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[MUSIC] Lipstick or lip gloss? Lipstick. Lipstick, come on now. This is all about saying something, making a statement. Today I'm saying, look at my eyes, look at my eyes. Lip gloss because as the day progresses you're lips can get a little dry and gloss is always moisturizing, so. And it's cute. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Snapchat. How can you not do the filters? Snapchat filter game is poppin'. Snapchat At over IG Stories any day all day. I still have yet to use the IG Stories. Snapchat stories. Snapchat stories all the way. You know I'm not really feeling like the Instagram Stories, no shade or anything But. Come on now. Snap stories. Snapchat is where it's at. Insta-stories you need better filters. [BLANK_AUDIO] No, don't make me choose. Bronzer I think the highlighter trend is exactly that. A trend. I think bronzer you need forever. Highlighter because when that light hits you you know you've got to glow. Highlighter. Highlighter. If you apply your foundation the right way, you do not need bronzer. But highlighter, you can not really cheat that. << Highlighter. I love a good highlighter. << Highlighter to the gods. << Ooh look at this highlight. Highlight. Highlight. << Au Naturale. As I said, looking glammed up. I do like keeping it simple though. Glammed up, of course. Naturale for sure. Glammed up. I'm 50/50, cuz I feel like if you're beautiful, au naturale. But I feel like make-up is meant to enhance your beauty, so glammed up, I'm 50/50. I think glammed up, glammed up is more my thing. Listen, I'm au naturale most of the time, so I'm gonna go with that. [MUSIC] Glam or au natural? I love a glam look. It just makes me feel super fierce. Dang, that's a tricky one because I love heels, and I love flats. I hate walking in hills. Heels, Boo. Heels. [LAUGH] You know, flats are more comfortable, but I've been digging heels more. Heels are sexy. Flats. I like to be comfortable. Flats, even though I'm wearing heels. Heels, if my feet can make it. A wedge. Can I say that? [MUSIC]
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