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[MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] Hi guys, I'm Nykia Hey, I'm Deena. And we are here to share with you the first ever Essence Beauty Box. First ever, like how awesome is that? The theme is fall finishing touches. And you know, fall is a great time to just kind of press the reset button on your product, and just kind of switch them up and try new things. Yeah, so let's take a look inside. So, this is our welcome pamphlet, which is really cool because it has all of our smiling faces on it. Really cool tips and tricks. I love the intro letter from our beauty director. And we hand picked these products for you. So we just each share a little bit about why we picked them and why we love them. So let's take a look at the actual products. [MUSIC] First up, we have this [UNKNOWN] hand cream. The weather is getting cold, sadly. I can't believe it. I know. October is is actually here. But it's okay, because we have this to keep our hands nice and hydrated. It has shea butter, and it's perfect for rubbing on your cubicles, all over your hands. It's nice and rich, and how cute is this little tube? Next up we have our lovely EDEN BodyWorks coconut leave-in conditioner. Now my hair gets really, really dry, especially in the wintertime and my ends and the scalp. I love this because I can put it on at night, in the morning it's like the cure-all for dry hair. Yeah, and it's also great if you wear your hair straight because you can use it- Right. As a primer, before you blow dry just to heat protect and really just add that extra boost of moisture. Before you add any heat to it. Next up we have what I think. Okay, well this is our favorite. This is like the best thing ever, guys. Personal favorite. Everything in the box is awesome, but this is our favorite. It is Tart the brow architect. It's a three in one tool for foolproof flawless brows. On one end you have the actual color, so you'll use this part as angled to shape your brow. And then on the other end is a little spooly brush to comb through and groom. And also if you get heavy handed with the product, you can clean up a little bit. And then in the middle is this really awesome concealer. So this is great to highlight the arch or if you're like me and you don't get your brows groomed regularly, you can use this to kind of hide the strays in between shapings. One thing that I really love about fall is that it's the perfect time to try a new thing And this Calvin Klein Eternity fragrance is the perfect fall scent. It literally is a mix of fruits, right? It smells so good, I know. If you put it on your pulse point, it'll last all day. It's so crisp and clean, it fits in your purse, it's great for everything. Lastly we have this. Curls crème brûlée cream. This is great if you want your hair curly. It's a whipped curl cream. It will help define your curls, it won't leave them crunchy. It will just leave them nice and soft and hydrated. It's a great leave-in or after To style, just to define, or even on a second day just to kind of [UNKNOWN] up your curls a little bit. Yeah, and one of the problems I have with my curls is that they always look frizzy, so I think this is a great way just to kind of combat that frizz and make them more tame. There you have it. This is the first ever Essence beauty box. First ever. Five amazing products that you have to try. And stay tuned for what's coming next month. Yeah, thanks guys. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

VIDEO: See What’s Inside the First ESSENCE BeautyBox!

Watch to learn about the five products featured in the October 2015 ESSENCE BeautyBox.