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Happy Thanksgiving! Today on Essence Live, my girl Erykah Badu stops by to chat Soul Train awards and her friendship Drake, Miss Robbie from OWN's Welcome to Sweetie Pies makes her sky high sweet potato pie, and we will take a look back on our favorite moments from the show thus far. But first, let's see how your favorite stars are celebrating Thanksgiving. Don't go anywhere because Essence Live starts now. [MUSIC] Man, we get turned up. Get turned up, it's a beautiful thing, man. Because we invite all of the family over. But it's really my wife's family because I was adopted. So my side of the family's very thin. But My wife has a very beautiful family, and it's a day that I get to celebrate her mom. So, what I do for her mom is I have a chef come and the chef cooks and just kills it and we just celebrate on her mama. You know what I mean? We just, you know, sit around, and then everybody stands in line to get to the bathroom. And when somebody blew the bathroom up a little too much. And where to call the plumber, where to call the plumber Thanksgiving. Cuz it was wrong. It was wrong. It was just, it was wrong. And I'm not gonna say whose fault that was. It wasn't mine. But somebody tore our house up. You won't find chitlins. They stank. You won't find pig feet and All that other mess, you know, but you find a lot of sweet. I have a sweet tooth. Because for the most part, I try to eat really clean. I diet a lot. So, Thanksgiving is the day when I do the food. So I do the food. I'll eat as much as I can. At ten call the plumber. I have details if you want to hit me up on [LAUGH] My craziest Thanksgiving story is when my grandmother took me to the pumpkin patch and I got a pumpkin. And I just thought it was my pumpkin. I did not know that she was gonna make pumpkin pie. So when I went to bed, I woke up and I couldn't find my pumpkin. And I said grandma where's my pumpkin. She said I made a pumpkin pie, see> There was like four pumpkin pies. I took one of them pumpkin pies and I threw it in the trash can and I said this is not my pie. I just had a fit you know? I got my **** tapped, but you know. [LAUGH] That's a crazy Thanksgiving story. I just didn't understand. I was like seven years old. I was so hurt. I was like why would you do that to my pumpkin? I mean, you know. Did you eat the pie? I ate the pie. I sure did. But you know. After I got my little booty tapped. But now it's kind of quiet. So. And grandmother is like ninety something years old. So it's really quiet and quaint. Not too much. Not too many bells and whistles. So we do that first. And then I go to the friend's house. And I get my you know egg nog on and grandma. [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH] I'm thankful for the gift of song, I'm thankful for the gift that God gave me to do what I'm suppose to be doing. [MUSIC] Ew! I would have to go with sweet potato pie. Yams are sweet potatoes. what is that? Tell me what it is. Hm, aw, man. Sweet potato pie. I'm gonna say sweet potatoes. Because I definitely know what they are. I'll have the candied yams. Because if it's not sweet potato pie I'll just have some, you know, pecan pie. [LAUGH] Pass. Why not, wait. They go together. How. [SOUND] You gotta have cranberry sauce and you gotta have stuffing. Cuz I like both. I am the god of my existence, I want both. Okay I gotta have the stuffing. I'll go with stuffing. Stuffing. For the game, stuffing. [MUSIC] Turkey for sure. Turkey. Turkey. We don't eat the swine. Put the turkey right back. Welcome back to this special Thanksgiving edition of Essence Live. I'm your host Dana Blair and I'm joined by Mrs. Robbie of the world famous Sweetie Pies of St. Louis. How are you? I'm wonderful, thank you for having me.>> Thank you for coming Super excited cuz, you know, I'm a southern girl. I like to eat. All right. So, what are we going to make today? Today we're gonna make our sweet potato pie, which is my mom's recipe. Okay. She's a southern girl. And so, what I do, I boil my sweet potato or yam in the peeling. Okay. Then I mash them up, I add my butter, Just gonna do your quick go through. Sure, sure. Add my butter. I add nutmeg, cinnamon, just gonna dump it in here. No problem. And don't worry, Essence Live, we're gonna have this recipe on our website, so don't worry, you'll be able to find it. Flour Little flour. That's gonna hold it together for you. Oh, okay. My sugar. Don't forget the sugar. Now if the recipe doesn't call for enough sugar, taste your filling. If it's not sweet enough, add more. See how you feel about it. Yes, a little salt and a pinch of baking powder to make it light. When I get this all mixed up, then I add my eggs. I use three eggs to a pie. If your gonna make 20 pies use three eggs to a pie. Three eggs to a pie? Yes. Now, Ms. Robbie? Yes. What's the difference between a yam and a sweet potato? A yam is a part of the grass family. I kind of researched this to see the difference. Okay. And a sweet potato is a part of the water lily family. Oh. Lot of people don't know, but they both make great pies. So, wherever place you live, someone has yams, someone has sweet potatoes. But they make great pies. Which do you prefer? I prefer the sweet potatoes. They are more available where I live in St. Louis. So after I get my yams mashed up and all this, I add my eggs And then it will look like this It will look like this, so I will take this out of your way This is our filling. I like to brown my crust first, we have a crust brown ok let me take a quick step back. Is it okay if I use a store bought crust like this? Yes, if it's a good one, I always prefer the better of the store bought crust. You can use that or you can make your own. Roll it out, I like to brown it first. Okay. A little tip is I brush it with butter. Ooo. Then brown and it makes it makes it really light and crispy. Mm-hm. Then you add your filling in your already brown shell. And now I took a shot at it. Did you? Don't judge me now. I won't. It's my first time. Okay. The first time. I'm good with the savory. That's alright. But not so much with the sweets. So this is. Let's see it. My crust. All right. It's a good first try crust. It is. It looks great. And I put the little holes in there so and vent and crispy. Now next time, though, I'm gonna try that butter trick. Yeah. Just brush it a little bit. I mean a lot of people, if you're watching your weight, don't use the butter. Got ya. You know how that go. You know how that go. Okay so this is gonna go in there? In there, yeah. You want to do it? You can do it I just wanted to hold the pie tray for you. Okay. You seem like a pro though, you're not like me, you don't spill. Well I do sometimes. [LAUGH] I make mistakes but I do this all the time. Now, Mrs. Romby, for some us who might be trying to impress new relatives, boyfriends, boos so on so forth for Thanksgiving, is this a relatively Easy recipe. Easy. To try for the first time. Easy. You see I just dumped everything in in. I mean it doesn't take a genius or science rocket. Or nothing. [LAUGH] So just dump it all in, and it tastes just as well. And adding. A lot of people want to do this one at a time. I dump them all. You dump them all. And keep going. And taste this. Make sure it's sweet enough for your taste. Put it in the oven. When it comes out you can add a little whipped cream. You can add pecans to this. Mm-hm. You can add pineapple to this. Oh, I never thought about pineapple. Yes, you can do all kinds of things with it. Now I know you cook for a living and you have your restaurant. Yes. But do you cook for Thanksgiving? I cook for Thanksgiving. What? They don't give you a day off? Not a day. My sister and I, we Divide the holidays, Thanksgiving is my day, another sister takes Fourth of July, another sister takes Christmas. Thanksgiving is the biggest, so I got the restaurant I got all these excess things. We have a big spread, everything, everything you can think of. I would watch your holidays. Come on over. Now Mrs. Rabi how long do I put this in the oven and what's my temperature? Well Usually I'd say 35 to 40 minutes, until it firms up or if it's browned enough on top. Now me, personally, I like a little burnt. Mm-hm. Sweet potatoes. That's the best part. Yes! I like mine's to get a little burnt on the top, and then I take it out. Now this recipe takes a while, so we've got a pie already baking. Yes. Okay, so we'll be right back. My mom's food is spiritual. It really is. And I would prefer even though I'm all natural and stuff now, the cranberry sauce out of the can that you gotta go [SOUND]. I like that better. I don't like the berries and all that kind of stuff. And then my mom makes me my own stuffing because my stuffing has raisins in it. Stuffing is such a mixture. Stuff that you don't wanna trust everybody to put their hand in cuz you don't know what's at the bottom. You [LAUGH] don't know what's at the bottom of that bowl. I like my mother's macaroni and cheese. But there's different ways of making mac and cheese. Truffle mac and cheese, a triple cheese mac and cheese, a bacon mac and cheese. She gets her Cream of mushroom in there. And a lot of people don't do that. And it gives it a whole nother element to it. My mom, she actually puts the layers on and she makes it almost like a cake. Macaroni and cheese that's all stuck together like plastic that you could pull like this. I can tell when there's not cream of mushroom in the macaroni and cheese cuz it don't have that moisture **** I am looking for. If my mom didn't make the macaroni and cheese, I don't want it. I just can't compromise on that. It may kill me but hell, that's just some great death. Essence has always supported you and what you stand for. Now imagine Essence could be even more. Offering a selection of new beauty products specially curated every month, so you can see what's fresh, try samples before you buy, so you know what works for you. You are getting the essentials from name brands and up-and-coming block owned businesses. Go ahead. Be bold. Be confident. Be you. Become a member. [MUSIC] Welcome back to Essence Live. Now I am beyond thrilled to have our guest joining me in studio, a soul siren, your favorite Vine star, the supreme Twitter clapback queen, and the host of the 2015 Soul Train Awards airing November 29th on BET and Centric, Miss Erykah Badu. How you doing? Doing? I'm awesome. How are you? I'm fabulous. I'm exquisite. You're exquisite? I like that. Yeah. Thank you so very, very much for joining us. I'm super excited to have you here at studio. Yeah? I thank you. So- Thank you for having me. Thank you. So, this year for the 2015 Soul Train Awards, you're not just the host, but you're also the associate producer? Yeah, I'm producing along with Jesse Collins' company. Just, Writing and formatting some of my own things. So I'm able to see my funny crystallized in front of an audience. And that's exciting. Yeah. So do you think we'll see maybe some more production work and maybe some directing in Erykah Badu's future. Well. Yeah. Hopefully. I've directed all my videos. no up till now. Love being behind the camara just as much as in front of it. Yeah, definitely. Definitely. Will we be hearing any of your new music coming up on this show because we heard you drop the Hotline Bling remix. Yeah. Will you have any new music or anything that we'll hear on the Soul Train Awards from you? On the Soul Train Awards, I might do just a little bit You know of something Just a little something something. On the mixtape, yeah. Okay, all right. Yeah. Now we have a super fan on the line who can not wait Okay, all right. To talk to you. Caller what's your name and where are you calling from? Hello, this is Denise from New York, New York. What up? What up Dense? Hi. Mrs. Wanda. I love you so much. I am so grateful for everything that you give us in your music. Love you back. My question for you is your remix to the Hotline Green was so refreshing. Per usual. And I wanted to know what was your message behind it and do you think you could make Drake put down his phone? [LAUGH] That's two questions. She got a two for one in there. Two for one, well I just did that because it was Big Mike's birthday Mm-hm. And it was his favorite song, and I just kinda went into the studio and did it with my production partner Zach [UNKNOWN]. And it came out to be really cool and I just posted it up with no announcement on my SoundCloud. And it took off like wildfire. It took off like wildfire, which inspired me to Do a whole mix tape. Mm-hm. Yeah. I love that. That's one thing you have to love about that whole about social media. You get that instant feedback and that spread and that love. It just goes to show- Yeah, man. It's social evolution, definitely. Now, Drake has even rapped about the fact that you all are friends, that he's come by your house. You've given him relationship advice. Yeah. So what's the T? What kind of advice do you give, say, your friends on relationships? Just depends on what it is. You know we give each other advice, you know. More than anything we listen to one another. Which is important. Very important. Yeah, and if there's something that needs to be said, of course it's our own opinion. For the most part we just try to let each other live. And experience. And that's a powerful thing in itself, because sometimes you find friends or family members don't wanna let you do you, or be you. Yeah. And they wanna try to kinda shape and shift things. Yeah. So that's a good thing. Now Shonda Rhimes recently sat down with Oprah. She has this big book out now, Shonda does, called The Year of Yes. All right. And she talks about her revelations and opening herself up and saying yes to more things. Okay. Sure. So when she was speaking to Oprah, they would talk about how they both decided they never wanted to get married. Do you have any thoughts or opinions on that? On marriage? On whether or not you want to get married or that choice for women? No, I don't have any strong opinions on it. I think, you know, when you fall in love Someone the goal is to be together forever. Right. Ever, ever. Forever ever? [LAUGH] Forever ever. And you just have to, when we're learning and learning ourselves and learning how to be with someone and share space, you never know what happens. And I think when you meet someone who has the right chemistry for you I I'm so happy, you know, for people that do that. I mean I think that finding a life partner is an amazing thing in this world. And I encourage that too, or I encourage when it's time to go follow your heart. Got to go. No matter what it is, it's the heart that kind of tells you which way to go. The reason it's speaking to you at that time. Yeah. I understand that. Yeah. So are you ready to lighten the mood a little bit and play a game with me? Yes! We're going to play a little game, it's called "By You or By Zone?" Let me see this polish first. Oh. It's like a green speckle. I love it. Oh, don't look at my cuticles. I'm not looking at your cuticles. Oh. Thank you. [LAUGH] Thank you so much. Yeah. All right. We have a little board that we made here Okay. The smiling side is the Badu. Okay. The non-smiling side is the Badon't. I get it. Alright, so I'm going to give this to you. So here's how it works, folks say you have a way with the fellows, so we're going to name some famous men and you tell us if you would Badu or Badon't them. All right. What? You could interpret that however you want. [LAUGH] So you can Badu him or don't him for whatever reason you want. No. it doesn't matter. And we have this visual aid for you. All right. Y'all set me up. Do you think you're ready to play? I'm not ready but I mean, okay. All right. It'll be fun, it'll be fine. All right. All right so the first one is Idris Elba. Is that a Badu or a Badon't? [LAUGH] I think most of my Essence audience would agree with you, camera three, I think most of our Essence audience would agree with you on JJ. You want to say why? Why he's a Badu? I think he just has a really nice voice, nice presence And he's a great DJ. So, he's multifaceted. Not just- Many layers. Many layered as to his thing. All right. Yeah. I like that. Okay, next, Kendrick Lamar. [BLANK_AUDIO] Badu Great mind. I love his perspective. Music is always creative and [INAUDIBLE]. Mm-hm. Thinking. All right. Lisha's Lion We're talking about music. [LAUGH] Who is that? From Empire. Oh. [LAUGH] She's like who? I would have to say in the. Cuz I would have to know who that is. I don't know who it is. He's played by Terrence Towers. He's a lead. It's like a bound defense. Okay. Okay. We'll take that. That works. No. I mean I can't put him. I gotta do it this way. I mean. I don't. I'm not hip to it. But, you know, what you think about it? I'll just let you do this one. I'm gonna say a be don't. A be don't? I'm gonna say a be don't. Okay. I'm right. Just roll with me on this one. It's not me, Lucian. I'll fill you in a little bit later. Okay. All right, Maxwell. Ba do. Ba do. Yeah. Max is very clean, and He's a really good person. He's honest, and that's what we want when it comes to art. Our only job is to be honest, and I feel that honesty from him. Mm-hm, and it's hard to find honest people in your space sometime. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Alright. Donald Trump. Let me see if I need some from Donald Trump. This is going to mess me up. I'm going to have to say. On the fence? [MUSIC] I'm have to say by dude. You know why? Okay. Because he, whatever he trying to do, he doing it. Mm-hm. You know, whatever he's trying to accomplish, he's accomplishing it. Mm-hm. I look at my children, and He's a powerful person, so when I look at my kids they could either be Martin Luther King or they could be Hitler. You just never know. But I would say he is doing whatever he's setting out to do. He's creating dialogue. And as a sociologist I look at that kind of thing as success. You know, opinion about who he is, I can't judge that cause I'm no Judy. [LAUGH] I understand. Thank you so very much Miss Martine for taking the time to sit and speak with us. I greatly, greatly appreciate it. You can check Erika Badu on the November 29th Soul Train awards, 8pm 7pm central time on BET Central, don't go anywhere, more Essence live when you get back. Wait wait, before you go. Also- You can say to this camera or come close, come close to me. No I want to say it to your camera. We family now. Come on now, Erika Badu is sitting on me, I need a picture. Also my mix tape is coming out. Go and get that. At the end of the month. That's right. 27th of November. Call, But You Can't Use My Phone. And I'm excited about it. And I did perform one fo the songs on Soul Train. I can also say that your lap is very soft. But in a good way. In a good soft way. Soft is usually not good. That's usually a [UNKNOWN]. But right now you're feeling. Listen to that people. Soft eyes. So this is gonna [CROSSTALK] I've never sat on a girl's lap before. I'm your first? Oh snap yeah. I feel really good about this. So, get her mix tape. Please show all the love and support to Miss Erykah Badu. Don't go anywhere. More Essence Live when we come back. But don't go nowhere. [MUSIC] All right, Essence Live. We have now officially stepped into the Steam Room. Thomas, are you ready? I see that you've changed clothes. Yeah I changed. I had>> I mean you looking good. You cute. You all right. Ok. Thank you. Thank you. Gotta get comfortable. All right so you ready for the first question? All right, you have to be honest, no holding back. Ok. What's the last thing you dreamed about? The last thing I dreamed about. [BLANK_AUDIO] That you can tell us about because you're taking a little bit of a while there Tigris. The last thing I dreamed about was an audition that I have coming up on Thursday. And I dreamed that I broke the role. Okay. What's something sexy you would whisper into a woman's ear? [MUSIC] Come here. Okay. That's that very light come here. You know what I'm talking about. Yeah. All right. Which part of a woman's body most turns you on? [MUSIC] It would have to be a tie. Between legs [MUSIC] And eyes. And notice when we ask steam room questions your voice just like drops tremendously. I' relaxed, I'm in the steam room. OKay. So Mary Jane and Cutty Buddy like to get down anywhere. Kitchens, pools, etc. What's your personal favorite place to have sex? [BLANK_AUDIO] Yeah, my personal favorite place to have sex? The couch. Why? Because The way you're positioned on a couch means you have to move around, which means you probably end up in different positions. Thomas, can you let our viewers see your famous six pack? You can go ahead and Flex. Wink. [LAUGH]. Okay. There you go. Oh, I'm in steam mode. [MUSIC]. Can you work it? [LAUGH]. [MUSIC]. [MUSIC] Yeah. [LAUGH] Thank you for being a good sport, Thomas. Oh. [MUSIC] All right, just let me get my groove on and ****. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Gonna be. All right. You trying to play me like you know it's. All right. Don't be mad when it isn't. All right, all right. Yeah I know you only want me cause it's sure. If it wasn't for these purple shorts you'd hate my attitude. You would say, why you act like that. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Welcome back to Essence Live. We're here with Miss Robbie, from the hit OWN show, Welcome to Sweetie Pies. Our pie is done, and it looks amazing. But, before we dig in to it, I want to ask you a few questions about your new season. Congratulations. Thank you, thank you. And this time, we find you in LA. You. You've opened a new location. A new location. Yeah. Another problem, I mean everybody in LA is wanting vegan or sugar free. I mean our thing is butter and sugar so. Which is the best. There's a bunch of restaurants down the street. We'd love to have you. But we're not vegan. We're not sugar-free. We're a soul food, southern restaurant. We love to have ya but don't expect to lose weight at Sweetie Pie. [LAUGH] So we're doing sweet potato pie and all these things my mom taught me So, that's where we're at, and we're not changing. We can't change, because that's what we know. That's what you're know for. Yes. That's your brand. Yes. And it's a family run business. Exactly. So, how is that working out in LA? That's one of the worst things, working with your family, doing things together, but Charles is stepping up to the plate. Okay, go Charles. This has been a miracle. [LAUGH] Charles is working. [LAUGH] So I have to go out there and feel his head every once in a while to make sure he's still alive. He's a manager, which he's always wanted to be. And he's doing a good job. He's doing a great job. Good job Charles. Turns in the time. I have to watch him on that, because he might put in more hours for himself. So but he's doing great. We're really happy people are supporting us in L.A., so things are working real awesome. Awesome. Now do you think Tim and Jenae are ever gonna get back together? I don't think so. I think both of them have moved on. I hate that. But I'm just the mom. I'm just the mom. I understand. I understand. Now, Ms. Patti Labelle recently, her pies have been, sweet potato pies. Yes. Have been all everyone's been talking about on social media. And had a guy singing on YouTube about them. Yes. Yes. What kind of reactions have you gotten from your sweet potato pie? I know you get some. Well, you know what? I always wanted to put my sweet potato pie out but she beat me. Oh. And I love her. I mean, she cooked on the road like I did. We both got the history of the skillet. Mm-hm. And stuff. So good luck to her, but mines is good. Okay, I trust you. Mines is excellent. I fully trust you. Mines is Miss Robin. Okay. [LAUGH] All right. Love me some Patty, but love me some Miss Robin. I heard that Miss Robin. I love you too. Thank you. Your spirit is infectious, you're such a wonderful person to have, you're always welcome back to Essence Live. Thank you so much. Cook whatever you want cuz I will eat it all and not share with anybody else. All right, I heard that, you're my girl. You heard it, you heard it. So don't forget to watch Welcome to Sweetie Pie's on Saturday nights on OWN. Next week we will have an all new Essence Live, with celebrity guests, a few surprises. Mrs. Robbie thank you so much. Thank you so much for having me, I'm a hugger. Aw, thank you! I want to home with you. Okay. Okay. Thank-you so much everyone out there for watching us and supporting us Essence Live. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Alright, I'm going to eat this. [MUSIC]

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