2019 is coming to an end. And the year has clearly brought us so many things, especially when it comes to the internet. From Taylor Swift’s makeshift Homecoming performance replica to #BlackMenDontCheat, the internet was on fire.

Thank goodness we have our resident OverExplainer to give her comical commentary to some of these ridiculous—and sometimes Black excellence—moments in The OverExplainer Reacts video series.

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Check out the Top 5 videos above to see which Reacts videos made the cut. While you’re here, check out the full versions of the videos in the Top 5:

Watch ‘The OverExplainer’ React To The Loaded Question: Do You Wash Your Legs In The Shower?

Hilarious Reaction Video Watching A Black Woman Save A Deer

Shutup, Rihanna Is Not Pregnant Or Fat

Watch ‘The OverExplainer’ React To The Met Gala’s Good, Bad And Ugly

Watch ‘The OverExplainer’ React To Taylor Swift’s Beyoncé-Inspired Performance

Honorable Mentions:

Watch ‘The OverExplainer’ React To Viral ‘Black Men Don’t Cheat’ Video

This Football Coach’s Wife’s ‘Tradition’ Of Kissing Players Is…Interesting

Why And How Are People Still Wearing Offensive Costumes In 2019?


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