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[MUSIC] The thing about being a mother that changes you completely anyway is you become much more sensitive to life, because your heart, your life is so open now. And you know, as an actor, that is your wellspring. It's your heart, your spirit, your ability to feel for someone else. Your ability to see other people in a way that the average people doesn't see them. To take them in. That's how motherhood has changed me. It's opened my heart. I feel my most beautiful when I'm at home and my dau-, my daughter says, you're the best, mommy. She said that the other day. You're the best, mommy. You're amazing. You're exquisite. And I said, Jenna, this is so sweet. So, I feel really beautiful then because I, you know, I feel like she believes it. [LAUGH]

Viola Davis: Behind The Cover

The October cover star on how motherhood informs acting and when she feels most beautiful.