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[BLANK_AUDIO] Many of you saw your timelines light up when the clips of a Today Show segment went all the way wrong. The idea was to show summer hairstyles that could be done in under 60 seconds, but when the stylist got to the black model's hair, the After, it ended up looking worse than before. The stylist has since apologized and even released a YouTube video where black women educate her about natural hair. But now it's time to hear from the model herself, please welcome Malyia McNaughton to Essence Live. Hi Malyia. Hi, how are you? I'm great and that you know, you and I actually about a year, year and half Yes. ago. You're so gracious to bless me with some bead jewelry pieces. Yes, yes. Which we're gonna get to in a moment. But I remember when you posted on your social media that you're gonna be on the Today's Show and how excited you were and then it went all right. Yes. So tell me, in the middle of the segment, did you know that, okay, this may not be the right do. What did you know? Absolutely, I felt it. I was like We weren't supposed to do a side ponytail. I felt that it didn't look how it was intended. And I could just feel from the pulling on the curls, I was, you don't pull curls. I knew then that it is not going right, it is not gonna look the way we want it to. Now have you done any previous test once before?>> Yes absolutely right before the show we did two test run on the style and it was actually really really cute and I even said I wanna try this when I get home. So we definitely did try I just think With nerves and the time crunch, I just think the nerves got the best of her. No worries. That happens from time to time. So you're in the middle, you're smiling, you were looking absolutely beautiful, very gracious. You feel that things might be going a little ary And then cameras go off you leave the stage what happens next? So I leave the stage and there was a Facebook live segment after. So I didn't get to speak with her directly after but a little bit after that we spoke and she thanked me for being able to come so late minute. Because I got call for the show. The night before. Okay. So she was thankful for that. And we just spoke and we said we would love to do another segment for like make-up or something like so she's extremely sweet and we connected after that. So at that point, neither of you had seen social media? No, no, no. Okay. I went home and I still didn't see anything and then I would say about late that night, it was like a firestorm and she was like messaging me like Hey, people are really like coming at me really bad. And I'm like, where? And I'm like that's where. That's where. So, personally did you think it was as bad, and I'm using the term, as bad, as social media responded? Right. No, I didn't. Not until I saw it and I was like, okay, I can see why they reacted so bad Because even on set I was like It doesn't look how we wanted but I saw people's anger and was like No, she did that on purpose, she messed her up and that wasn't at all the intention. No I didn't get the fact that it was intentional but How do you feel in terms of there was an Asian model- Yes. An African-American model, there's a Caucasian model, the expert for these types of segments needing to be skilled or well-versed in all types of hair that they include in the feature. Absolutely. I think representation of the first part, so I'm very grateful for the Today's Show and the producer For wanting the segment to be inclusive, so that's why initially I was brought on. And I think that it was a great move because black women contribute to the beauty industry at high level. Definitely. So we should be represented And I do think that if you are gonna do a hair segment that is some hair styles black women should be included and I do think that the expert on search should be willing and open like Debacle was to do natural hair and I think that a conversation that should continue that we should want this platforms to show diversity. All the way around. Definitely. And now did you experience any breakage, like was your hair damaged? Because some people on social media be like, 'She ripped her hair out!' Right, right. What happened? My coil is still intact. I went to H2 Salon in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. They hooked me up. They brought it back to life. [LAUGH] Directly after, no, my hair didn't Sustain any damage. I was good to go.

TODAY Show Model Dishes on What Really Happened in That Hair Segment

Last week, model Malyia McNaughton found herself in the middle of a social media firestorm after Today Show guest stylist Deepica Mutyala failed to appropriately style Malyia's natural hair during a segment on easy summer hairstyles for women. We caught up with Malyia on the latest episode of ESSENCE LIVE to get her thoughts on what went down, whether or not she thought all of the backlash was warranted and how her hair held up after the segment was over.