had a lean to it. [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] She could have stopped it. I'm sorry, continue. Maybe that was for ratings, the lean. But, [LAUGH] [LAUGH] But I think. He's the Gumby. He's the Gumby. But I think that it must have been heavy on her heart and she still hadn't really come to terms with what she said. And I think it was her way of just being really heart felt. Okay. That's fair enough. Debbie? You know, here's the thing. I think that we are way too harsh when it comes to people with social media and when it comes to people saying things You can retract a statement. You retract something that you said that you regret and then you're still lambasted so you can't win for leasing. So I say, kudos to Cheryl for actually having the balls and the guts to go on National TV, remove her like armor, which is her hair, her wigs. Very Anneliese of her. Yes. Just to kind of like bare it all and say, I apologize once again. And I don't think it was a play for ratings, because the show does quite well. And she doesn't have to do anything else after that, as far as I'm concerned. You addressed it full on. Let's not keep talking about it. Yeah, yeah. Melody. You know, I think we have to remember that she's a comedian, and absolutely, yeah, her comments definitely were taken in offense for people. And I think slay definitely because she owned it. And she says I apologize I offended people. That wasn't my intention, but I recognize my error. And it takes a big person to apologize, especially nationally and to the world. Yeah. And like you said, have that Analise moment. It's not easy to be that vulnerable on that type of platform. All right, so let's check in with Facebook. Denise Webb said I actually watch the show. When Sheryl says stuff I take into account that she is a comedian. There she go, siding with you, Melanie. First and foremost. Her apology was heartfelt. So thank you very much Denise for chiming in. So number deuce. In 2012, Tupac's hologram made a dope into some kind of creepy appearance at Coachella. Michael Jackson's hologram performed at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. And now it looks like Whitney Houston is up next to make her hologram debut. According to the state of the late singer, her hologram will be on Tour, not just one appearance, on a tour coming to a city near you. So is this a slay,because these musicians are legends and holograms are our way of paying tribute to them? It gives fans, though not a real chance to reconnect with their beloved artist, but a chance to reconnect. Or, is this a shade? Holograms go way too far, they're exploitive creepy and don't let the deceased truly rest in pease. All right, slayed or shade? One two, three. All shade. Y'all are like all on the same page. Baby I'll start with you. Okay here's the thing. Give it. I don't even like a wax museum moment. Okay? So much less a hologram, cause I think that's witchcraft and you know as black people But we all deal when the whips crack. [CROSSTALK] We're like sorcery. So, I'm just like, I just really just think it goes too far and I think it's a last grab for the cash kind of thing. From the From the estate. You know, do something classy like the Marilyn Monroe estate, and issue bottles of wine and perfume, and appear in a Dior commercial, or something. You know what I mean? But dont have them performing at concerts. Yeah. Right, yeah. And in a tour. Melanie, how do you feel. I mean, you're a performer, you're a musician, how do you feel about this? Yeah. As an artist, as a musician, as a huge massive Whitney Houston fan And just a lover of artists in general. Mm-hm. My shade has been sitting up the entire conversation, by the way. [LAUGH] This has been my posture all day. [LAUGH] I have no support for a hologram. [LAUGH] I mean, the artistry of what live performers are and what they do, their legacy is to respect them. We all don't live forever. That's That's the way it goes. But our music does. And so I think exactly what you said. I feel like whoever's running that it's a last grab for cash. And it's just disrespectful I think to the art and the person who doesn't get a say in there likeness being used and sold. And how it's used. Yeah. And how it's used. Yes. Its not even, I mean come on. The personal connection is the candid moments in the show is the you know the eye contact. And you know somebody controlling the eye contact? It's creepy on many levels, I'm shaded all the way here. That is kinda creepy like. [CROSSTALK] How can you see me, what's going on? [LAUGH] Yeah yeah, exactly, exactly. Corey? Well it's interesting, Charli Penn and I were talking outside and she said she saw the Michael Jackson hologram in Vegas. And she said when she's in the room, it is a great experience, but she said most people we only see it once it's been photographed and when you see it photographed it does look weird. But she said when you're in there it is sort of awesome. But I think Folks, when they leave this Earth, they leave this Earth. That's what we have their records for, that's what we have their musics for. Have those moments there. Let them rest in peace. Let them rest in peace. I hate to go very basic about it, but it's just, no, I don't want to see them pretending to sing and all of that. It's creepy. It is creepy. It is definitely creepy. Dave, I have to ask you, what are your thoughts on this? Why do you feel about holograms? I have absolutely no idea. [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH] I don't know, it would be kinda ill to like see the hologram of like the guy who invented the blue blazer pouring that fire between copper tins but. There you go. I don't know, like I wouldn't want to see Michael Jackson as a hologram. I'd much rather have seen him alive. [INAUDIBLE] I think as technology is evolving, i think that was their angle of it, and I think, like, if you do go to a memorabilia museum, and it's the one thing that you stop and see. And it's just something to be like, hey, this is a cool way to see him recreate or [UNKNOWN] created, but a tour Yeah. I'm not paying to see that. Especially if there's a technical difficult, it could be stuck on me. It could really go awry, and also there's an old film that came out back in the 70's called [UNKNOWN] with Mickey [UNKNOWN] A series on HBO and it's about like kind of like a amusement park where people are like old west people. And then they malfunction and they come and kill everybody. See. So this is [CROSSTALK] Live that life, I'm not about that life. I don't do Statistic. Alright, so lastly Essence Live could not have an episode discussing only the hottest shows on TV right now and not talk about last night's season two premiere of Black-ish where they decided to take on the use of the N word. The youngest son, Jake, rapped the N word while performing Kanye West's Golddigger at a school talent show. When Jack gets threatened by the school with expulsion, it sparks a It's a debate within his family. With everyone taking different sides on whether the word is okay. So is this a slay? Because people of every color have their own opinions about the N word. And showrunner Kenya Barris wanted to use Black-ish as a platform to continue an open and honest conversation about it. Or is it shade? Black-ish, featuring the N word, draws unwanted attention to the word. and trivializes a very serious topic. All right, count of three, one, two, three, slayed or shade? Slayed, slayed, shade. Oh Melanie. Oh I'm sorry I'm on the wrong side actually. But I'll say this. Talk to me. [LAUGH] Listen I believe in the universe. This is what it prompted me to do and this is what came up. You know what, let me just own it. I just think that both, if this could be a slayed and a shade, I would say yes. Absolutely, I think it trivializes the word to an extent. Yes, people have their right to express what they say. You know I'm not a fan of the word at all, but it is in music. It is in pop culture which is why I could also say slayed, and it is a reality of what it is. But The fact that this is what came up first, I'm gonna own this, and I'm just gonna say I don't like that word. I don't wanna hear it. [LAUGH] Got you, all right. Cory? What I liked Black-ish last night was how they really [UNKNOWN] into the nuances of that word. Especially when Anthony Anderson's characters came home and was talking about Laurence Fishburne, like, well you said it. You said it growing up. And his mom Said it like literally five minutes before. So I grew up in a household with the word and I always go back to that Chris Rock line. There are black folks and then there are whatever. I'll admit, sometimes I use it but I do remember Oprah Winfrey saying when she did the interview with Jay-Z You know they had this conversation and Jay, she said it's the last thing folks heard before they were lynched. Yes. And that made me check myself that I'm like, okay I need to stop saying it as well. But I think they slayed it as far as showing all the nuances and how complicated it is. The conversation. But white folks shouldn't use it. No. Ever. You can never use it. In case you're on Tell your friends if you have friends, they can't use it. Well nobody actually. No one should [CROSSTALK] And, Bev, you get the final word. Well, the final word is this, for me. I think it's a teachable moment. And I think we need more honesty around the world. We need to have more conversations. And the fact that it's on a show called Black-ish that's on ABC means the world to me Right. And I think that there are probably some white people or people that are not black that have been educated about the nuances of the word because of the show. Mm-hm. So I say kudos to them. I think Kenya is a genius show runner And I love the show, and I'm glad they exist. That's very well said, because it's true, it's important to use our platforms to have some of those open conversations. [INAUDIBLE] Thank you to all of today's guests, and of Course our wonderful viewers. Make sure you tune in next week for an all new exclusive Essence Live exclusive. We have Michelle Obama interview. All right you don't want to miss that. Everything's about empowerment next week. See you next week, same time, same place. Thank you to all of our Shade or Slay panelists as well as Pam and Charlie and my boo Dave over there with the amazing voice and the amazing cocktails! See you next time. Essence Live, I'm Dana Blair. Bye bye. [MUSIC]

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