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[MUSIC] Hey, this is Demetria Lucas D'oyley for and I am here with our girl Tisha Campbell-Martin. What's up, Essence? Hello! Hello. You look beautiful. THank you so much. I love your pink, you look awesome. Thank you. I'm so glad I have you here today. I have questions and my biggest question Got answers. Yes. So You've been married 20 years. 20 years coming up in August, on August 17th we're gonna celebrate our 20th year but we've been together 25 years, so I count every minute, every second. That's yes, yes. So. 25 years altogether. So, my biggest question I mean, 25 years is a huge accomplishment on its own. Yeah. In Hollywood, it's almost unheard of. Yeah. What's the secret? We're discovering new things the hell if we know, but, we just discovering new things every single day. Right now, Really into liking each other instead of loving each other.>> Okay. Because I told them, I sad, you know what? I've had your love for 25 years. Uh-huh. I just wanna be your girlfriend. Yes. I want you to like me. > Yes. So now, we're into really dating a lot a and really trying to understand the new person that we are because when we got together we will literally, Literally like children. Yeah. And so, now, I'm a different woman. I've evolved into a different woman. I look at the world differently from a business standpoint from loving standpoint-. Mm-hm. Personally, everything. Mm-hm. and so, it's almost We have to adjust to the change in each other. And so now, we've shelved the love. And I think, just in general, people think that they are in love in the beginning. Yes. Or in like in the beginning when they first meet somebody. But that's really just lust. Okay. It really is, it's just lust. And then you do love them and then you love them despite them and now that's when people get in trouble right there. Right after that point. Is forgetting because the definition of like has even changed. You know, from what you thought it. You have to become friends again, and with a whole new person. With a whole new person, cuz it's been 20 years. Exactly. That's amazing. Yeah, that's what we do now, so we're really into that.

Tisha Martin-Campbell on the Secret to Her 20-Year Marriage to Husband Duane Martin

With two decades down and a lifetime to go, actress Tisha Martin-Campbell reveals why dating has kept her marriage to Duane Martin strong.