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[MUSIC] So today we're here with Miss Pop, a New York City manacurist who we work with often on our cover shoots, and she also does a lot of the runway shows back stage at fashion week. It's true. In fact, today I'm gonna show you the look I did for the Rachel Antanov show. [MUSIC] To get these anemone Which are these beautiful flowers that I'm obsessed with those. One of the prints in the collection. And one of the best parts about nail art is you can take the prints right off the collections and put them on your nails. Yes, and we're going to show you something that's easy for you to do at home no matter what your skill level. So we've done one hand, and now we're going to show you how to do the second hand. [MUSIC] First, I want to start out with a white with a really, really pigmented White polish. I'm gonna turn the brush to the side, it's great and wide for stroking the nail, but when you're doing nailer sometimes the side really helps. So I'm gonna do one stroke of Alpine Snow up the center, and then one to the right, and one to the left. You're kind of giving it a twist on the half moon, except this time it's petals so it's like half the flower. Yes. And who doesn't like flowers on your nails. [LAUGH] So you're just gonna repeat this for all of the nails? Yeah. [MUSIC] If you get a little on your skin, just take a paintbrush, dip it in your nail polish remover or acetone, and you can just clean it right up. And off the skin. So now that the white's down over the red, I can pick out each petal using a sheer color from using OPI passage. which is a great sheer nude. It's just gonna live a thin veil of color that helps the amenities come life. So just go right over the same strips except this time I don't have to be so precise about it. [MUSIC] So once you have your petals down the next step is to do the center of the flowers, and I use a color called Blue My Mind. It's a sparkly blue that really brings out the dynamic center of the flower. So you just take a plastic dish or a palette, even a piece of tin foil will suffice, and dot out a little bit of the polish. Now, you wanna take a dotter with a good ball end, you can even use a bobby pin. Dip it into the polish. And then dip down into the center of your petal. [MUSIC] Perfect. So then, you wanna use the other end of your dotter which has a smaller tip and create tiny little dot. Kind of in a half circle around your other circle. And this doesn't have to be perfect. In fact the less perfectly round it is The more natural it'll lock. Now to connect those center dots to those little dots. I'm using a really delicate nail art brush, but you can use a tooth pick to to do this. And you're gonna wanna make these short little strokes to connect the center dot to the little dot. [MUSIC] So now it's time for top coat to seal your look! It's so important. Don't forget to use base coat either. I feel like base coat helps the wear just as much as top coat. [MUSIC] I had a lot of fun creating this look with O.P.I. for Rachel Antenoff. And I hope you have a lot of fun creating it at home. So feel free to explore, we were thinking about doing it in purple. Thanks so much, Miss Pop, for stopping by and showing us how to get this look. If you try to recreate it, don't forget tag Essencemag and Misspopnails on instagram. We'd love to see how you recreate. Thanks so much for having me. Of course, thank you. Bye.

VIDEO: Learn How to Master Anemone Nail Art

Nail artist Miss Pop shows us how to become a pro at bringing anemone nail art to life.