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[MUSIC] So, Amirah welcome to Essence festival. Yes, thank you. Love having you here. Love being here. And we're not far from where you filmed Underground. Yes, Baton Rouge. Baton Rouge. Yeah. So, let's talk about season one. Which was just amazing. Did you expect just the fanfare and the support from people? You know, I was really a fan of the, I am a fan of the writers Misha Green and Joe Pokaski. So I was really excited and all one can do is just kind of do the best work they can and hope that the audience really embraces it. And they did. And we have amazing fans. Who live tweet with us and still even now, you know season one is done. I'm on Instagram and like my god and you know, when are you gonna start filming and so it's really become a little family. It's really wonderful. So wait. Have you started filming season two? [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay. [BLANK_AUDIO] Nice. [BLANK_AUDIO] Woo Steen. Let's talk about Ernestine, my God. She is, what do you think of her?>>I have the highest level of respect for her. Yeah, yeah.>>She's queen mother, really willing to sacrifice anything. She's flawed But, she has the best of intentions. I think she's the best of me. She stronger than I ever imagined I can be. I've been stronger after playing her. I've learned a lot from her. And then also through the sacrifices she's had to make, I just feel so blessed I'm not put through those constraints. Our backs are up against the wall. On different ways. Of course clearly, there's so far that we could still go, but when you're talking about death, or the field, or losing your identity and your history, or your children. Yeah, it's, my God. I mean, those stakes, whoo. But then And again, we're concerned about loosing our children now. Yeah. Well, we look forward to seeing way more of you on television, in broadway, everywhere. And congratulations of everything. It's my pleasure to be here. Yes. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] All right.

'Underground' Star Amirah Vann Dishes on Season 1 and What Will Happen to Ernestine

Actress Amirah Vann, a.k.a. Miss Ernestine, appeared at ESSENCE Festival to dish on the extended family that she found in the 'Underground' cast and crew, but more importantly, the series' loyal fans.