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Watch Cynthia Erivo And Naomie Harris Have A Battle Of Black British Culture

And while you're at it, binge some of the best episodes of "The B-Side."

Black popular culture is full-bodied, full of excellence and fully innovative. It’s something that can’t be taught; it must be lived. But who knows more about the culture that constantly defines what’s cool?

In ESSENCE’s video series, the B-Side, U.K. superstars and ESSENCE digital cover stars, Cynthia Erivo and Naomie Harris face off against each other to figure out who knows the most about Black British pop culture.

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In the video, it’s revealed Naomie Harris (who has Jamaican roots) knows everything there is to know about Black British culture. She even sings, “I ain’t your play thing!” when finishing the lyric to “Hanging On A String” by Loose Ends. But can the Nigerian-Brit Cynthia Erivo dominate in this Battle of the Brits?

Check out the video and see who came out on top—and test your own knowledge of British Black pop culture.

Oh and if you liked this episode of The B-Side, we’ve got plenty more. One of the most hilarious ones is with our digital cover star, Lizzo. Even though she didn’t know Angela Bassett’s iconic monologue from Waiting To Exhale, she sang “Soul Glo” from Coming To America, and JAY-Z’s “H-to-the-Izzo.”

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And in this episode, Miss USA’s Chelsie Kryst and Miss America’s Nia Franklin sat in the hot seats. They played together, but Chelsie was giving us all the Black queen history. And, one more: Check out this episode with H.E.R. Sis doesn’t know Red’s office hours from The 5 Heartbeats. Shame, shame, shame.