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[BLANK_AUDIO] No. Play a trick or treat game. All right. So, this is my little smoking jack-o'-lantern, okay so this is the way it works. Okay. You're going to pull a question out of the cup. Can I put my hand in there? You can totally put your hand in there. Okay. It may not come back the same, but you put your hand in there. And there's either a trick or a treat, for whatever it is. If it's a trick you have to kind of like do it, it's like a truth or dare. But if it's a treat you have to answer the question, it's like a really juicy question from one of our audience members. Okay gotcha. Okay, you want to go first? I can go first. You can go first okay. Cold. Oh my god. What is it? You have to read it aloud. We're family. The stuff you do on stage. Charles' sexiest dance move. Oh. oh, get it. Oh my goodness. [UNKNOWN] showin off on stage, you gotta dance for us. I know. I saw it. You gotta do it now. you came and danced with us in the conference room so you got some moves. No he be doin some stuff [CROSSTALK]. Stop it. This is a treat, this counts as a treat right. That was a treat. Okay. Bring it. Okay. Oh, lord. Have mercy. [UNKNOWN] Okay, is this where I'm going? Oh, oh, oh, oh. Go, Nico. Go, Nico. Hey. Hey. What? The shirt have to be a part of it? Yeah. The shirt is always a part of it. dance competition on the show. Okay, ben. Your turn. I do the win everytime.>> [LAUGH] You said the win. Yeah. I guess you gotta tell if it's a trick or a treat. I hope it's, oh wow. Is it a good one? It's a treat. It's a treat?>>Yeah. Read it. What is your favorite type of four play and why. okay, I see you. Let us know. You guys got juiciest questions. Our ladies love you guys. So they sent in their questions via social media. What do you expect? Yeah, you know, cater. Let's cater to the ladies. Let's go. What do you expect? I like to, you know, take care of a woman. Are you blushing? I'm not blushing at all. I'm not blushing at all. He's like no, not at all. No, I like to take care of a woman and make her feel, Comfortable and you know satisfied. Is that foreplay though? That technically did not answer the question. What you want me to say? But I'm gonna move on anyway. [LAUGH] So we have time for one more. Who wants to do it? Okay, should we? Maybe it's a two for one. This is our last one. What is it? Trick or treat. Demonstrate what you would say or sing to a woman to make her blush. Is that a trick or a treat? That's a treat. [UNKNOWN] treats in here Diane? Okay, so let's go, both of you. Say or sing. What you say? Yeah, what do you say? [MUSIC] For thinking that we could be something for real. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And that would be it, hopefully. And that would be it? [UNKNOWN] you would answer, right? I'd be like, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

'Trick or Treat' with Nico & Vinz

Nico & Vinz get into the Halloween spirit with a game of "Trick or Treat."