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[MUSIC] Walk me through the process. Okay.>> Step one what. For Nakia, instead of step one, step two and step three its gonna be like a whole creative look right. So, I'm going to lighten her hair a little bit her natural color one shade. This will soften it, so it's not so dark. [MUSIC] Definitely give her a conditioning treatment, for sure. Okay. [MUSIC] And then I'll put a few highlights in the top, just to give her some dimension. And then we'll highlight some of her ends just to give her that sort of tortoiseshelly look. [MUSIC] Okay, perfect. And now your color is done. And we're going to wash it out, and you're going to get styled and cut by the Amazing Nelson [UNKNOWN] [MUSIC] So the color looks great. Such a nice change. So, with the shape we're not gonna do much at all, we're just gonna shape it, make sure the ends are clean and just make sure it looks fresh and sexy. [MUSIC] Gorgeous! How do you feel? It looks amazing. Thanks. Like a whole different person. Yes, totally different person. Just soften your whole look up a little bit.

VIDEO: Beyonce's Hair Colorist, Rita Hazan, Demonstrates How to Go Blonde

Celebrity colorist Rita Hazan gives step-by-step details on how to get Beyonce’s blonde tresses.