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[MUSIC] Place, Disneyland. Item, chainsaw. Item number two fruit punch. Favorite song. Shoot, what is my favorite song? I'll take you there. Staple singers. Type of vehicle? Mustang. Sexy smile? [LAUGH] My husband might be watching. I'm breaking the rules. I'm putting him. Sexy celeb number two. Marilyn Monroe. Verb. Dance. Okay, are you ready? Here we go. The apocalypse has hit all over again. And I wake up in a Disneyland place. And I'm all alone. Panicked, I grab my chainsaw and my fruit punch. [LAUGH] And I begin to look for other survivors. While battling through zombies and trying to avoid other crazed survivors, I sing I'll Take You There. To myself, to keep my cool. I decide to hijack a Mustang, [LAUGHS] when I suddenly spot two other survivors, Cameron Green and Marilyn Monroe. Whoa! << [LAUGHS] << Yes! This apocalypse isn't that bad. Then finally I realize the Mustang only has enough room for one other person. So I must choose only one sexy date for the apocalypse. The decision is so tough that I began to sweat dance [MUSIC] I sweat dance. But I know I must keep moving and choose Marilyn Monroe. [UNKNOWN] gets infuriated [LAUGH] and launches towards us. So I take [NOISE] And I knock him out. [LAUGH] And Marilyn Monroe and I escape. [LAUGH] Bet you ain't never used fruit punch to knock somebody out. [MUSIC] [SOUND]

'Walking Dead' Star Sonequa Martin Green Plays "Apocalypse Mad Libs"

Sonequa Martin Green from 'The Walking Dead' shows us how powerful fruit punch can be when she plays "Apocalypse Mad Libs".