Watch 'Creed II' Stars Share What They've Sacrificed To Get What They Want

Michael B. Jordan sacrificed a lot to get into fighting shape. What have you done for you lately?
A boxer is the type of athlete whose life depends on his muscle mass and in Creed II, Michael B. Jordan’s character, Adonis, is in the fight of his life. Adonis takes continues the Drago vs. Creed legacy his father left behind, and died in, as Adonis jumps into the ring with Ivan Drago’s son, Viktor. And he needs every muscle performing at top speed and mass to get the job done. So obviously, in the movie, Adonis had to shape up to prepare for the fight, but the real man, Michael B. Jordan, had to step up his workout game up too. And boy, did he! ESSENCE hit the red carpet, oiled up Michael B. Jordan pics in tow, where we asked celebrities to share a time when they had to sacrifice something in order to get what they wanted. Check out the video above!