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[MUSIC] Today we are going to bust the midst about brown girls and bronzer. [MUSIC] The first off, what is bronzer? Bronzer has several different purposes. You can use it to contour. You can use it to give yourself a more tanned look. Or you can use a shimmery bronzer to highlight. The first thing that you want to do is pick the right formula. Powder bronzers are great for oily skin, because they'll automatically soak up any excess oil. They come in either Tube like this, which is great, because it already has a brush attached to it, or a dish like this, which is a loose powder bronzer. And oftentimes a lot of bronzers come in a compact like this. This one actually has a highlighter with it, but we're only going to focus on the bronzer. Liquid and cream bronzers are great for more normal to dry skin, and these are often used to highlight certain areas where the sun would naturally hit your face. And then a matte bronzer is nice if you just wanna give yourself a little bit more of a tanned look and an overall deeper tone, especially for more fair skinned girls. And what's most important is your brush. You wanna use a really fluffy brush that's rounded at the top, and the fluffier the brush the more seamless of an application you're going to get, and it will also help to prevent and streaking. [MUSIC] We're gonna use This Matte bronzer because I do have a bit of oily skin, so we wanna get rid of that. We wanna cover your brush in the powder. Shake off any excess. What's really key here is you wanna prevent your skin from looking dirty So you're just going to do the forehead area, down the side of your cheeks really, really lightly. And then down to your chin. You can also do down the bridge of your nose. And if done correctly, it should give you a nice Glow without any streaks, and a bit of contour. [MUSIC]

VIDEO: The Brown Girls Guide to Bronzers

Learn the difference between powder, liquid and crème bronzers and discover which is best for you.