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This year's Oscar nominations were released just about a week ago and it got Hollywood in all a tizzy. On MLK day, Jada Pinkett Smith released a video addressing the Academy overlooking people of color in major categories.>>You sound like an angry wife, like no. My baby biggest thing. [LAUGH] That was the best performance yet, since Ali. The all the baby's crying, even Willow. Willow crying, you know this means something. I'm calling the academy. Put Oscar on the phone. Find mister Oscar and let us talk. So is that slay, a shade, what you got? What you got? Where you at? I'm just, I got. I'm kind of half and half. Marlin what the sign say? What the sign say, Marlin? What the sign say? I'm with her. I'm like slay. Lord. And because here's why. Because, first of all, you know it's a sensitive topic. For me, for so many reasons. One, I wanna say that they did support Jada and Will. You know, they're two huge figments of the black community. They have supported. They went to the BET award, and they actually hosted. True. Which was awesome and [INAUDIBLE] BET awards You know and I know Jada and Jada stands by what she means and you know she's a firecracker. Jada feel it she gonna say it and you know you can't hush her up. You let Will try and say shut up. No you shut up. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

Watch This Hilarious Clip of Marlon Wayans Channeling Jada Pinkett Smith While Supporting Her Stance on #OscarsStillSoWhite

Funny man Marlon Wayans got real about the Oscars controvery and Jada Pinkett-Smith's much talked about stance on this year's Academy Awards but not before hilariously channeling her. Check it out!