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[MUSIC] Hey guys lets talk budget beauty. It's saving money time. [MUSIC] Hi guys I'm VLo. And I'm AJo. And we are assistant beauty editors at- Essence Magazine We've revamped our closet so thanks Target and Bed Bath & Beyond for helping us remix our area. Yes. So today we're gonna talk about our favorite things under 15 bucks. $15. Yes. we're gonna get started with the Yes to hand soap. We all know Yes too, we love the brand. And they pretty much say yes to every fruit and vegetable that's out there. Yeah [UNKNOWN]. [LAUGH] But this year they launched their new hand soaps, which are so amazing. They're super hydrating and they have 98% natural ingredients. And they're just so cute. You can just set them in your bathroom and you don't have to worry about anything else. It's skin care and a handwash all in one. Next up, we've got First Aid Beauty Hand Cream. And this cream is the ultimate skin saver. Yeah. It's good for all seasons. It's got amazing things like oatmeal. It's got some stuff to fight free radicals, Yes, it's super hydrating. You can put it anywhere on your body, face, elbows, anywhere that gets ashy, this is the cream. Yeah, and a little goes a long way as you can see. So that's the best part especially in those winter months. This will last you the whole season. Especially in New York. Yes. Next we're going to talk about these NYX Liquid Suede Liquid Lipsticks which we're both obsessed with. We Practically fought over them. We did. But they [LAUGH] they come in these amazing colors, they're super bold and pigmented. This is her favorite. I love this one. It's really pretty. The colors are gorgeous. They have this sort of suede, sort of velvety finish. I'm gonna regret doing this because they're also super long wearing. Yes. Like we can't wipe it off after. The colors are really pigmented which is really hard to find sometimes when you're doing budget things. The grey is like Let's see this color. Another thing about this grey color is black lipstick is kinda having a moment right now. So, if you want to try the trend but you're afraid of looking too gothic. Going grey with a little bit of blue is a good starting point. Yeah. Super Bowl. [MUSIC] Next up, we've got simple miceller wipes. These wipes are amazing. So, they're really make up remover wipes. So, you can also use them if you just need a boost of hydration. It has the miceller technology which is really great at absorbing dirt and impurities. So, it's really legitimately a skin care product. You use it as a wipe. But, great for hydration. On to my hair favorite, I love these temporary colors by Salon Graphics. They're so fun, they come in these like neon colors. I like to put a little bit on my ends, and it just gives a subtle pop. And like, everyone will ask me about my hair color, which is The best part, and you just rinse it out with water. Yeah, you can switch it out really easily, and hair color was such a big thing on the runway this past spring. Yes. So if you wanna get into the trend but have sort of a commitment phobia, try contemporary hair colors, spray it on your hems, and it's good to go. Yes. Next step, these are like my brow savours, I love them. Sally Hanson wax strips. You just sort of cut them. You can use them for your bikini area too, but I really like them just for my face. Mm-hm. Clean up your brows. You just warm them up. Yeah. They're self-heating so you don't have to use a microwave or anything. This is for all my false lash lovers out there. Falsies. [Laughs]. Have you ever tried to put on falsies with tweezers and it's like Halfway up here, halfway down there and you just can't figure it out. UBU made this amazing tool, so basically it's shaped like our eyes, you just take a lash you clip it in, and then you just apply it. And it just applies it evenly, you don't have to worry about looking in the mirror and trying to tug it down to be even, its Genius. Bare Minerals just came out with this brow powder which I am obsessed with. We love brows. I mean, if you are a brow girl like I am you know that you have a lot of different options. Brow powder is a really great one to get a natural look. Just use an angled brush, dip it and apply it to your brows and you're good to go. Another hair product that I am loving right now is this Mop Top Clarifying Rescue Treatment. Mop Top is a curly hair brand, but the cool thing about this is, you can use it no matter what your hair texture is, and it's basically like a reset for your hair. Just a quarter sized amount, and you almost use it as a shampoo, and it takes all the product gunk, all the buildup out, and you can just start with fresh hair again. You guys. I have only become a nail person because of Incoco. [LAUGH] I'm wearing them now. I think that this company makes the most amazing products. They're so easy to use. You just apply them to your nails. I did my nails on the subway. And they don't chip. You can keep em for like a week and a half to two weeks. You save money, and if you're a professional, you can't always use like prints on your nails. For like the weekend you don't feel like you wasted money at the salon. You can put em on on Friday, take em off on Sunday night. And last but not least, we have these little blush mes. From Sophora, I think they look like little push pops, which are so cute, but I'm a total blush girl. I think sometimes you can just wake up, put on a little blush, and you're good to go. It just like warms up your face. And these come in these super bright colors. They have one for like all shades of us, and They're just easy to apply. You just twist the lid and dab a little on and rub it in with your finger, and you're set to go, pop it in your purse. It's so vibrant, lots of pigment, and like really they cater to like, all of your tones. Exactly, that's the important. From like the fairest skin to the deepest skin, you are covered. And all of this is under 15 bucks guys, I mean really? Doesn't get better than that. Doesn't get better. Thanks for watching guys. See you next time. [MUSIC]

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