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Everybody out there in the fields, they think they want to be in the big house. Closer you are to the white folks, the better, safer. What they don't know is, that living in their world, it starts to change you. We start acting like them. Do things we never thought we could. Early May, she picked cotton out in that field all day every day. And I was jealous of her. Master owned her from sunup to sundown. After that, she had a man and a baby. She could breath, she could escape. [BLANK_AUDIO] We don't never get to let go.

'Underground' Sneak Peek: It's So Hard to Feel Sorry for Ernestine

'Underground's' unlikely villain Ernestine (played by actress Amirah Vann) breaks down as she explains the pain of living in the Big House and doing what you have to do to survive.