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[MUSIC] Happy Holidays. We are here to show you our very exciting and festive December Essence Beauty Box. And you know winter is a great time to just really refresh your beauty essentials and we have everything you need to end the year and start off the new year. Yeah, and if you're headed to any Holiday parties we have some great essentials for that as well. First we have this OGX thick and full biotin and collagen conditioner. It's perfect for all hair types, but especially if you have fine hair, or if your hairs a little bit thin, the biotin and collagen will help boost it and it also has Wheat protein which will make it look a little bit fuller as well. Next up we have Vera Mor, it's a black owned company. And this is their 24 karat gold eye shadow. This is great for really highlighting under your eye brow. It's great for new years eve when you want a little pop of color. And I actually like to put it on the inside. Of my eyes, just like that. Really pretty. Thank you. Next up we have this Boost body wash. First off it's an amazing size, it's perfect for traveling during the holidays especially if you're going to your families house for the holidays. You don't want to lug a big bottle of body wash. This one is great because all the Boots body washes actually have honey in it. Which is really hydrating, really moisturizing and will just give you that extra layer of protection from the winter cold. Next up we have Carol's Daughter Sacred Tiare. It's their four in one combing cream. Now I don't know about you guys, but the winter time my hair is So dry. This is great when you just need that extra refresh, and I also use it after I wash my hair to detangle. I know a lot of us have lots of detangling issues, but this is really a cure all for all of your natural hair needs. And I obviously love a bold lip. And I actually really love some drug store lip brands. Me too, me too. This one is great, Cover Girl Outlast. It is a perfect party red. It's very festive, very Appropriate for this time of the year. It'll give you a satiny finish. Plus this is long lasting so I can apply it in the morning and it'll last me all day. And it's hydrating. A lot of more matte finished lipsticks tend to dry out your lips, but this one is really hydrating and it also give me that Pretty party finish and it's at the drug store which we absolutely love so It's a great win win Win win Last but not the least we have, our gift to you it is Egyptian magic. Now, I don't know if guys believe in magic or not but this is literally magic. It's an all purpose skin cream. It's very light, it's very moisturizing. You can use it As cuticle cream, you can use a makeup remover. It's literally an all-purpose moisturizer. So there you have it. Our December ESSENCE Beauty Box. We hope you love it as much as we do. Go to to subscribe and to get your box. And definitely check us out on social media as well. Yeah, I mean we have an amazing Instagram account. Please be sure to follow us @essencebeautybox and tag us @essencebeauty. Thank you! Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays!

VIDEO: Take a Look Inside Our December BeautyBox

Our beauty editors reveal the goodies inside our December BeautyBox.