Prison sucks, so naturally anyone who’s inside, serving a 73-year sentence may or may not come up with interesting ways to ensure that they don’t have to.

Escaping prison often sounds more like the plot of a movie than a thing people do in real life. But people do try. This one Brazilian gang leader, Clauvino da Silva certainly tried his hand and orchestrating a grand plan to escape the Bangu prison complex in Rio de Janeiro because his 73-year sentence was just too long for him.

According to reports, da Silva’s plan was to escape from prison by impersonating his teenage daughter. Please stay with us here. The plan included a silicone mask, wig, teenage-inspired outfit and a bra underneath it all! da Silva was going to just walk out of the front door of the prison, as his daughter, after she visited him.

Yes, you read that right.

In the video, you will see da Silva, in handcuffs, dressed as his daughter and police officers taking off his costume item by item. It’s hard to ignore the hilarity.

Check out the video above of The OverExplainer reacting to this incredibly bad prison break plan.

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