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Hi I'm Deena Campbell hair and beauty editor. Today I have with me the fabulous Tippi Shorter who is Aveda's global artistic director for textured hair>>Yup. Okay, and today we're going to talk a little bit about Fall, right? Yes.>> Getting a little bit chilly out or it will be soon. Yes. And, how can we prep our hair for what's to come? There's several ways, to prep. Okay. [LAUGH] So, I will try to go, in the order in which I suggest doing it. One of the first things to do is, getting a, great trim, or haircut. You know, we're out in the summer, the heat, the, all the elements are really kind a damaging our hair. Okay. The sun. The pool, the beach, whatever. And our ends tend to take a little beating. So, the first thing I suggest doing is getting a great, trim, or what I call cleaning the ends. Not necessarily a cut, but it basically, prepares your hair. And now much should you cut off? Maybe an inch? Two inch? Half inch? Well, you know, a lotta girls don't really want to let go of that length. [LAUGH] So, and I, so, with that, just clean the ends. Just really kind of a dusting Okay. of the ends. And I'd say maybe like a half an inch. Because it really just creates a beautiful solid foundation for fall styles. OK. What about ladies who like to go to the salon? What should they tell their stylist to prep their hair for fall? I suggest that any woman going to a salon ask their stylist to. Just to give them a glaze or some people call it a gloss.>> Okay [LAUGH] And a lot of us just call it a semi permanent hair color>> Nice, okay>> Alright and it didn't have to be anything different than what you have cuz even if you just do a clear, it protects your hair, it provides a beautiful shine.>> And it seals in moisture? It's, well not necessarily seals in moisture but it. Coat the hair, allowing your hair to be protected from environmental damage, and keep protection as well. But most importantly, when you think of Fall, you think of shiny, healthy, super-sleek hair. So, getting a clear gloss definitely puts you on your way to that. Now, I know a lot of us have been using several products throughout the summer, several pools, how can we prep them for the fall season? So, a lot of us, you know, we love wearing our natural hair during the summer. There's a lot of humidity, you know, so we don't use a lot of our flat irons. Right. A lot of our curling irons. I understand the last time we used them was probably during the spring. And a lot of those curling irons and flat irons probably have a lot of like oil build-up, a lot of hair spray build-up. Yeah, guilty! [LAUGH] I'd say that. Right. Brushes and combs, too. I recommend cleaning your tools before the fall, Okay. Because the last thing you want to do is you know, you got this beautiful freshly trimmed ends, freshly glossed hair, and now you're putting on this dirty. Six month old flat iron with like stuck hair spray on it [LAUGH] on this gorgeous hair because, actually, it's gonna make it dull, it's gonna make is smell pretty bad. So just make sure you clean your flat irons and your curling irons. What should you clean it with? Well, when it's off, don't do it when it's. Right. Don't do it when it's hot. But they actually sell, when I say they, multiple beauty supply stores. So cleansers So it's like a little wipe, almost like the cleansing wipe or like the baby wipes or stuff like that but they're cleansers for your flat irons and your curling irons. Okay. Anything else? yeah. Deep conditioning. Oh, that's like the biggest thing. Yeah. Yeah, I would say it's the most important thing of all. Two things. I suggest getting a really great hydrating. A repair mask treatment which ever, you know, you favor and, applying that specific to your needs. So like if you have like hair color you want to get one specific to hair color. If you have a relaxer you might want to get one for protein. Okay. For strength and building. If you have super dry hair get one that's super moisturizing. And then next thing is using, a hooded dryer or one of those little bonnets. Oh, I love those. Or yeah. You don't have to go. Obviously in a salon you'll get treatments under the dryer or a steamer. But if you're at home you could just buy one of those, you know, like $20, plug in bonnets. Okay. That provide heat. and, if you don't want to do that, get a hand towel, dampen it a little bit, wring the water out, stick it in your microwave for 15 seconds, and wrap it around. Oh, easy. Yup. Easy breezy. [LAUGH]. Well, thank you so much, I'm excited for fall. I am, too and you know, I mean I have two favorite season for hair. One is summer because you get to grow big. Go big. Yeah, go big and don't go home. [LAUGH] Actually, and fall, because it's you know the total opposite you know, it's super sleek, it's super shiny, it's super polished, so. I love fall and I'm excited about the new styles. Me too. Well, thank you so much, I'm excited. Thanks. Thanks for having me.
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