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[MUSIC] Hey, guys. It's Deena, Hair and Beauty Editor. Today, I have with me Ro Morgan, who is an amazing celebrity hairstylist. I mean, he's done everyone from Wendy Williams to Naomi Campbell. I mean, all of the top models. And today we're gonna talk about wigs. Everyone loves a good wig and weave. But, how do you refresh your wig and weave after a crazy hot summer, fall is coming up. What can we do to kinda really make our wigs look better? One thing that I like to use is dry shampoo. It gives it a little boost, you take the shininess of a wig that makes it look cheap and- Right, I hate that. It's so shiny Everyone hates it. and just terrible. Especially new wig, it's good to just take it and spray that on it and brush it through, Okay. and that makes it look normal Okay. and more realistic. How much dry shampoo should you use. You're saying use that much. I use like two or three sprays from six to 12" away. Okay. And just a little bit, just to knock off the shine. And then brush it with a paddle brush. Nice! Nice tip. What else? I also like to clip the ends. Let's say you have an older wig from Spring that you just kept wearing and kept wearing. The ends get a little fried. So I like to give it a little cut or trim as I call it, and it gives it a little boost as well cuz it. Especially if it's curly. It bounces up the curls, and makes it look new. Now, how much do you trim. I know a few stylists that get carried away with scissors. [LAUGH] Well since it's a wig you can trim as much as you want. Okay. Especially like the plastic or the synthetic wigs. They tend to burn out or get a little frizzy. So, I like to do like an inch. What's another way we can refresh? Another way is to add color pieces. Let's say you have, a natural colored wig such as like, like we like to call it, 1 b. You can use browns and blondes and you can get very adventurous with your colors. Okay. [CROSSTALK] Like how adventurous? What do you think? I wouldn't get too streaky like bright blondes with dark colors. Okay. I would get maybe two or three shades from the natural tone. So maybe if you're like a one b maybe some cool brown, some auburns. And especially going into the fall. I think that'll be perfect, like reminiscent of the leaves or something. You know what I mean? Very nice. I love it. What's a great way to shampoo and de-tangle a wig? I like to use wig shampoo and wig conditioner. Because it's something specially formulated whether it's synthetic or human. It brings it back to life. If wear a wig over and over it gets a little dull. So the. Right. Wig shampoo and wig conditioner definitely brings it back to life. Without. Okay, but it has to be specifically formulated for a wig or can you just use your regular sulphate free shampoo? I would use a wig shampoo and conditioner unless it, if it's human hair then you can reuse a sulphate free. Okay. But if it's synthetic I would use. [INAUDIBLE] Okay, sounds good. And, anything else? You can also detangle to defrizz, let's say you have a curly wig and you wanna make it a little bit smoother. More defined. You can take your paddle brush and go through it, toss it a couple times and just smooth out the curls of the waves, and it makes it look, you know, new. Okay, now is it important to use a paddle brush? Brush for that. I think so. And specially one that's formulated for wigs. Maybe has metal prongs. Something that's not gonna kinda damage it, or rip it apart so fast. Right, right. So yeah, I would definitely use the paddle brush. Okay, well, sounds good. I'm ready to try these tips, and get new for fall. [LAUGH] Yes, definitely. Thank you. You're welcome. [MUSIC]

VIDEO: How To Refresh Your Summer Wig For Fall

Goodbye messy hair! Celebrity Hairstylist Ro Morgan gives the scoop on upgrading your wigs and weaves after a long summer.